Does Hinge Actually Work?

Online dating apps are still taking the world by storm, with Tinder decisively in the lead. However, there are more dating apps, and not all are similar to it. One such app is Hinge. If you haven’t heard about Hinge, it’s a dating app just like Tinder but with its own unique characteristics.

To find out if Hinge really works, we are first going to explain what this app is all about and then take a look at its good and bad sides. We shall have an answer by the time we’re done.

What Is Hinge, Exactly?

When it was first created, Hinge looked similar to what Tinder looks like nowadays. It was more of a casual dating app until years later, when its makers decided to go a different way. So different, in fact, that it even inspired some people to call it the “anti-Tinder”. All of a sudden, the app was no longer about hookups and casual relationships anymore, but about serious, meaningful ones, as its slogan became “the relationship app”.

It tries to achieve this by pairing you up with your mutual Facebook friends’ friends. Sounds confusing? Give us another try. In other words, Hinge sees who your Facebook friends are and which of your potential matches are Facebook friends with your Facebook friends.

However, while this option wasn’t deleted, it’s not required for you to login with your Facebook account anymore as users weren’t overly satisfied with this option. You can now sign in with your cellphone number, too.


The Good

Of course, the main thing users like about Hinge is its premise. It’s more about serious relationships than casual dating and it shows, as it has quite a few unique features that set it apart from other similar services.

“Your Turn” and “We Met”

The creators of Hinge realize that “ghosting” has become a problem. Ghosting is when a person leaves a conversation, never to be seen again. The real issue with it, though, is that it can be accidental. This is a real thing, and one that Hinge tries to prevent. Thanks to the feature called “Your Turn”, it nudges you when it’s your time to reply in a conversation.

“We Met” is a way for Hinge to collect precious feedback that helps improve its service. The app asks you if you went on a date with your conversation partner. This allows it to personalize your potential matches, looking for persons similar to those you went on a date with.

Holding Hands

Breaking the Ice

As mentioned, Hinge is not intended for casual dating. To avoid classic, often cheesy icebreakers, it asks its users several questions every now and then. The answers the app deems are most likely to get users a date are shown on their profile. Additionally, you don’t even have to start a conversation with a message but just by liking or commenting on someone’s pictures.

The Bad

Just like any other dating app, Hinge isn’t without its downsides. Let’s take a quick look at some of the apps biggest problems.

People Reappearing

Hinge users are usually also seen on other dating apps. Dating app users may use more than one such app, so you might bump into the same people. Additionally, even if you didn’t like a Hinge user, he or she may appear an additional time. Sure, it’s convenient if you’re indecisive, but it’s still mainly a nuisance.

Smaller User Base and Free Like Number

Hinge isn’t as popular as Tinder, so it has fewer users. The number of people you can “like”, which is 10 each 24 hours for free users, might be seen as an upside at first, something that pushes relationships rather than casual hookups. However, most people are actually very frustrated by this limitation. To get past it, you have to pay a monthly membership.

The Audience

According to Vox, Hinge is aimed at an elite demographic as most of its users are 20- or 30-somethings who went to college. It’s also only available in big cities. Some people might dig this, but this greatly reduces the target audience.

What’s the Verdict?

Hinge has a lot of both good and bad sides. If you look it up online, you’ll bump into success stories, as well as reports about fake users. Many people say it’s an underrated app, while many others say it just doesn’t work as good as it seems. In the end, opinions are divided about all the dating apps out there, so take that into consideration. If you happen to be intrigued by Hinge’s idea, give it a try and see where that takes you.

Have you tried using Hinge before? What are your experiences with the app? Let us know in the comments below!

One thought on “Does Hinge Actually Work?”

Avatar Steve Gomes says:
Probably the worst App I’ve used. They matched. Me with individuals who had absolutely nothing in common with me..the users I spoke with were banal and vague. It seems attract really pathetic individuals who often write the most ridiculous things on Hinges bizarre attempt to be interesting but it becomes horribly cringey.

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