How To Create a Great Bumble Profile

The dating game is tough enough without having to encapsulate your entire being into 300 characters. How can you describe yourself, sell yourself and attract someone with so little space? By being very careful. Today’s tutorial is going to offer some top tips for creating a great Bumble profile. They won’t guarantee success but if you follow the advice, you should start getting more attention!

A great dating profile needs two things. A catchy bio with some kind of hook and some great photos.

There is no single recipe for success on Bumble. We are all different and all like different things. If you have ever performed your swiping with friends, you will know that the profiles you like, friends will not or a witty bio you found attractive put other people off. Rather than trying to find that magical mix, try to find a combination that works for you.

Writing a great Bumble profile

Writing a great Bumble profile is about figuring out what you want and then trying to turn it into words. If you’re on Bumble just to hook up, pitching those long-term keeper qualities is less important than extolling your other virtues. On the other hand, if you’re there for something more meaningful, it is useful to get that across in your bio.

What everyone who uses dating apps do agree on is that witty profiles win. If you can be naturally funny or witty, you need to show that in your Bumble profile. If you’re not naturally witty, find someone who is. Forced humor shows and doesn’t go down anywhere near as well.

The one key message you need to know about writing a great Bumble profile is to have a bit of fun with it. We have to be serious at most times of the day, have fun with this bit and you will achieve success!

Here are three profile types that seem to work that also contain a good hook:

First and last

The first and last bio always seems to go down well on dating apps. You add the first and/or last of something interesting. For example, the first holiday you took, the last book you read, the last movie you saw, the last time you cried, the first time you realized there was more to the world than sports and so on.

First flight you took alone – To visit my brother in Hawaii at the birth of his son.

Last book I read – Life of Pi. Thought provoking!

Three little things

Three little things is short and to the point. You list three things about you that show off your personality while hopefully being interesting at the same time. For example, ‘I cannot function without caffeine, I love anything that makes me stop and think for a minute and will shamelessly use my puppy Oliver to flirt with you when we meet.’

Obscure reference profile

The obscure reference profile is a simple way to stand out from the crowd. The challenge here is to come up with one or two obscure references that haven’t been done before but still accurately describes you. For example ‘Looking for someone who won’t mind watching re-runs of Sense8 and who doesn’t think pineapple has a place on pizza.’

You will see all three of these profile types a lot on Bumble. It’s because they work. As long as you get them right and make yours different from everyone else’s you can accurately sum yourself up and be witty at the same time.

Great Bumble profile images

If you only have 300 characters to describe yourself it’s a good job a picture paints a thousand words. However, a shirtless pic from the gym showing off your six pack is not going to do it. Your first image has to be your strongest as users have to see enough there to scroll past it to your profile. One poor pic choice and you’re gone.

There are three things that tend to work in dating app images. Vibrant color choices for clothes, solo shots and a smile.


Clothes choice is important and is an easy way to stand out if you’re a guy. Most men tend to go for gray, black or white as they are safer. Choose something more vibrant while remaining stylish and you already stand out from the crowd. Girls have it easier here as you have much more choice.

Avoid group shots

You can of course add a group shot as part of your Bumble image collection but not as your main image and you must choose your group carefully. Your main profile shot should be you alone wearing something cool and stylish and smiling. If you volunteered with Medicines san Frontiers, there is nothing wrong with adding a group pic of the team later but not as your main image.


Read any survey of anyone, anywhere and you will find some reference to smiling and attraction. It’s a big draw for both sexes and something you should do if possible with your Bumble profile pic. Moody shots or situation shots are fine and if you can pull them off. If you can’t, a simple headshot with you smiling is the next best thing.

It shouldn’t be a big cheesy grin but something subtle, like remembering a secret or finding something secretly amusing. Those secret smiles can be amazing but they are difficult to pull off convincingly.

Image types to avoid include groups shots with prettier or more handsome friends, shots where it isn’t clear which person you are, shots of of you drinking, being dumb, obviously Photoshopped, holding a puppy or animal that isn’t yours, of you at the gym or some other cheesy situation.

If you own a puppy and love it more than anything, then by all means show it. If you’re just borrowing one because you know they work, don’t bother. People may forgive a little artistic license in terms of dating bios but they don’t like being played. Using a prop like a puppy just to get a swipe is not going to go down well if they find out.

Creating a great Bumble profile takes time, patience and creativity. It also demands a willingness to stand out from the crowd and not do things everyone else does. It is part science and part art and all guesswork. Trial and error is all part of dating so don’t be afraid to give it a go on Bumble. Good luck with it!

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