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How To Change Location on LinkedIn

How To Change Location on LinkedIn

In the digital world, LinkedIn has become something of a haven for managers and workers to come together. Employers can find good workers to get the job done, while employees can find a new career path for themselves. Anyone can search for people, jobs, and articles from anywhere across the world. Of course, if you’re looking to get employed locally or in a specific area, you’ll need the specify which via location settings. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to find the exact position you’d like, while employers won’t be able to see you in their local search.

Fortunately, you can change your profile location on any app or browser where you can access LinkedIn.


To start, go to your profile via the “Me” icon on the LinkedIn homepage. Then, go to the “Settings & Privacy” dropdown menu. Under there, you’’ find the “Site Preferences” near the “Account” segment. There, click on “Change” right next to the “Name, location, and industry” text.

Once done, you can click “Edit intro” and scroll down to your country of residence. Pick the proper country via a dropdown box, and then you can choose a state or province within the space. Depending on the area, you can even go as far as the city or district as well. Don’t forget to hit “Save” once you’re done.

Desktop Profile

If you’re already on your profile page, you can change your location settings directly from here if you’d like.

Start by clicking the “Me” section just like before. This time, go to the “View Profile” tab and click “Edit” in your introduction space. Your profile will become editable, and you can move to your intro space. There, scroll to the “Country” section and choose your space from the dropdown menu.


If you’re on an Apple device, changing your location is just as easy as on the desktop. To start, tap on your profile picture via the taskbar. Then, click the “Edit” segment in your intro card and move to the “Country” segment. Of course, pick your country, province/state, and if it applies, your city/district. Click save, and you’re good.


The process on Android is very similar to iOS. Just click on your profile picture, edit profile, and scroll down the list picking all that applies.

Also, an interesting note for all mobile devices is the “USE CURRENT LOCATION” selection. Upon using this, LinkedIn will automatically change your location based on your phone’s GPS – a nice touch.

According to the LinkedIn FAQ, if your city name doesn’t show up in the drop down, try a different zip code housed within that city. Occasionally it will show up, but not always. Also, city names only appear on your full profile. If you look in a search result, only your regional location will be shown. Someone searching you must see your entire profile to get your exact location.

There you have it – a breakdown on how to change your location on your LinkedIn profile. While the process is different on every device, it’s a reasonably streamlined one regardless. Now, make sure you only change your location if you want employers and professional peers to take note of it! Use this feature to find a new career in your area, or maybe to locate potential job matches elsewhere in the world.

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