How To Change Gender in Bitmoji

The internet age has come with endless ways for us to express ourselves as human beings. Really, the opportunities are unmatched, with all sorts of different social media platforms and the ideas attached to them. That said, while other social media platforms are full of good ideas, there are none that have come even close to as popular as Bitmoji.

First off, the platform allows you to choose between 40 skin tones, 50 hair treatments, different colors, and more to customize your digital avatar to look just like you do. There are even different styles, such as Bitmoji Classic and Bitmoji Deluxe, to ensure that you’re creating a Bitmoji that you prefer to look at.

What’s even more insane is that you can take a selfie from within the Bitmoji mobile application and it will try to recreate you from within. While this is never a perfect solution to things, you’re generally given a decent framework to build from. That way, you always have the opportunity to create a Bitmoji that looks exactly like you.

Bitmoji was purchased by Snapchat back in 2016 for $64 million, which helped the application grow in popularity. What Snap really bought was Bitstrips, the company that created Bitmoji. Back then, the characters were incredibly shallow compared to what they are now. Integration with the Snapchat app and even iMessage have certainly changed that. Users utilize these avatars to showcase how they’re feeling, what their thoughts are, and more. Two Bitmoji’s can even interact with one another, depending on if both people in the conversation have one or not.

That said, with all of this customization, some users may want to change their Bitmoji gender to express themselves even more. This could be because of an accidental gender pick at creation, or maybe the person is transitioning genders and wants that represented within their Bitmoji. Either way, this guide will teach you how to change your Bitmoji gender in only a few easy steps.

How To Change Bitmoji Gender

If you’ve accidentally picked the wrong gender for your Bitmoji, or are just looking to change it for whatever reason, we’re going to show you how to fix that.

When you first download the Bitmoji mobile application, you have to choose which gender you’d like. However, if you’ve already moved past that step and are looking to change the gender of a previously created Bitmoji, follow these tips to do so.

Log into the Bitmoji application on your iPhone or Android device. From there, log in with your Snapchat email or ID alongside the password. Then, tap the dropdown menu on the top right of your screen. Go into the “Settings” segment from there.

From the Settings list, head to the “My Account” tab and click it. Then, select “Reset Avatar.” The application will ask if you’re sure you want to reset your avatar. Select “Yes,” and you’re given a gender select screen between male and female. Essentially, you’re creating a new one here. However, the steps to getting your avatar to look like you once again are easy. Simply go through the creation process from there and recreate the one you had before – albeit with a different gender now. Or, make an entirely different looking one. It’s up to you! Express yourself how you prefer to.

Customization For Days

Now that you know how to change your Bitmoji gender, you can still focus on customizing all of the other different aspects regarding your digital avatar. It’s quite amazing how many different capabilities there are.

You can give your Bitmoji different colored and styled hats, glasses, earrings, and other accessories. That’s not to mention the variety of shirts, pants, jackets, shoes, and other traditional clothing items. There are also holiday-themed outfits for you to wear or even purchase to support the developers of Bitmoji.

As time goes on, these customization options are only going to increase even more. Again, you’d be amazed at how limited these selections were when the application first came out. If it wasn’t for Snapchat, we might have never had an alternative to these Bitmoji.

iOS does try to compete with them, however. They have their own version of Bitmoji now that tracks your face and even emotes like you do. If you smile, the digital avatar smiles. Same with blinking and other interactions. It’s a crazy modern form of technology that’s only going to improve. We’ll have to see how Snapchat counters this.

Otherwise, we hope this guide helped you out. Hopefully, you’re able to pick whichever gender you’d prefer for your Bitmoji.

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