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Snapchat knows users. They knew that users wanted a way to send fleeting and fun photos when they first created the popular app. They also know that users love to compete by increasing their Snapchat scores and hording trophies. In fact, Snapchat has a whopping 49 trophies for users to snag and are adding more all the time. Learn how to land each of these 49 trophies and become the envy of your Snapchat circle of friends.

One Pointing Finger

This starter trophy is easy to get. In fact, chances are you already have it. Just send a snap using a filter. Any filter will do. Not sure how to use one? Just check out the photo editing tools and have some fun.

Two Fingers

This may look like the Peace sign, but all it means is that you’ve now sent a snap using two different filters. Snapchat loves to award creativity.

Baby Face

Your Snapchat score has reached 10. Increase your Snapchat score by sending snaps…a lot.


Congratulations. Snapchat awards activity and you’ve sent so many snaps that your score is now 100.

Triple Star

Look at you! Your Snapchat score has reached 1,000. It’s a wonder you can get anything else done.

Shooting Star

With a Snapchat score of 10,000, you’ve officially started on your way to social media stardom. That or you’re about to be fired from your new job.

Burst or Explosion

Your Snapchat score is 50,000 and you’re now social media royalty. With all that snapping, what do you have to snap about? Consider a hobby.

Rocket Ship

You’re out of this world with a Snapchat score of 100,000. No wonder your friends can’t keep up. They’re too busy looking at your snaps to send any of their own.


Your Snapchat score is now 500,000. You eat and breathe Snapchat. You worship Snapchat. Snapchat is all things.


Getting back down to earth, this trophy means you’ve used a temperature filter over 100 degrees or more. Holy hot. It’s time to join a nudist colony or move to Canada.


On the other end of the spectrum is a trophy that awards temperature filters that show below freezing temperatures. Forget Canada; move to Seattle and buy a raincoat.

Half Moon

You’ve sent at least 50 snaps in night mode. Turn on night mode when in the Snapchat camera view by tapping on the crescent moon icon.

Panda Face

You’ve sent at least 50 snaps using a black & white filter. Just take the snap and swipe left to right until the colors are no more.

Monkey Face

You’ve sent a snap with no sound. This could be a single photo or a silent film.

VHS Tape

You’ve sent a video snap. Just go to the camera view. Instead of tapping the large circle to take a photo, tap and hold to take a video.

Film Recorder

You’ve sent at least 50 video snaps. You’re either gearing up to become an amateur director or you’re ramping up those acting skills.


You’ve sent at least 500 video snaps. No joke. You’re more prolific than Stanley Kubrick (and better looking too).

Demon Face

Your vanity is showing with at least 1,000 snaps sent using the front-facing camera.


You’re a true artist, and your friends know it thanks to that snap you sent with at least 5 different pen colors.


Forget artist; you’re a master. You’ve sent 10 snaps, each of which used at least 5 different pen colors.

Color Palette

Leonardo da Vinci himself can’t compete with the 50 snaps you sent, each of which used at least 5 different pen colors.

Fried Egg

The definition of an early bird, you’ve send a snap between the ungodly hours of 4:00 and 5:00 am.

Big Letters

Are you’re friends half blind? They must be because you’ve send at least 100 snaps using enlarged text.


You’ve sent at least 10 video snaps using the zoom function. Nature channel eat your heart out.

Magnifying Glass

You must be a scientist. You’ve sent at least 10 snaps that were zoomed in as far as they could go.


You’ve sent at least 10 snaps using the flash on your camera. Being a night owl photographer has its perks.

Rewind One

Did you know that you can switch from the front facing to the rear facing camera mid video? Send a snap that switches from one to the other for this trophy.


You’ve swapped at least 5 times within a single video snap.

Rotating Circle

You’ve swapped at least 10 times within a single video snap. Either you’re going for a record or you’re trying to give someone a seizure.

Smiling Devil

Naughty you – you’ve taken a screenshot of someone else’s snap. This isn’t technically against the rules, but it does violate the spirit of Snapchat.

Angry Devil

You’ve taken screenshots of at least 10 snaps. Do your friends know that you’re collecting information on them?

Angry Pinocchio Mask

Now you’ve really done it. You’ve taken a screenshot of at least 50 snaps. Either you’re writing a Snapchat tell all or you’re stalking someone.


You’ve officially verified your phone number. Congratulations! You’re a real person!


You’ve officially verified your email address. Congratulations! You’re either a real person or a very convincing robot!


You’ve submitted a Snapchat Story for your friends to view at their leisure.

Fax Machine

You’ve scanned at least 5 snapcodes – a great way to add new Snapchat friends!

Director’s Clapper

Lights! Camera! Action! You’ve submitted 5 stories to Live Local Stories.


Stephen Spielberg eat your heart out! One of your snaps has been posted on a live local story.


Snapchat loves it when you tie in your accounts. Earn a chain link when you connect your Snapchat account and your Bitmoji account.

Floppy Disc

You’ve saved at least 10 snaps to your Memories tab. Now if you ever get nostalgic for that infamous girl’s night out, you know where to look.


You’ve saved at least 100 snaps to your Memories tab. You might consider scrapbooking.

Gold Disc

You’ve saved at least 1,000 snaps to your Memories tab. Forget scrapbooking, it’s time to consider writing your illustrated memoirs.

Blue Circle

You’re one step closer to scrapbooking, having created a story in your Memories.


You’ve created a story separate from your Memories and saved it to your Memory tab.

Blank Circle

You’ve shared a story in your Memories with friends.

Googly Eyes

You’ve made your Memories “my eyes only.” In other words, any friends who steal your phone will need your unique pass code to access your Memories tab. It’s an added level of protection for those embarrassing moments you don’t want to forget.


You’re a super sleuth. You’ve searched for a snap in your Memories tab. Next stop: opening up your own private investigator company.


Or rather, a bull’s eye. You’ve added at least 5 friends using the “add nearby” feature.

Flying Money

You’ve sent someone money using snapcash. Too bad you can’t inspire a little money to fly your way.

There you have it – the whole kit and caboodle of Snapchat trophies. it’s time to get to work snapping your friends (and stalking a few) to get all of the trophies under your belt. If only they had a trophy for doing that!





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Daniel says:
The target and flying money are not trophies. One other is the tv trophy. Additionally, there are two new trophies.

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