Facebook Video Downloader – Simple Online Tool for your PC, Mac, iPhone or Android

Facebook is the third most-popular website in the world, ranking only behind Google and YouTube in terms of users. It’s one of the few social networks to have any lasting power while still being able to make a profit, and it’s done so by expanding its business from basic social sharing to messaging, news publishing, and even content creation. In fact, Facebook has spent the last few years focusing on its video platform to some major success. Videos on Facebook see massive popularity, often gaining tens or even millions of views, thanks to the ease of sharing and the autoplay feature that allows users to watch videos without clicking on them. Publishers and content creators have taken to Facebook’s video player by storm, and now you might even find that certain publications use Facebook exclusively to upload their videos.

That’s why we’ve created this easy-to-use tool to download your favorite videos from Facebook. Whether you’re looking to download your own collection of footage you’ve shared among your friends and family, or you want to save your favorite Facebook videos to your phone for offline viewing, this tool makes it easy to save the video automatically to your PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android device! Download away, and always have your favorite videos with you no matter where you go.


Posted by Will on November 17, 2017

2 thoughts on “Facebook Video Downloader – Simple Online Tool for your PC, Mac, iPhone or Android”

Kelly says:
I’m not technically savvy at all – where is this simple tool?
MIN MIN says:

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