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The Best YouTube Hashtags – March 2019

The Best YouTube Hashtags - March 2019

If you are an Instagrammer and a YouTuber, you probably have many followers on each social media website. But have you ever thought about combining your followers from both platforms to create a super-large follower base? Using the power of both sites can increase your popularity and following exponentially.

You may only want to discuss YouTube content more effectively and not build a following there. That’s okay, too. Using Instagram as a launching pad for your YouTube content may be very effective, but just mentioning other YouTube videos in the right way may also gain you followers.

According to the latest statistics, YouTube attracts one-third of the total daily internet traffic. People around the world watch more than a billion hours of content every day. That’s a lot of people who have one thing in common and using the right YouTube hashtags can help you tap into that viewership.

Hashtag the Basics

First, you may want to include a general hashtag that indicates that the post is related to YouTube. However, the most obvious hashtag, #youtube, has over 37 million posts filed under it. That is a lot of competition.

Instead, you may want to consider using hashtags like #youtubevideos or #youtubemusic if you are talking about content. If you are a YouTuber yourself, you may also want to include hashtags that indicate this like #youtuber or #youtubers.

The competition for YouTuber hashtags is really high, so you should also think about including unique hashtags. Try adding a word behind YouTube, such as #youtubegaming, #youtubelife, #youtubemom, and #youtubeblogger.

Hashtags on YouTube

If you are a YouTuber, you may also want to create hashtags for your videos. YouTube hashtags work a little different than the ones you may see on Twitter and Instagram. Videos now show the first three hashtags listed for it right above the title. Clicking on each one brings you to a search page for other videos with the same hashtag.

So how do you make YouTube hashtags work on your channel? You can put hashtags in three places when you create content: the title, the video tag, and the description. Remember to keep everything short and simple.

You don’t want to overdo it with hashtags. Videos with fewer hashtags will generally rank higher than those that contain ten or more. You can only include up to 15 hashtags anyway or YouTube won’t accept any of them.

YouTube Hashtags on Instagram

Now you know how to use general YouTube hashtags on your social media posts and how to hashtag your YouTuber content. Now it’s time to marry the two together.

To do this, create a new Instagram post every time a new video goes live. Use general YouTube hashtags to garner interest.

Other Hashtag Ideas:

#youtuberewind, #youtubechannel, #youtubekids, #youtubemom, #youtubelive, #youtubegamer, #youtubevlog, #youtubevlogger, #youtubechannels, #yt

Let everyone know that your new video is live and hashtag appropriately. For example, new tech reviews may have hashtags like #tech, #technews, #iphonex, or #samsungnote9.

Similarly, if your channel features tips on the latest makeup techniques, you may want to make sure that your hashtags are consistent with your brand. Hashtags like #makeuptutorial, #makeupideas, and #makeupvideo could be appropriate for these types of posts.

When using social media like Instagram to get more interest in your YouTube channel, you should also try using similar hashtags. This way, your Instagram followers can use the same hashtags to search for your videos on YouTube. If you have a #cutekitties post on Instagram, try to also include #cutekitties as one of the first three hashtags for your YouTube video.

Lastly, YouTubers can also hashtag requests and calls to action for their video-related posts. Some hashtag ideas include #subscribetomychannel, #follow, #like, and #followback.

Final Thought

Hashtags for YouTube on any other social media platform can be a little tricky. Because YouTube has a wide variety of content, it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly why you would use the hashtag #youtube to begin with.

This is where your other hashtags are integral. The text in your post may explain that your new video is going live or that you want followers to check out something you watched on YouTube. Your hashtags are the first clue to your post content, so pick accordingly.

First, you can hashtag with your general category like #youtube or #youtubevideo, but the other hashtags should be about who you are and what the content is about.

Next, you want to head over to your YouTube account if you haven’t done so already and pick out simple hashtags for your videos. Users aren’t as forgiving about creative and off-the-wall hashtags on YouTube as they are on Instagram, so keep it short and sweet.

Finally, you can also tie both accounts together by using one or two of the same keywords on both platforms. This will also make it easier for followers to find your content on both YouTube and Instagram.

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