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Does Bumble Actually Work?

Does Bumble Actually Work?

Bumble is an increasingly popular dating app that gives women total control over conversations. This is one of the main differences between Bumble and, say, Tinder. Women are the only ones allowed to initiate conversations, but they do have a tight window to do so – only 24 hours after a swipe.

What about matchmaking results? Is Bumble really superior or at least on par with other dating apps? How does the algorithm work? Just like other popular dating apps, Bumble reveals very little about its inner workings.

This makes sense since it’s hard to patent algorithms. The only way for such companies to protect their product is by keeping the coding a secret. Then, if an app hits it big, a lot of effort has to be put in by competitors to deconstruct the coding, which is not always as fruitful as you may think.

How It Works

Bumble is very similar to Tinder because of its swipe feature. If you’re on Bumble and you swipe right on someone, that person will see you as you will get high priority placement. However, whether this is a result of the algorithm or not, it seems that users get more matches the first few days of using the app.

It is possible to stop swiping for a while and watch the number of matches pick up again. Still, there’s a lack of serious evidence to support this except the users who swear by the method. The developers haven’t really confirmed nor denied that taking a break will result in getting more matches in the future.

If you have experience with Tinder, you should be familiar with this unevenness of potential matches. This fluctuation suggests that the algorithms of the two dating apps may be more similar than Bumble developers lead users to believe.


Another feature that is almost unique among dating apps is the preferences recorded by the app based on your match history. Most dating apps let you search by very specific types. Maybe you want only tall guys, maybe you like guys of a certain age, etc.

Bumble doesn’t really put all that recorded data to use. This results in a greater profile variety. Some folks like it and others don’t. It’s a matter of personal preference whether or not you’re willing to take a chance on someone who isn’t your type.

You never know when you may find someone who is a better match for you than your dream date. For users who always want to see specific characteristics, having to manually filter out so many unwanted results may prove to be too time-consuming and therefore unappealing.


Here’s a very interesting fact. If you like swiping on everyone, Bumble may flat out punish you. Swipe-happy users who cross the line are generally placed at the bottom of the list. This means that it can take quite a while before you can see any new and interesting profiles.

In addition, people with few swipes in their favor are also pushed back in the queue. These two policies don’t seem too well-balanced when you really do the math on them.

Does It Really Work?

Bumble works. Whether it’s better or worse than other similar dating apps is hard to tell. It all depends on what people join and what type of people you’re looking for.

For some, Bumble may seem like a breath of fresh air. It punishes individuals who post blurry photos or photos that don’t say much about the looks or personality of the user.

Bumble also doesn’t punish users who take a break from the app or display minimal activity. Unlike Tinder, Bumble is more lenient and allows users to come back strong at any time. However, this doesn’t really help you dating-wise. After all, there’s only a 24-hour window in which you can be contacted and in which you can respond.

The fact that you can do a sort of account reset is also nice. You can uninstall and then reinstall the app, which allows you to start from scratch in a way. You can upload some better photos and perhaps change your bio a bit to make it more intriguing.

Whether or not the algorithm is superior is really not something anyone can say for a fact. However, Bumble does show that it makes an effort to be more selective with their users. That’s mainly because it prevents men from initiating conversations and also because swiping right too much doesn’t improve the experience.

Final Thought

For all intents and purposes, Bumble seems like a solid dating app that may end up being the most popular at some point down the line. The app runs smoothly and is not hard to configure or work with. However, it requires its users to be a bit more serious than on other dating apps, which is not always something that people want.

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