Does Watching My Own Video Increase Views in Instagram?

It is always nice to see the capital K next to the view count on your Instagram videos. However, getting thousands of views is not easy at all. Some users might resort to watching their own videos as a simple hack to boost the view count.

This might sound like cheating, but the question is does it actually increase the number of views? The sad truth is that it doesn’t. Instagram has a set of rules and regulations about displaying video view counts to prevent any potential abuse that can give marketers heartburn.

If you want to get an enviable number of people to watch your videos, you should have a better understanding of how Instagram counts video views.

How Does Instagram Count Video Views?

The number of views you get for each Instagram video is displayed just below the post. You can tap on the views to get a better insight into the interactions on that video and see all the people who liked it.

Unfortunately, you cannot see all the people who viewed your video. But the question if any of your own views actually count still remains. Although watching your Instagram videos over and over again doesn’t get you more views, the first view after you post the video will be your own.

Namely, Instagram counts a single view from each individual profile that takes a look at your video. This means that when you post a video and watch it for more than three seconds, it will count as a view. The same rule applies to any other Instagram user who sees the clip. However, if you go back and take a look at the video again, it won’t count as the second view.

There is a very simple way to test the video count principle. You can create a mock Instagram account with 0 followers and upload a video to it. After you’ve uploaded the video, you will be able to see the one view that came from your profile. You may as well watch the video for the second time to make sure that it doesn’t count as another view.

Why Are Instagram Video Views Important?

To put it simply, the number of views under your video signals how popular and potentially viral your video is. The number of views is crucial if your goal is to monetize an Instagram profile.

The marketers who might pay you to post a video featuring their product will be interested in the view count. The number of views combined with likes and the total number of followers provides invaluable metrics for the marketers. This allows them to measure the level of engagement on your profile and determine if your profile is interesting for them or not. In addition, this will also affect the price of a sponsored post on your Instagram profile.

However, you should know that Instagram counts only the views within the Instagram app. This means that if you embed an Instagram video in your blog, the views from the blog won’t be counted on Instagram. The same rule applies to all other social media platforms where you might share your Instagram video.

How to Boost Instagram Video Views?

There are some tried and tested methods you can use to increase the number of video views on Instagram. Consequently, this will make your profile more interesting for marketers and result in better engagement rates on the profile.

The two methods listed below are quite straightforward, but they do require some effort on your side. Keep in mind that the more popular your profile gets, the higher the expectations from your videos will be. This might push you to try even harder and become a true influencer.

1.   Catchy Description

If you want to get a decent number of views, each video you post should have a catchy description. This description is something your followers can latch onto and get a better understanding of the video content.

A few lines of text outlining what to expect in the video are usually more than enough. It is also important to use simple and straightforward language to avoid confusion.

2.   Hashtags

Instagram is a social network that is mostly based on hashtags. Choosing the relevant hashtags for your videos is thus a must if you wish to get a decent number of views. However, proper hashtagging is a science in itself.

You should use a clever mix of trending hashtags relevant to your topic and niche hashtags that will keep you at the top of the Instagram feed.


Unfortunately, watching your own video a thousand times won’t translate into a thousand Instagram views. Luckily, there are some methods you can use to naturally boost Instagram views. It is also advisable to steer clear from paid apps that boost video views to avoid a potential ban.

One thought on “Does Watching My Own Video Increase Views in Instagram?”

Avatar Jeff Restoule says:
This is false. If you watch your videos on the home tab of the Instagram app for Android each time you do it counts as one view. I have tested this over and over ,& each time I view my own video in the home tab section (not my profile section)..
It counts as a view. Now unless somebody is watching the exact same video at the exact same time the same number of times as I am,… then I’m wrong. But you’re free to test this theory for yourself. But you must watch the video in the home tab section where all feeds come are!

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