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What is the Blue Star in Tinder?

What is the Blue Star in Tinder?

‘I’m a new Tinder user and occasionally see blue stars in the app. What is that blue star in Tinder and what does it mean?’

This was a question emailed to us at TechJunkie Towers yesterday and I thought I would answer. Firstly because it puzzled me the first time I saw it and secondly because I didn’t think there was such a thing as a ‘new Tinder user’ anymore.

Tinder should need no introduction. The dating app that changed how millennials met partners and forced us to learn how to handle rejection, neuroses, ghosting and soul destroying behavior online. Oh, and you can occasionally get a date too.

Despite how that reads, I actually like Tinder. It blew the dating playing field wide open and equalized finding a partner so anyone can do it. It did bring some downsides but we can generously call those character building.

So back to the initial question. What is that blue star in Tinder?


The blue star in Tinder

The blue star in Tinder is a Super Like. Not just a normal like but a super one. These are best kept for when you really like someone on Tinder. If you see a blue star, it means the person whose profile is next to it really likes you. It’s a sure sign that they see something in your profile or pics that they want to see more of and want you to know it.

Free users get one Super Like a day so they use them sparingly. Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold users get five per day. That’s still limited considering the number of profiles you probably swipe on each day so is still a hot commodity.

Do Super Likes even work?

There are two schools of through on the Super Like. On one side, some users think they show that someone really likes you and wants to know more. The limited supply of them makes the person who has been Super Liked sit up and take notice. According to Tinder, Super Likes offer three times the chance of success than a standard like. There is no evidence to back that up through.

On the other side, some Tinder users think Super Likes are creepy and smack of desperation. Some users say they just think ‘eew’ when they see someone has Super Liked them and immediately swipe left.

I think they are effective if used sparingly and do not increase or decrease your chances of success on the dating app. As you don’t know the person you’re considering Super Liking, you have no idea which camp they are in. If something about their profile has you sitting up and really taking notice, what other way do you have other than a Super Like to let them know you’re really keen?


How to use Super Likes

You use Super Likes from the profile screen or through the Super Likeable screen. When you’re viewing a profile, you should see a blue star alongside the other icons at the bottom. You can either tap that blue star or swipe up to offer the Super Like.

When you Super Like someone, your own profile is placed at the top of their stack which guarantees they will see you. They will also receive a notification telling them what you did.

If someone Super Likes you, it will appear as a notification in the app. Your phone notification light should also notify you unless you have turned them off for Tinder. Either way, once you open Tinder you will see Super Likes at the top of the stack. Those profile cards with blue outlines and a blue star on them have Super Liked you. There is even a helpful notification at the bottom under their name in case you missed it.

Making Super Likes work

Super Likes are a self-contained aspect of Tinder that can be fire or forgetful, but shouldn’t be. Neither should they be something you use in isolation. To use them effectively, you need to frame an opening line before you even hit that blue star. If they respond to your move, starting off a conversation with a bland opener or even worse, ‘Hey’ just wastes your opportunity.

Think about your opening line and frame the first couple of messages in your mind before you hit the blue star. Then, if they respond, you’re ready to begin on the correct footing, with something cool, hopefully sophisticated or funny and attractive. Either way, preparing for that opening line before you use your Super Like stands a much better chance of success than leaving it to chance.

What’s your opinion of Super Likes in Tinder? Like them? Think they are desperate? Tell us your thoughts below!

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One thought on “What is the Blue Star in Tinder?”

Eve says:
Super helpful article… any idea what it means when the blue star at the bottom center of the ‘swiping screen’ started to flash with a blue number 1? Does that specific person super-like me, or does it just mean that I have been super-liked?
Erica says:
I too would love to know the answer to this!!

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