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How To Go Back in Instagram Stories

How To Go Back in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Tips and Tricks: How to Go Back

Instagram is hugely popular and a lot of fun – everyone loves to look at their friends’ photo streams and post their own stories. In fact, the Stories feature – the ability for users to produce a daily slide show of images that you can use to tell others about your day before they disappear after 24 hours – has been a big hit. Now with over 400 million daily users, Instagram Stories clearly has more than just a few fans.

However, the Stories functionality in the Instagram app isn’t always easy to get to grips with. It’s less than intuitive and sometimes a bit confusing. To help with that, we’ve written this series series of tips and tricks with step-by-step guides to help you fully enjoy fully enjoy using Instagram Stories.

In this edition of the Tips and Tricks series, we take a look at: How to Go Back.

Instagram Stories: How to Go Back

This is a very basic function but one that is not intuitively obvious to many people. If you’ve been frustrated by trying to get back to the screen you’ve just come from, then we’re here to save the day. Thankfully, it’s simple enough to do.

Firstly, you’ll need to have selected someone’s story to view. Their first post will jump onto your screen after you’ve selected it. To advance to the next post is easy enough and fairly intuitive – just tap on the right-hand side of your cell screen, just like you might do when looking in your photo gallery.

To go back, you simply reverse this. Tap on the left-hand side of your screen and you will go back the way you came. For every left-hand tap, you’ll go back one step. Not too difficult, huh?

See the space to the left of Kim Kardashian in the photo below? To go back, you’d simply tap on the left-hand side and you’d be taken back one post.

go back edited

Added Bonus

But here at TechJunkie we like to go the extra mile to really help our readers out, so here’s a tip to that will save you a whole heap of time.

If you want to go right back to the start of someone’s story then swipe right on your cell screen and you’ll go back all the way to the beginning of the story. It’s not too big a surprise since this feature works the same way as most camera rolls.

This added bit of knowledge is a big help for when you realize you’ve been scrolling through Rihanna’s snaps for hours and want to get back to the start quickly!

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Suzanne says:
What about deleting a story I’m working on before it’s published and going back to home screen ? Stuck

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