Does Tinder Verify Celebrities?

In August 2018, it was estimated that Tinder had reached 50 million users. People from all across the world use this app, and around 10 million of us use it daily.

The total number of daily swipes on Tinder is 1.6 billion, while the number of daily matches is 26 million. Some of those matches happen to include celebrities. It’s possible that a famous person’s profile is lying in wait in your stack.

If you come across someone famous, you definitely want to know if they’re the real deal. Can Tinder guarantee that they are?

How Does Tinder Handle Celeb Account Verification?

In order to protect its users from scams, Tinder verifies celebrity profiles. To check if an account is verified, look for a blue badge similar to the one you see on verified Twitter accounts.

These blue badges get handed out to celebrities and public figures. You can also see them on brand profiles. Celebs can simply email Tinder to get their account verified.

However, not everyone who is influential can receive the blue verification badge. For example, if you’re a big name on Instagram, it makes sense that you want your potential matches to know it’s really you.

However, Tinder might not consider you famous enough. In this case, your best option is to link your profile with your Instagram account.

Why Is Celebrity Verification Useful?

Unfortunately, there are many different ways that Tinder gets used to scam people.

It’s easy to take a celeb’s name and photos and set up a profile. Many people do this kind of catfishing for attention. Some find a way to trick you into making a donation.

There are other dangers as well. For example, some scammers may ask for nudes and then use them to blackmail you.

Of course, profile verification won’t keep you safe from all scams, but it’s a useful protective measure. When you do come across a real celebrity, the badges will give you some reassurance.

What Are Celebrity Profiles Usually Like?

Typically, celebrities like to avoid the spotlight when they’re on Tinder. So they might keep to one or two pictures, and these are usually selfies or candids. However, this isn’t a universal rule.

You may encounter a celebrity in your stack even if they don’t live in your city. In this case, they’re using Tinder Passport, a feature that lets you find matches anywhere in the world. When someone’s using Passport, the location field on their profile stays empty.

What’s a Tactful Way to Check If a Match Is Using Their Real Photos?

If you’re suspicious for any reason, it is perfectly reasonable to ask your match to take a new selfie. This is a good way to verify that they are who they say they are.

It is best to be upfront about your doubts. If someone’s sincere about who they are, they won’t hold your suspicion against you. You can send a selfie back to smooth over any awkwardness.

Which Celebrities Have Used Tinder?

Many famous people prefer to avoid answering questions about dating sites and apps. Some are vocally against online dating. Still, there are lots of celebrities who have been open about their Tinder presence. A few opt for anonymous accounts, but many just use their real name.

Here are a few of the famous actors, musicians, and sports stars who have tried their luck on Tinder at some point:

  • Hilary Duff
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Katy Perry
  • Laverne Cox
  • Zac Efron
  • Florence Welch
  • Lily Allen
  • Ryan Lochte
  • Conan O’Brien

Not all of these celebrities are hoping to find someone to date. Some are just looking for new friends while on a tour.

Are All Verified Accounts Real?

When there’s a blue badge on a profile, Tinder guarantees that this person isn’t catfishing you.

However, there’s another possibility. Tinder has occasionally used fake accounts as a way to advertise brands, movies, or TV shows. For example, you might stumble across the verified “account” of a fictional character.

The movie “Ex Machina” was a notable example of this. To advertise the film, Tinder set up a profile for the main character, played by Alicia Vikander. This character interacted with the real people she was matched up with.

What was the point of this advertising stunt? It was supposed to draw attention to the film’s main themes. “Ex Machina” explores artificial intelligence, intimacy, and authenticity. The idea was to make people question who they can trust.

Tinder users were understandably upset by the deception. The app got criticized for toying with its users.

The “Ex Machina” stunt happened back in 2015. Today, advertisements are easier to recognize. They include logos or other obvious clues.

A Final Word

If you happen to stumble across a celebrity on Tinder, check if their profile is verified. If it’s not, you should report them for catfishing. But if it is verified, take a few moments and check whether it’s an advertisement.

And if you did stumble across an actual celeb, why not swipe right? You may have an interesting conversation with someone you wouldn’t normally meet. There’s even a chance that sparks will fly.

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