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How To Fake your Location for Facebook Check In

How To Fake your Location for Facebook Check In

Facebook Check In is a neat feature that lets you brag to your friends about your jet-setting lifestyle. You can select a place or monument in the world and check into it. Not in the stay overnight sense, but in the ‘let’s show off to all my friends that I’m somewhere cool’ sense. You can also fake your location for Facebook Check In.

I know people with jobs that take them all over the world and consider Facebook Check In part narcissism and part sharing. A bit like Facebook in general really. I am interested in where she goes and what countries she gets to see though, which is why I pay attention to them in the first place.

You can also share, or fake your own location for Facebook Check In.

Use Facebook Check In properly

I will first show you how to use Facebook Check In properly in case you haven’t tried the feature. I’ll then show you how to fake your location. Feel free to skip to that part if you already use Facebook Check In.

  1. Open Facebook and select the three dot more icon within the Create Post section of your main page.
  2. Select Check In from the icons at the bottom.
  3. Type in a location in the search box that appears or select a previously visited location from the drop down list.
  4. Type a message at the top under ‘What’s on your mind?’
  5. Select Post when you’re ready.

I selected Cairo in the example as it is somewhere I have always wanted to visit. A map or image of the place or monument will populate in the box and you can add your post above. Some locations will have multiple entries as they will have multiple monuments or places to see. Select the one that’s most appropriate.

Don’t forget to check whether you want your post to go public or remain between friends before you post.

Fake your location for Facebook Check In

As far as I can tell, Facebook Check In doesn’t have any kind of check to make sure you are where you say you are. I was able to pretend I was in Cairo while sitting in the office and nobody was any the wiser, except those who could turn around to see me that is.

At a very basic level, if you want to pretend you’re somewhere other than where you are, you can perform the above steps and say you are anywhere in the world. If you want to get more creative, you can.

  1. Select the More icon within the Create Post section of Facebook
  2. Select Check In from the bottom.
  3. Type in any location you like into the shaded box.
  4. Type a message at the top under ‘What’s on your mind?’
  5. Post the entry when you’re ready.

It doesn’t seem to matter where you are in the world, Facebook will add a Check In for the location you select. Of course, just adding a random location isn’t always good enough.

Making your trip more believable

Depending on what your intent is, you may need to strengthen your case a little if you want to fool people into thinking you’re somewhere else. For a more thorough job you can fake an image with bogus GPS coordinates. Even though Facebook strips out the EXIF data that has location, time, date and other stuff, it is still possible for Facebook to figure out where you are when you take a picture. So we can fool it into thinking you’re somewhere else. Here’s how.

  1. Download an app like Fake GPS Free for Android or Fake GPS Location! for iPhone.
  2. Find an image of the location on Google Images on your computer. Preferably an open source image or one that is not covered by copyright.
  3. Set your fake GPS location to where you’re pretending to be.
  4. Set the image fullscreen on your computer.
  5. Take a picture of the image with your phone camera.
  6. Use Facebook to open the image and Add location.
  7. Select the coordinates suggested by Facebook.
  8. Post as normal.

If all this works as it should, what should happen is that Facebook reads the EXIF data on the picture you took. As you were faking GPS coordinates, Facebook should read them as being real and suggest the place you were pretending to be as your location. You can then tag it and post is as usual to strengthen your fake trip story.

For most uses, the first method to fake your location for Facebook Check In should work fine. If you have an analytical or untrusting friend, or know someone might want to check up, these extra steps should help convince them that you’re genuinely traveling.

Got any other ways to fake your location for Facebook Check In? Tell us about them below if you do!

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