How To Change your Location in Plenty Of Fish

If you travel a lot for work or play, or regularly spend time away from home working in other cities, it’s nice to make friends wherever you go. If you use dating apps, it’s not good still seeing hopefuls in your home town if you’re hundreds of miles away so it pays to change where you are to reflect who is around. This tutorial will show you how to change your location on Plenty Of Fish.

Plenty Of Fish (POF) was one of the original dating websites that added an app. It doesn’t quite have the same profile as Tinder but does much the same thing. It’s more about dating than hooking up in some regions while some cities have the same hookup mentality that Tinder does.

Plenty Of Fish is 16 years old this year (2019) and is still going strong. It began as a website launched in Canada and spread across the world to most territories. It has all the usual features a dating website and app has and is a pretty good option for those who are fed up with their existing app. POF was bought by Match and is now run by the same company that owns Tinder.

Change your location on Plenty Of Fish

Location is a key search criteria for any dating app. We all set a limit if we can for practical reasons. Many of us don’t have the time of inclination to drive three hours for a date, so limit distance to a reasonable amount. Location controls who you see on the app and that’s fine if you live in a large metropolitan area as there could be hundreds of hopefuls for you to choose. If you live somewhere rural, you’re up against the same old problem.

To change your location on Plenty Of Fish, do this:

  1. Log into the site or app as usual.
  2. Select Edit Profile in the top right.
  3. In The Basics section, select a different City, State and Zip code.
  4. Select Update Profile to save your change.

Your new location should be reflected immediately and people in your area should begin seeing your profile right away.

If you’re fortunate enough to travel to other countries, you can change that within The Basics section too. Follow the process above and select Country at the bottom of the screen. That too needs to be saved and will update immediately once done.

Why change your location on Plenty Of Fish?

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to edit your location on Plenty Of Fish. The first I covered at the top. If you travel a lot and want to meet new people in the city you’re in, changing your location is how you get to see potential dates in your new area. The same for if you move to a new city. You’re going to want to see all the potential dates who live close to you.

The other reason is for security. If you live somewhere small where people know each other, adding that as your location could be a security risk. If you’re married and are looking to cheat, this could get you found out. If you live in a small town and don’t want people to be able to find out where you live until you’re ready, changing your location to a nearby town or city makes perfect sense.

Security is a big issue in online dating, for men as well as women. There are a lot of scammers online and a lot of people out there who seem to delight in causing havoc wherever they go. There are darker people too which we hope you manage to avoid.

One downside of Plenty Of Fish is that it is free for basic membership. We all know what a low barrier to entry means. It means anyone can join up with the minimum of effort, including criminals, scammers and worse. While the expense of dating apps is often lamented, it does mean only the dedicated use premium apps. That may not protect you from jerks but it protects you from most scammers.

Aside from being clever about your location, what else can you do to protect yourself when online dating?

Never give out too much identifiable information until you’re ready – Some level of exposure of necessary to attract a date but hold as much as possible back until you think you can trust someone. That should include your real phone number, address, date of birth and place of work.

If someone looks too good to be true they might be – A level of suspicion is healthy when dating. Anyone can be anyone online and until they prove otherwise, trust is something best held in reserve. If a profile looks too good to be true, it could be. It may also be real, so reply by all means but be aware of who, or what, they could be.

Meet somewhere public for the first time – Even if someone sounds legit online and makes all the right moves and noises, never meet somewhere secluded for a first meet. Meet in public, a coffee shop or somewhere and stay there. You can move it on from there if you’re comfortable. Otherwise, pace it and keep it public.

Tell someone where you are and who you’re with – As well as meeting in public, tell someone where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re with. Consider using a chaperone or having someone you trust nearby. A girlfriend of mine who uses dating apps always has a wingman in the same coffee shop on a first date. They act as if they don’t know each other but she can relax knowing someone has her back.

Dating is a process and not a race – You don’t have to bare your soul on the first date or invite them back to your place an hour after you meet. If you want more, hotels and motels are good, as it a little circumspection. If your date is legit, they won’t mind you not telling them everything about yourself right away.

Plenty Of Fish is no better or worse than other dating websites or apps for safety. You just have to be aware that any service with a free account is going to attract the lower end of the market. As long as you bear that in mind and act accordingly, you should be fine!

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