How To Get More Matches on Tinder

Tinder has changed the way we date, perhaps forever, perhaps not. The average user spends over an hour a day swiping, mainly left but occasionally right. If you use the dating app and want to get more matches on Tinder, this post is for you.

Tinder s very much a numbers game but there are things you can do to increase your chances. They work for both men and women although there are obviously some differences in how the sexes approach dating.

Get more matches on Tinder with better images

The first rule of Tinder is to only post awesome images. The type of image depends on whether you are a guy or girl but the fact that they have to be good is universal.

Girls should post mainly face shots of them alone. Don’t make it too close, don’t pout unless your surname is Kardashian and try to avoid selfies wherever possible. Men respond to genuine smiles, eye contact with the camera and flirty faces.

Guys should also avoid selfies, not pose with your bros, stick to the face, smile and dress nicely. Conversely to men, women like a little mystery so not making eye contact with the camera is a useful technique. Make sure you are well groomed and don’t be afraid to show a picture of you with a cute animal, just make it look genuine!

For both sexes, good quality images taken by someone else will get you more matches on Tinder.

Get more matches on Tinder with a better bio

A good bio is second place to the image but still has an important part to play in getting more matches. Your images are the bait, the bio is the hook. Your pictures will capture attention and it is now down to your bio to keep it and get that right swipe.

Key rules for a good Tinder bio:

  1. Keep it short and sweet.
  2. Use humor but only if it comes naturally. Avoid if you’re not funny.
  3. Be positive and upbeat.
  4. Add an element of fun if you can.
  5. Get your bio proof read by the gender you are going for.
  6. Change it regularly.

The Tinder bio is one of the few areas where advice isn’t actionable. I can tell you what to do, but now exactly how to do it. You need to tailor your bio to your personality, lifestyle, likes and dislikes. I cannot do that for you.

Writing a Tinder bio is an investment. The same as spending a couple of hours setting up some superb images is an investment that will deliver, so is spending time writing the bio. In fact, write several and change it every couple of weeks.

Don’t write a bio and then post it right away. Write it. Sleep on it, edit it and then edit some more. When you are happy, get a member of the same sex you’re going for to check it over. Use someone you trust to give honest feedback and don’t be afraid to tweak the bio according to their advice.

Get more matches on Tinder with a better opening line

The Tinder opening line is another area where I cannot offer actionable advice. I can tell you what not to do and approximately what to do but not exactly what to do. Sorry about that.

One of the biggest complaints of all Tinder users is lame opening lines. Just saying ‘Hey’ or ‘Hi’ just won’t cut it. There are lots of websites out there that say they have the best opening lines for Tinder or list what they think are the best openers. The majority of them are trash and will not get you a match.

You have to tailor your opener to the person’s bio to prove you have read it while also being amusing/interesting/funny/mysterious/cool or creative. The more effort and the more relevance you put into your opening line, the more chance you have of getting a match. That’s a lot of work for one or two lines!

Avoid pickup lines unless you’re funny. Avoid being cheesy, mentioning sex, body parts or any sex acts unless you know they will be well received. Try to be funny but at the very minimum, try to be creative and original. Most lines have already been used on Tinder and chances are the person you want to match with has already seen or heard them. Don’t be one in a crowd. Stand out.

Got any advice for our readers who use Tinder? Add it below if you do!

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