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Do Snapchat Emojis Reset?

Do Snapchat Emojis Reset?

Snapchat is a social network/messaging platform that needs little introduction. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing in its category, but the competitors like TikTok are breathing down the Snapchat’s neck. Social media battle aside, Snapchat has specific rules to show your relationships with other users.

As you already know, there is a set of emojis that signal how good friends you are with someone. To give you the answer right off the bat, Snapchat emojis do reset. But when and why is a completely different question. Keep on reading to find out more about the colorful world of Snapchat emojis.

Snapchat Emojis 101

The way the Snapchat algorithm determines your besties and assigns emojis is pretty straightforward. People with whom you interact the most end up on your best friends list. In other words, the more you snap someone the greater the chances of becoming a BFF with them.

The same applies if you and the other person exchange messages in the same group chat. And there is an established set of emojis that signal the level of your commitment. At any given point, there might be up to eight users on your best friends list. Of course, if you don’t interact with your friends or only have a few, your BFF list might be empty.


What Do the Emojis Mean?

It all starts with the Snapstreak. If you and a friend continually snap each other for a certain amount of time a fire emoji will appear next to their name. The number of days is also displayed, provided the streak last more than 24 hours. Soon enough, that person might become your bestie and there would be a yellow heart emoji next to his or her name.

What Do the Emojis Mean

If the Snapstreak persists for two weeks the user becomes your BFF and there is a red heart emoticon. Keep snapping for two months and the person will become a Super BFF and get a purple double heart emoji. But mind you, if you don’t send a Snap within 24 hours, the Snapstreak will end. However, an hourglass icon will remind you to send a Snap several hours before the 24-hour window expires.

In addition, there are three other emojis – cake when it’s someone’s birthday, a grimacing face when you have the same best friend as someone else, and emoji with sunglasses to show a mutual close friend.

How Often Do the Emojis Reset?

To be honest, there is no way to know for sure when the Snapchat resets the emojis and updates your best friends list. If you are an avid user, it might seem that the list and the emojis are being reset all the time and, in a way, it is true.

Remember, Snapstreaks have a 24hour expiration period, so their emojis reset/update every day. Of course, you can extend a streak if you continue snapping someone. This is why it’s safe to assume that the reset algorithm runs in real-time and updates your profile as soon as it picks up on certain changes. But this is not the end of the story.

How Often Do the Emojis Reset

As said, for someone to become your BFF it takes two weeks of constant snapping and it’s two months for the Super BFF badge. Thus, there seems to be a major reset in the emojis and best friends list every 14 or 60 days. What’s more, Snapchat also takes a close look at your profile and the number of interactions does decide on who’s your bestie.

For example, it takes a lot of snaps for the change to happen if you have thousands of friends and exchange a lot of messages on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean that the algorithm fails to pick up on the changes; it just takes more to reset the emojis because of a greater number of interactions.

How to Preview the Emojis?

The emojis live right next to the usernames and avatars of your best friends. Launch Snapchat and hit the speech bubble icon – it’s located in the bottom-left section of the screen. Now, hit the Send to button in the upper right.

Best Friends come on top of the list and each one has one of the related emojis. Another way to see the emojis and besties list is to take a snap, then hit the blue arrow (bottom right), and access the Friends section.

Customize Your Friend Emojis

One of the coolest things is that you get to change/customize your besties emojis. For example, you can turn the BFF red heart emoji into a pizza slice. It’s worth noting that the method differs a little on iPhone and Android, though the same emojis are available on both platforms. Here’s what you need to do.


Under My Profile, hit the gear icon to access Settings. Swipe down and select “Customize Emojis,” let your imagination run wild, and exit when you are done.


Again you access Settings from My Profile, but now you swipe down to Additional Services and select Manage. Hit Friend Emojis in the next window and tap on the one you’d like to customize.

do snapchat emojis reset - screenshot 1

Who’s Your BFF?

Finally, you shouldn’t be surprised if you wake up one day and find out that the list of your besties has dropped significantly. It all depends on your interactions and if you haven’t felt snappy lately, the drop is imminent.

How many messages/snaps do you need to exchange before someone gets on the list? Did you customize your emojis? Give us your two cents in the comments below.

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