Does Bumble Limit the Amount You Can Like or Match?

Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have continually grown in popularity since their inception in the early 2010s. Citing 94,000 new users each day, the Bumble dating application places emphasis on women’s ability to make romantic connections.

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Bumble differs from Tinder by making an attempt to reduce crude and unwanted introductory messages. This dating app makes it so only women can then initiate a conversation. That is, the woman has to initiate the messaging. Men can message a woman they’ve matched with only after she’s sent that first message. Once this connection has been made the pair can freely message each other back and forth unless one of them decides to “unmatch.”

For male users, the site is more about matching than it is about starting conversations. In this article, we’ll discuss whether Bumble limits how much matching and liking you can do.

Does Bumble Limit Right Swipes?

Bumble has much the same interface system and operational concept as Tinder and other popular dating apps. Users create a profile with pictures and biography, and these profiles (often called “cards” in industry lingo) are then presented to other users of the appropriate sex and age range.

When a user sees a card they like and think might be a potential date, they swipe right. Users swipe left to indicate they don’t want to match with the profile they are viewing. Whenever a user signs in to Bumble, they are presented with the cards of new potential matches within their area, subject to your preferences on distance range from where you live or your current location.

With recent updates, Bumble has implemented a daily swipe limit in 2020. If a user has reached their daily limit they will have to wait another 24 hours before they can begin matching again.

This time frame does not refresh at midnight, so the user will have to wait a full 24 hours regardless of when they last swiped. For example; if you hit your limit at 1 pm on Monday, you would have to wait until 1:01 pm on Tuesday to continue.

While paying for Bumble Boost does allow you to have unlimited filters and other benefits, it does not give you more swipes per day. We’ll get into the reasons for swipe limits shortly, but it is certainly not to make users pay for a subscription service.

If the ability to swipe again does not appear after 24 hours, you can contact the Bumble Support team for help.

The Reason for the Limits

Those familiar with Tinder may have come across the feature that limits the number of right-swipes that subscribers at the free level of service can make in a day. The exact number of swipes Tinder allows is an open question, but it seems to be somewhere around 50 to 100 swipes a day depending on your individual behavior.

Dating apps that implement these types of restrictions are doing so for several reasons. Bumble is designed to create meaningful connections between users, particularly focusing on the safety and comfort of the female demographic.

There was and is a good reason for this limitation. Using restrictions on the number of swipes means users are more likely to swipe only on those they’d like to make a meaningful connection with.

Swiping on every available profile completely undermines the concept behind the mutual-swipe mechanism; the idea is that since both people have right-swiped, there is already an attraction and the conversation has a good starting place based on sincere, mutual interest.

Women who use the right-swipe system may encounter a male user who is right-swiping everyone leading to derogatory messages. Many women report men routinely sending wildly offensive and inappropriate messages to women through Tinder messaging.

Because Bumble allows women to initiate the conversations after a match is made, it is less likely that connections lead to unwanted messages. After a man matches with a woman, he must wait for the woman to start the conversation by sending the first message, this means there are less behavioral issues.

Get More right swipes (likes) on Bumble

Of course, it doesn’t do you a  lot of good to be able to swipe right a thousand times a day if nobody is swiping right on your profile in return. The point of these apps isn’t to cast as wide a net as possible, it’s to make meaningful connections with people when there’s a mutual attraction. In other words; both parties have to be interested before the connection will be made.

There are no magic bullets to attracting positive attention on Bumble or any other dating site, but there are some guidelines that can help increase your chances of getting more right swipes on Bumble.

Revamp your photos on Bumble

There’s a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and, when it comes to dating apps, there’s definitely some truth to that saying. If you aren’t getting the right-swipes you think you should be pulling on Bumble, then your pictures are the first place to look.

Make sure you’re using high-quality pictures that are well lit and attractive. Your profile picture should accentuate your most positive facial features, this can be achieved using the right angles and lighting. Beware of using photos with your ex (this includes a cropped photo), your children, or large groups of people.

Posting group photos with others may make it more difficult for those interested in you to pinpoint what you look like. While these are acceptable in low numbers, your Bumble profile should not be filled with group photos, not to mention, your friends and family may not want to be a part of your online dating profile. Posing with your children or ex can be creepy for some users. It’s best to avoid these types of photos.

For more effective photos you can use images that show your favorite hobbies or interests. From hiking to reading a book, it’s best to have at least one hobby-based photo in your profile so that others with similar interests will be more likely to interact with you. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that your photos indicate someone another person may enjoy spending time with.

Other tips include wearing something red, as this is supposed to increase right-swipes. Pose with a puppy because everyone loves puppies. Aside from posting attractive photos, your profile should give others an insight into who you are, this leads to a connection between two users.

Selfies are great for Instagram or Snapchat, but not always with dating apps. Using photos that another person has taken provides better angles and therefore more insight into what you really look like. Getting a second opinion on your photos is a great way to make sure they convey the right message while ensuring you look more attractive.

You might find this TechJunkie article on How To Change Your Photos in Bumble to be helpful.

Revisit your Bumble bio

A good picture will get you more attention but it’s your profile that seals the deal. If you’re not getting likes and have improved your images, your bio is the next place to look. You have 300 characters in order to make yourself attractive so you’re going to have to work hard.

That said, don’t stress over it too much otherwise, it will come across in what you write. If you’re naturally funny, you’re golden. Just write something humorous and you will get swipes. If you’re not funny, you have to work a lot harder – unless you wear a uniform to work.

You could keep it simple by listing your age, hobbies, and ambitions. You could use emojis as some people have been able to do successfully. Whatever you do, try to make it original and try to make it accurately portray you to a potential date.

Your bio is where a second opinion really helps. Asking a friend or member of the opposite sex for their honest opinion may provide you insight into what others are seeing.

(For more information on best practices for profiles, check out this article on making a great profile in Bumble. And for some tips on communicating in the app, read our piece on how to send a great message in Bumble.

Although Bumble does limit the number of swipes you can have in a day, you’re more likely to make meaningful connections rather than striking up conversations with random people that waste your time.

7 thoughts on “Does Bumble Limit the Amount You Can Like or Match?”

KevinAlways says:
TL;DR i’ve kept stats for 42 days of using bumble. For me: 1.8% of all my swipes have become matches, 20.8% of matches become phone numbers. And 40% of the numbers lead to a date. I can expect to be talking to 30% of the girls for which I have a phone number at any given time.
Axauv says:
these morons don’t even increase the number of likes you get if you pay. there is literally NO reason to pay for Bumble now. don’t ever do it.
Ped says:
Yep I stopped using bumble now that it has a limit.
Brisk says:
Yeah F bumble. They’re just trying to pigeon hole you into signing up for their paid service now. I guess we’re not putting a price on love. Corporate agenda strikes again
Brisk says:
*now putting a price on love
Lori says:
Yes I believe Bumble is limiting your likes, 3 months ago I could widen my search by increasing my distance or age range and see more potential matches-now I get the same message as above you’ve reached the end of the line try again tomorrow.
Enver says:
I hit that message today it says you’ve hit the line for today do you want to see more amazing people March 14
A.S says:
I just realized that the new bumble update now is limiting your likes. At least for me, i just got that message last night and wondering if someone has also seen this?

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