The Best Tinder One Liners

Having trouble making the first move on Tinder? Get the swipes but never know how to open a conversation? Get stuck coming up with icebreakers? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this tutorial is for you. I have scoured the internet looking at some of the funniest, cheesiest and most effective pickup lines I could find. This post lists some of the best Tinder one liners I could find.

Some of these will be very much NSFW so follow links carefully. Some will contain overt sexual references while others will be funny, mildly amusing or dumb but funny. Either way, use at your own risk!

Some of the best Tinder one liners online

None of these links are my own work. My work was filtering out the trash and sorting the bad from the good. Each of these websites has a decent collection of Tinder one liners that you can use or use as inspiration as you see fit.

Complex has this page of useful Tinder one liners. Some of them are pretty lame but there are some good ones here too.

GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine has a page dedicated to Tinder one liners and openers. These are more mature than those from Complex but can be equally effective if you know your demographic.

Men’s Health

Men’s Health has a few pages of Tinder one liners but this page has some more effective ones. Women voted on which would be most likely to work, or have worked and listed them here. Well worth checking out.

Hype and Stuff

Hype and Stuff is full of useful information but this page is dedicated to pickup lines and some of them are pretty good. A few aren’t mentioned on other pages too which is nice.


Zoosk has a page dedicated to pickup lines and this is it. Most of them are tried and tested so it may be better to use them as inspiration for your own take rather than using them as they are. Still useful though.

Gecko and Fly

This page at Gecko and Fly has a bunch of Tinder pickup lines. Some are quite amusing and some are well worth trying at least once. It’s another page featuring a couple of one liners I haven’t seen elsewhere too.

Best Life Online

I had never heard of Best Life Online until this piece but this page on Tinder one liners is well worth a look. Some made me laugh and likely will you to, or your prospective date.

Pick Up Linesz

Despite the weird name, this page at Pick Up Linesz actually has some decent one liners. You do have to sort the trash though as most are forgettable but the few gems in there make this page worth a read.

Do Tinder one liners even work?

Dating apps are currently the only place where one liners or pickup lines still have a chance. That’s mainly because time is short and so are attention spans. You can get away with a one liner on Tinder but you certainly won’t get away with them in real life. Unless the person you’re delivering them too has a real sense of humor!

That doesn’t mean pickup lines will work on everyone that uses Tinder. As with real life dating, we all like and respond to different things. So are they the best way to get some action on Tinder? Not on their own they aren’t.

The best way to achieve success on Tinder is to use a systematic approach. That means having great pictures, writing an engaging bio and then delivering a killer one liner. Each of these three things support each other and increase your chances of success. If your images and bio are good enough, there is no need for a pickup line and more scope for a more ‘sensible’ introduction.

There are a bunch of websites out there that will talk you through creating a killer Tinder bio. Techjunkie has a few of them. I know because I wrote some of them. Follow their advice and get some high quality profile pics. Then write a great bio that shows personality without being cheesy or annoying. Combine the two for maximum effect.

Then when it comes time to open up a conversation, you can go one of two ways. Come up with something that links to a pic or something mentioned in the person’s bio. Or, try one of the one liners linked above. Personally, when I used dating apps I had more success with tailoring an opener to something in the image or bio. Your mileage may vary. As with anything, there is no one size fits all for Tinder. You have to do what works for you and run with it. The more effort you put in, the more success you should get out. That’s the theory anyway!

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