How to Change the Font in Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites around. Stories are Instagram’s number one feature and have even made their way to Facebook. Tweakable and very open to editing, Instagram Stories include a number of fonts you can choose from, 5 to be exact. Here’s how to do it efficiently and creatively.

How to Change Fonts

First of all, let’s see how to change the fonts on Instagram Stories. It’s pretty simple, really. Don’t try publishing your Story via the desktop website or the desktop app, as these don’t work well. Instagram is primarily a mobile app.

  1. Start the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  2. Click the camera icon in the upper left corner of your app or swipe right.
    camera icon and typewriter
  3. Choose the picture for your Story.
  4. Enter the type mode.
  5. Choose one of 5 fonts at the top of the screen by tapping them.

That’s all there is to changing basic fonts for your Stories. However, applying different fonts to your stories and using a couple of cool tricks will help you perfect your  IG Stories.

Exploring the 5 Font Styles

Here are the mentioned 5 font styles: Classic, Modern, Neon, Typewriter, and Strong. Let’s break them down into more details.


This is the basic option. It has both the upper and the lower case letters and it isn’t official, but it definitely doesn’t exactly scream ‘fun’. It is widely used, most commonly by visual artists, like painters, photographers, etc. who use Instagram to showcase their work.


The modern font looks, well, modern. It is very modern of this style to not care much for the case, as it is an all-caps font. It might not come across as the most relaxed font, but it is great for brands that want to show off their modern style.


Neon is a bright and cursive font, very much like neon signs often seen in the movies. It does have a softer feel to it, but it may work well with humorous, meme-inspired story themes. It appeals mostly to the younger audience. Naturally, if you have a brand that wants to send a carefree, fun, and loving message, this font may work perfectly.


This font may be a traditional, simple font, but it is very popular nowadays, especially in Stories that do not put the photo in the first picture. Simplicity is the name of the game with this font.


The Strong font is exactly what it sounds as – a bold and large font with the italics to give it that edge. If your brand is proud, loud, and powerful in styling and the message it wants to send, this font is a good idea.

Editing the Font Colors

You probably know that you can change the font colors in your stories, for all five font types. Additionally, there are many cool options that you might not know about. Let’s see what’s in store.

instagram stories

Highlighting Individual Words/Letters

This is very basic and easy to achieve, but it might be something that you haven’t considered yet. Once you’ve typed your text, simply select it and then highlight the words/sections/letters that you want to change and simply change their color. Why is this useful? Well, it is particularly great in longer texts. If you accent certain words with a bold color, it will grab the reader’s attention and might keep them reading.

Additionally, and this is especially true for wordy stories, you can highlight entire sections in different colors, to make them more interesting to the readers.

Creating a Gradient Effect

The chances are, you don’t know about this feature. But it can be very useful for drawing attention to your text and you can also use it in a more fun way in your stories. To create a gradient effect in your text, select the section that you want to edit and tap and hold on any color to open the color palette. Now, place another finger on the text, not releasing the color spectrum. Drag your finger across the text while dragging the other finger across the color spectrum simultaneously.

Font Size and Justification

Each of the 5 available fonts has a particular font size.You can adjust the font size with the toggle bar found at the left side of your screen, or by simply zooming the text in or out using the pinch gesture. When it comes to justification, choose the alignment option in the top left corner of your Instagram screen and change it in accordance with your preferences. You have three alignment options – left, center, and right.

Tap the A in the box icon, and this will add a text box around your text. Tap it again and the box will turn transparent.

Text-Only Stories

Stories without photos included are very convenient for important announcements where you don’t want your reader to be distracted. They are good for Q&A’s and many other instances. However, you don’t need to find a single-color, or gradient background online, only to upload it as a picture to your story. This option already exists.

Do you know the photo/video type options at the initial Story screen? Scroll through story types until you get to Type. This screen will allow you to choose an ideal color for your text story.


Your Story Matters

People love scrolling through Stories on Instagram. They last for 24 hours before they’re archived. As such, it is crucial that your story to be attention-grabbing, or your followers might not stick around to read it.

Fonts are very important for the aesthetic aspect of stories, but how you use them in combination with other elements is what makes it count.

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