Boost Not Working in Tinder – What to Do

A few years ago, Tinder first implemented its Boost feature to widespread acclaim. Today, it’s an important source of revenue for the company and remains a powerful tool for users. If you’re a Boost user, you’ll know just how effective the feature is. If you’re new to it, read on. You’ll get a brief primer on Boost in this article.

A problem seems to be cropping up for some users regarding the Boost feature. Sometimes, they don’t seem to be refreshing on the right schedule or, even when they’re available, they can’t be used. This article lists a few avenues you have available if you’re one of these unfortunates. We’ll cover boosts broadly, and then talk about solutions that have been effective in fixing common problems.

What Is a Tinder Boost?

The basic gist of boosting on Tinder is pretty simple, but some of the finer points tend to be hazy. When you start swiping on Tinder, you go through profiles one at a time. If you activate a boost, it places your profile among the first ones that people will see. It’s just about as straightforward as that. At any given time when you start swiping, you’ll be seeing boosted profiles first.

Tinder Plus or Gold subscribers will receive one boost per month as part of their subscription. Boosts are also available to purchase for all users at their discretion. Once you activate your boost, you’ll be catapulted to the top of the list for 30 minutes. There are many great ways to get value out of your boost but that would take a whole other article to get into.

Boosts won’t affect your profile in any other way, and no one will know that your profile is boosted. That about covers the basics. Next up, here are some solutions if you can’t activate your boost or it just isn’t getting you more swipes.

What Is a Tinder Boost

You Bought a Boost but Can’t Activate It

The Tinder app is notorious for being slow to get updates. Sometimes, software updates on your phone will happen much more frequently, and Tinder won’t keep up. This, among other things, can cause issues to crop up when trying to use a boost.

The first thing you should try if this happens is to reinstall the application. Delete it from your phone and download it again from your respective app store. For many people, this will resolve the problem and you’ll be able to boost normally from then on. You will have to log back into Tinder when you do this, which shouldn’t take but a few seconds. An added benefit to this is that it gives you a clean slate to work with. You will be treated as someone who just started using Tinder in terms of who sees you.

Your Monthly Boost Should Have Reset by Now

As mentioned above, premium Tinder subscribers will get a boost every month with their subscription. Sometimes you may think a month has gone by, but no boost yet. When you start your subscription, you will get your first boost immediately. It’s important to note, however, that starting or renewing a subscription won’t reset your Boost timer. You will still have to wait 30 days from the last free boost you used.

There are some other problems that could cause this, but they’re extremely rare. If your issue isn’t tied to a subscription renewal, you’ll have to bring in the big guns.

Customer Support

This is usually the last recourse for many people, but in this case, it should really be among the first. Tinder has a great track record of responding to customer feedback quickly and efficiently. Go to their help page, and from the drop-down menu select “A Tinder feature isn’t working.” This will open a form where you can fill in the details of your problem.

Customer Support

You should hear back from the support team within a few hours. If you’re just having trouble with boosting in general, you can request a refund for your boosts as well. When you contact them, it would be helpful if you have a screenshot of the problem, if it’s reproducible. You can upload your screenshot along with the request.

The Boost Is Loose!

Even if you’re experiencing issues with Boost usage, these will rarely be serious, and you should be able to sort them out easily. If you can’t use the boosts you bought, it’s most likely a problem with the application, and reinstalling it should resolve that. If, on the other hand, you’re not getting the boosts that are owed to you, maybe you’re off on the timing. In any case, don’t be afraid to contact Tinder’s support team as they will most likely sort out your problem without delay.

Do you have a secret method for getting the most out of Tinder’s Boost feature? What are the best times of day to use it? Do boosts really make that big of a difference? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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