How To Add Video to Hinge

The idea behind Hinge is to create something bigger than just a dating app. It aims to connect potential partners with similar interests for long-term relationships, rather than just a one night stand. Every user has a profile where they can upload up to 6 photos and post short videos that show who they are and what they are about.

If you’re feeling lonely or want to impress a potential partner on Hinge, you can post an interesting video that shows the real you. This article will show you how to do that.


Uploading Videos to Hinge

The time of dating apps without videos is over. The video feature is handy when it comes to dating apps because it says much more about a person than a photo or two. Even so, posting videos on dating apps is a little different than posting videos to YouTube. You have to know what to post and when to post it to make the biggest impact.

Hinge Add Video

Hinge allows you to upload videos straight from your Facebook or Instagram profiles, but you can also record new videos and add them from your Camera Roll. All added videos will play on a loop as a potential match scrolls through your profile. The videos you upload should show more about you. Post videos of your hobbies, accomplishments, or a moment you would like to share with new people.

Uploading a video to Hinge is really easy, and this is how you do it:

  1. Open Hinge.
  2. Click on an image you have uploaded from Facebook.
  3. Select “Edit.”
  4. You can then select photos and videos from Facebook, Instagram, or Camera Roll and add them to your profile.
  5. The video you selected will show up in your Hinge profile.

The Video feature on Hinge can help you a lot, but it can also work against you. That’s why you have to pick what you upload carefully. If the video you’ve posted is inappropriate or if it’s something that doesn’t really say that much about you, it could have negative implications. With a little effort and some luck, you will be able to find your “other half” sooner rather than later. The tips you’re about to read are sure to help, as well.

Tips for Success on Hinge

Now that you know how to create a profile and add photos and videos, here are some pro tips that will help you meet your future life partner.

1. Post Photos and Videos That Engage Users

Instead of posting a boring selfie, you should post photos and videos that show a little more about you. Post content that makes other users want to know more. They will leave comments or likes, so you can give them more information in the chat. Use your photos as an icebreaker for conversations.

2. Tell Your Story Right

The “My Story” section on Hinge allows you to tell people who you are in 150 characters. You can choose 3 out of 65 available prompts to say a little more about yourself. Keep in mind that the first prompt pops-up every time someone visits your profile. These little snippets can determine if someone likes or dislikes your profile, which is why you have to choose the right prompts. Show your sense of humor and make sure that your answers are only positive and exciting.

How To Add Videos on Hinge

3. Show How Brave You Are by Making the First Move

Hinge is free, but you get to leave only 10 likes every day if you don’t upgrade to the paid version. That means that you have to use them wisely. Leave a few likes and wait for the profile owner to reply. Don’t rush things with questions like “Can we meet today?” You have to build things up slowly.

Leave comments on the photos of the person you liked and ask them to tell you more about them. If the person has pictures with their pets, ask about their names and other pet-related information, and they won’t be able to ignore you. Mention your own pets, and you’re halfway to date already.

4. Don’t Waste Time

When you find someone you like, don’t waste any time asking him/her out on a date. Of course, don’t rush things either. You can chat with the person for a few days, but make your move soon after that. Prove that you are confident by asking for a date when you feel comfortable enough. Judge the situation and take it from there, but whatever you do, show that you know what you want.

Hinge How To Add Videos

5. Dates, Dates, Dates

Hinge is a great app for meeting potential partners, but you have to step things up with a date. If you only use the app to chat with people and hesitate to ask them on dates, you could lose a perfect match to someone else. Take things into your own hands, and you will meet the ideal partner sooner than you think.

Work Your Magic

Now that you know how to upload a video to Hinge, you can show everyone how unique and creative you are. Remember that a video can make a bigger impact on people than a photo. Use that to your advantage and, who knows, the love of your life could be just a few clicks away.

Are you a Hinge user? Have you met any interesting people or perhaps even went out on a date with some of them? Tell us all about your Hinge-related experiences in the comments below!

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