How To Fake Snapchat Location Filters on the iPhone or Android

Snapchat doesn’t have the best geolocation filters. They’re easy to understand, but the artwork is far from the coolest out there. Even so, many people like to use them, for moments when the location tag isn’t enough.

But geolocation filters can sometimes be spoofed, depending on what you use and what model iPhone you own. You can do this as a joke, or even to lie about your current location.

Here’s how you can fake your Snapchat location filters, and a few more things you can do with the location settings.

Snapchat Location Filters on iPhone


Phantom is a cool app with various uses. It’s a jailbreak tweak which you can use to customize your Snapchat experience. You can even go so far as hiding your true location and pretending you’re somewhere else. This lets you keep your whereabouts private and go about your day, while also posting snaps without worrying that an unwanted visitor will track you down.

To install Phantom, you must first install TweakBox, which is a third-party app store.

Here’s how you can spoof your location with Phantom once installed:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Got to Phantom for Snapchat
  3. Configure the options you want
  4. Launch Snapchat
  5. Tap the Location button at the bottom of the screen
  6. Change your location from the World Map
  7. Select a new location by tapping and holding until the world map vanishes

Phantom for Snapchat

Now, your snaps can show any location you want. What’s even better is that you get access to geolocation filters from all around the world. Simply swipe to the right to cycle through the filters.

Note that if you change your mind and change the location a second time on the same snap, you’ll have to swipe in the opposite way to access the new geolocation filters.

However, there is one significant problem. This app is known to get updated at a very slow pace. That’s even more of a nuisance than the fact that you need a jailbreak phone to use it. Therefore a better way to keep your privacy is to change your iPhone’s Location Services settings.

How Snapchat Gets Information on Your Location

Almost all modern phones, even before smartphones came to be, use GPS, Bluetooth, and cell tower location data to path a digital footprint for you while your phone was turned on.

All social media apps and file sharing apps today take advantage of this and allow you to tag yourself, wherever you are at any time. When you install these apps, you grant access to the information.

Not all people mind this. If they did, smartphone sales would have plummeted years ago. However, there are still some privacy concerns. The fact that everyone can see where you are and what you’re doing at all times may lead to unpleasant encounters.

Snapchat is all about tagging yourself in cool places, doing cool things. So, the app makes full use of all your iPhone’s location data to pinpoint your exact location when you snap something.

But fortunately, you can disable location services on your phone. If you do, all your apps will stop receiving this information.

How to Disable Location Services

If you’re interested in more privacy, here are the steps to disable location services on iPhones and iPads:

Fake Snapchat Location Filters

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Privacy
    Fake Snapchat Location Filters
  3. Select Location Services
  4. Toggle Location Services off

Fake Snapchat Location on iPhone

The good news is that Snapchat and other social media apps won’t be able to pick up on your current location. The bad news is that this affects other apps as well. For example, it disables location services for apps such as Maps, which may cause more harm than good. In short, this method can be a nuisance.

On the bright side, turning off your location is just an inconvenience, it can’t put you in danger. When placing an emergency call from your iPhone, the feature will automatically be turned back on. The same thing will happen if you use the Find My iPhone service. This is a nice safety measure in case you lose your phone.

 A Final Thought

Jailbreaking your iPhone voids the warranty, which makes it a bad idea for anyone with a brand new device. If you really want to spoof your Snapchat location, be careful about what that means for your phone. But if extra privacy is your main concern, you can easily handle that from the iPhone’s privacy settings menu. You don’t have to worry about this causing problems if you lose your phone or need help.

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