Does Bumble Offer Refunds?

Ever since the Internet became available to the common folk, there have been very few rules and regulations surrounding the whole thing. (And God bless it for that!)

However, as the water of the World Wide Web became more turbulent and murky, there have emerged quite a few unwritten rules, one of the most important of which would be – Never, under no circumstances, should you actually read the ‘Terms & Conditions Page’ when agreeing to an Internet-bound contract!

Now, this may sound a tad counterintuitive to a responsible and accountable person who likes to know what they’re getting into, but considering the Internet is a proper Wild West of a place in today’s world, complete with Twitter-wars, rancid comment sections, dark places such as Reddit and 4chan, and treasure troves full o’ juicy memes and bootleg video footage, who’s really got the time to read a 4-page-long contract?

In this article, we’ll talk about Bumble – one of the newest dating apps that have taken the world by storm. Since this cheeky platform has got a system of pay-to-win Boosts (as many other platforms do, in all fairness.), many people wonder what happens in case you get sick and tired of it and decide to pull the plug in the middle of your contract.

To answer this, we’ve done what perhaps about 7 other people have done on the Internet so far. That’s right, we’ve committed to reading Bumble’s ‘Terms & Conditions Page’! It was tough and God knows what consequences this undertaking will leave on one’s psyche, but it was for a good cause!

Right then, let’s answer the question – Does Bumble Offer Refunds to Dissatisfied or Otherwise Bored Users?

What Is Bumble Boost?

To get to the bottom of the problem set before us, we first had to figure out what on Earth Bumble Boost might be? Sure enough, it turns out that Bumble Boost is a ‘roided-up version of Bumble which grants you certain advantages over your competition. Should you decide to subscribe to this, you’ll be in the position to enjoy the following boons of Bumble’s exciting beehive world:

  1. See Everyone Who Right-Swiped You – This handy option allows the owner of a Bumble Boost account to see the people who swiped right on their gorgeous faces! Thanks to this feature, you can save a bunch of time by only right-swiping a person who has displayed interest in you first. Quite handy, isn’t it?
  2. Extend Matches for 24 Hours – All the Time! – As you may already be aware, with the basic Bumble, you can extend a match for 24 hours once a day. With Bumble Boost on your side, however, you can do this whenever you like! No limitations whatsoever! (Mind, though, that a single ‘Extend’ is still worth only 24 hours and you can’t extend a single match more than once. This is the same for all versions of the Bumble app.)
  3. Rematch with Expired Connections – As the second bout between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz clearly shows, rematches matter. Anyway, Bumble Boost allows you to dig out your expired connections and try again. Not for those of faint heart! Only tough people who understand what soldiering on means will profit!

So, Does Bumble Offer Refunds?

If you’ve paid for a subscription for Bumble Boost but ended up finding it useless or otherwise unsatisfactory, the process towards getting out of it goes something like this: There are no refunds on Bumble! Too bad, so sad.

The Terms & Conditions page of Bumble clearly states that refunds are not something you’ll be granted for a purchase of not only Bumble Boost subscription, but, indeed, anything at all that is offered by Bumble!

The only way to get out of a Boost subscription, for example, would be to simply discontinue paying for it. If you’re, say, three months into your six-month contract and you decide to pull out, you can cancel the next subscription by simply not paying for it. Also, check and see if auto renewal is off by going to “Manage” your account. If not, toggle it off. (A Quick Note: You’ll be able to use your existing subscription in its full length, as you’ve already paid for it!)

All in all, Bumble’s stern no-refunds policy may seem a bit rough, but it is what it is – you either take it or leave it. We hope this article helped you understand Bumble’s refund policy, or lack thereof rather, and we wish you plenty of exciting matches on the app!

3 thoughts on “Does Bumble Offer Refunds?”

Jacob Johannsen says:
I ordered a Day Pass, which unbeknownst to me — silently auto-renewed for two weeks. I wasn’t even using the app while the charges piled up. Sneaky crooks, these Bumbles!
James says:
I did the same, but they charged me every day for 3 months without me realising! I’m furious! I’m jobless and lost a month’s rent thanks to this idiotic auto-renewal and my sheer unobservation.
Debby Denton says:
I have tried to cancel the Bumble account and the bumble boost account for some time and cannot get any assistance. I do not wanna be charged for this any further. Please let me know if this is been taken care of. Debby
Thomas Clarke says:
Not what I expected it to be I like to have a refund

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