How To Change your User Name in TikTok

Usernames have become a central part of our online identity, security, and for helping site administrators and moderators keep some sort of order. From the website or forum that requires you to log in to keep the spam out to every single social network, game website, the comment section on any website.

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Go to your profile and click Edit Profile
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This is part of the reason that almost everything you do online requires a username and sometimes a separate handle (AKA nickname). Of course, a huge part of the reason for needing a username is also to secure your account as well.

Can I change my username on TikTok?

This tutorial is going to show you how to change your username in TikTok and offer a few ideas to come up with a good username.

A username can say a lot about who you are and what you’re like as a person. They are more relevant to how you are online but can also give insight into your personality. Your username should be catchy, easy to remember, and unique to you.

People often consider their username as part of their online persona, projecting a certain image that they want to cultivate whether it’s on Tiktok, a game, a social media network, a forum, a Slack chat workspace, and so on.

Choosing a username is about more than using your real name and a couple of numbers, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Change your username in Tiktok

First, let me show you how to change your username in Tiktok.

Open Tiktok and log in using your existing account username and password, then do this:

Tap on your profile icon

Select Edit Profile from your profile page

Select your username to edit

Type your new username into the box provided

Select Save.

If the username is available, you can save your changes, which will complete the process of getting a new Tiktok username assigned.

Otherwise, the app will tell you the username is taken and you’ll have to choose another username.

You can change your username only once every 30 days, so choose carefully!

What should my TikTok username be?

While Tiktok is a bit of fun, if you ever want to monetize it or link it to your other social media accounts, you need to consider your username.

It is recommended to keep it the same or similar to your other accounts. Then, if you want to link them all, you have a coherent identity across all of your online life. That said, a lot of people like to change up what username they use across their various accounts.

If you think you may want to brand yourself at some point, you need to bear that in mind when coming up with a username. A brand or agency isn’t going to want to associate themselves with a user with an offensive, or difficult to read username; however many followers you may have.

If you can’t think of a username for Tiktok, there are a bunch of username generators online you could try.

Alternatively, you could use a hobby, special skill, superpower, name with numbers, pet’s name, an animal that you relate to in some way, or something else that reflects your personality and the image you want to project.

Just keep in mind the persona you want to represent you on Tiktok and elsewhere online, making sure you’re being true to your values in the image you present to others online.

What a username says about you

There have been quite a few studies around online behavior and usernames. There is a body of evidence now that says a username can tell a lot about the person behind it. This piece in Computers in Human Behavior discusses it at length and took data from League of Legends to compile the study.

The study reviews a few characteristics of usernames and the people behind them. Players with antisocial usernames generally behave in an antisocial manner within the game. Also, ages estimated from usernames correlate strongly with ages entered at registration, and usernames provide a useful source of psychological information.

This is one of many studies that have been carried out around online behavior and usernames. It tells us that you should be mindful of the usernames you use as they can influence what people think about you before you even have a chance to interact with them in any meaningful way.

Tiktok is a fun and entertaining social network but naming conventions can influence how you are perceived on the app. As I mentioned above, if you ever want to be taken seriously or make money on Tiktok or anywhere else online, you have to create an online identity that is marketable.

Few people are going to take someone called ‘Dingbat789’ seriously and certainly wouldn’t invest time or money into them regardless of how popular they were.

How can I edit my TikTok profile?

If you want a new profile to match your new user name, you can edit your profile details at any time by clicking the “Me” section on the TikTok’s main screen. Once you’re there, you will see “Edit Profile” located under your profile picture.

From there, you can change your username, name, and your bio while integrating your Instagram and Youtube. It’s better for branding to keep the same name on all platforms. This way, more people can find you in the future.

It takes five seconds to change your username in Tiktok but a whole lot longer to come up with a good one unless you’re lucky enough to know it already.

Just remember the rule of first impressions. If you decide to change your username viewers and potential followers will make assumptions about you based on that tag. If your username isn’t well-thought-out or reflects something that is generally unacceptable, it may hurt your follower count.

Becoming TikTok famous isn’t easy, and having the right kind of software and lighting can go a long way to make your videos look better. Aside from your username, it will take a lot of detail and talent to make the perfect videos.

As the app becomes more popular, so too does the competition. You will need to create better content that stands out to gain more TikTok followers.

Finding the perfect username means one that reflects your online personality while being semi-professional and engaging. Changing your username on TikTok is incredibly simple, but you can only change it every 30 days.

Keep in mind, changing your username does not affect your login credentials. It simply updates the tag that everyone associates with your account.

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