How Does Bumble Order Profiles?

Bumble is a swiping-based dating app with a twist. Focusing on the fairer sex, Bumble lets women choose who they want to have a conversation with. So, if you’re a girl who’s tired of having an inbox full of messages from guys that you have no interest in, there’s a reason why Bumble is sometimes known as the feminist version of Tinder (without any of the nobility or baggage that comes with the word).

But, have you ever wondered how the app arranges the profiles for you? Is it all random or is there something more to it? There’s a chance that one or more persons with impressive IQ have figured out the pattern for us (after acing all of the available Mensa test questions).

Bumble’s Algorithm

Bumble Most Popular Profiles

As you can imagine, Bumble hasn’t disclosed how the algorithm works. However, as mentioned, there are certain heroes who have tried to figure it all out for us. Here are some of the conclusions.

1. Those Who Swipe-Right on Your Profile Appear First

Both Bumble and Tinder appear to have a similar algorithm that shows you the profiles of those who have expressed an interest before other profiles.

You might’ve noticed that you had the most number of matches when you first started using the app. The number of matches might go down from there. So, does this mean that people are losing interest in you? Don’t worry, as this isn’t the case.

All you have to do is to go easy with the swiping, and you’ll likely see quite a few matches after a few days. Many people join Bumble every day, so your matches should pick up.

Bumble Algorithm

2. It Doesn’t Know Your Type

Having a type is a good thing as you can narrow down the number of people you’ll want to talk with. However, Bumble seems to take the opposite approach. The app appears to go out of its way to show you a variety of people who might not match your standards at all.

No matter your previous activity, Bumble won’t pick up on the type of people you like and suggest only those whose profiles match that one type. This means that you can’t force the app to give you better suggestions by swiping right on those who match your standards.

3. The Most Popular Profiles Around You Show Up First

Bumble Order Profiles

There’s been a lot of controversy about this aspect of Bumble’s algorithm, but it’s true – those with the highest activity in your area are pushed to the top of the list. However unfair this might seem, it’s just how it works.

This creates an issue in terms of driving people towards the hottest and most popular users. Those who already get a lot of matches get even more of them, while those who don’t stand the risk of falling further behind. After all, that’s how our society works, so you can’t fault Bumble for this, can you?

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about this except to work doubly hard at climbing the ladder of attraction.

4. Your Profile Matters

Everybody wants to showcase their best self on dating apps. If you still haven’t worked on your profile, you might want to start. According to those in the know, your profile photos and information matter a lot.

If you post blurry photos or get a bit too carried away with Photoshop, Bumble might punish you. At best, you won’t show up anywhere near the top.

Always make sure that your photos are clear and as natural as possible. In addition, complete as much of the profile as you can.

Bumble’s Algorithm

5. Your Activity Doesn’t Matter

Unlike Tinder, Bumble doesn’t really care about the last time you logged into the app. While Tinder pushes inactive accounts back, Bumble seems to emphasize the above factors.

So, if you message someone and don’t get a response, that probably has nothing to do with you. They might’ve given up on Bumble and haven’t logged in in a while.

It Is What It Is, or Is It Not?

So there you go. This is all the information about Bumble’s algorithm that the good Samaritans have managed to uncover. There are potentially many things that go into the ordering of profiles, and most of them might be under your control.

If you keep your profile updated, you’re going to receive a boost. You’re also more likely to get matches, which will push you up even further.

What has your experience been with Bumble? Do you have any discoveries that you’d like to share? Do let us know in the comments below.

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