Do Snapchat Calls Show Up On Your Phone Bill?

Since 2014, Snapchat users have been able to use video calling. Snapchat wanted to be the go-to app for video chat, which is why they went out of their way to add various features that would make it fun. Judging by the fact that millions of users enjoy this feature and use it on a daily basis, it’s safe to say it was a good idea to introduce it.

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However popular it might be, there are still some things about Snapchat video calling that confuses people. Here we’ll go into some of the main questions that users have, starting with the way Snapchat shows up on your phone bill.

Snapchat Calls

Will Your Detailed Phone Bill Show Snapchat Calls?

Since you need an Internet connection to use Snapchat, there are two scenarios here: Wi-Fi and mobile data. If you’re using Wi-Fi, none of the information about your Snapchat activity will show up on your phone bill. This is true of all social media platforms, as well as all other apps that don’t use your phone number.

As for when you’re using mobile data, the only thing you’ll see on your phone bill is the amount of data Snapchat uses. There’s no information related to what you’re doing on Snapchat, just the amount of data used.

This answers the other common question of whether your phone bill will contain the information of those whom you communicate with on Snapchat. Do you have to worry about your parents, or worse, your significant other, going through the phone bill to find out what you’ve been up to on Snapchat?

The answer is “no” since all the information is based on usernames, not phone numbers. Even apps that use your phone number, such as WhatsApp, won’t show up on your phone bill, just your phone’s previous call list.

Do Snapchat Calls Show Up on Phone Bill

“Watch” vs. “Join”

As mentioned, Snapchat wanted to make sure its video chat feature is unique. One of the things that set Snapchat apart from the crowd is the different ways of responding to a call.


When someone calls you and you go to Join, you’ll start a regular two-way chat. However, there are two more options. If you go to Watch, you’ll be able to see the person you’re talking to but they won’t see you. You can also do this by tapping the green camera icon.Snapchat join watch

When you want to finish the call, all you have to do is tap the same camera icon that you use to make calls. Bear in mind though, that the call won’t be over until both of you have hung up.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Snapchat Calls

There are all kinds of micro-features that make Snapchat calling easy and fun. Here are some of them:

  1. Double-tap to switch cameras – When you’re in a video call, you can switch between rear and front camera simply by tapping anywhere on the screen.
  2. Add stickers – Snapchat allows you to add stickers that all participants in the video chat can see. Just open the Smiley tab and browse through the hundreds of stickers that you can add and move around the screen.
  3. Send video messages – If you want to video chat with someone but they’re not online, you can leave them a video message that they’ll see within your chat. You can record a message of up to 10 seconds long by pressing and holding the camera button.
  4. Chat during voice calls – When you’re in a voice call on Snapchat, you can still send messages to the person you’re talking to. This means you can share stickers, photos, and videos during a call.


Talk Without Worries

If you’re worried that someone might be able to see who you’re talking to on Snapchat in your phone bill, you can rest easy. The only thing that your phone records is the amount of data that Snapchat uses and that usually only shows up on your phone and not your phone bill.

As you can see, Snapchat comes with all kinds of voice and video calling options that make it super easy to use these features. In addition, you can have a blast when talking by sharing Emoji, photos, or videos.

It’s a good idea to keep Snapchat updated if you want to get the most out of your calls. Snapchat regularly enrolls new features that add to the overall experience.

What do you think about Snapchat’s voice and video calling? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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If the user you are calling on snap chat is in a different country will you be charged on your phone bill?

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