How Often Does your Instagram Feed Update on Bumble?

Bumble added the option to add Instagram to your profile last year and even now still has mixed reviews. As we have been asked a few times now whether you should link Instagram to Bumble, I thought it time we responded.

I personally don’t think you should ever link your social media accounts with your dating profile. I firmly believe in keeping dating separate from normal life. For one, you usually act differently on dating apps than you do in real life. Two, a healthy separation between private and public life is healthy. Three, if anything goes wrong with a date, they know your Facebook, Instagram or whatever. Four, it’s good to keep a little of yourself in reserve and let it out when you’re ready.

Bumble does a lot of things right. Letting women make the first move is the best of them. Offering the option to link Instagram to your Bumble account isn’t evil, but it is misguided I think.

First I’ll show you how to link Instagram to Bumble and then more on why I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Linking Instagram to Bumble

Linking Instagram to Bumble is simple and can be done at any time.

  1. Log into Bumble on your phone.
  2. Select the Edit Profile screen and select Connect your Instagram.
  3. Add your Instagram login details and allow Bumble access to your data.

Once linked, Bumble will pull 24 of your most recent images and display them on your profile. Fortunately, Bumble will not display your Instagram username along with them.

Linking social media accounts with dating profiles

When dating apps first began changing the way we find love, you had no choice but to link your Facebook account to them. Some would take data from Facebook to complete your profile and even take images to add for dating. One app even took your Facebook friends and listed them as potential dates!

Fortunately, most dating apps soon realized that we don’t want that and began offering alternative ways to register a dating account. Social media and dating apps should never mix.

Plus, Tinstagramming.


I didn’t know Tinstagramming was a thing until someone told me about it when I was researching this piece. If online dating wasn’t soul destroying enough, Tinstagramming just adds another layer of despair to what should be a pleasant experience.

Apparently Tinstagramming is where someone who was rejected on a dating app looks for the same person on Instagram. They then contact the person through Instagram (or any social network) and ask for a second chance or for the person to change their mind about a second date. That above link seems to imply it’s only guys doing this but I have also heard of girls doing it too.

While linking Instagram to Bumble doesn’t share your Insta handle, it is very simple to perform a reverse image search or find images pulled from your Instagram account. Anyone with the time and patience to do it will quickly find you on Instagram even if you don’t mention anything identifiable.

Your Instagram says a lot about you

One thing about using dating apps is the maintaining of distance between your profile and your real life. Given the perils of dating, it makes sense to keep it and your real life completely separate. Linking Instagram to Bumble bridges that gap and not in a good way.

I browse Instagram a lot as we all do and you can tell a lot about a person just from the pics even if there isn’t a comment or Story. It is all too easy to share details about your life that can be used to identify you. This could vary from merely annoying to downright dangerous depending on your situation.

Plus, if you’re a fan of psychology like I am, you can tell even more about a person from how they portray themselves on social media. This piece in Peace Quarters is enlightening to say the least and goes into a bit of detail about how different types of posts or habits of posting on Insta provides a glimpse into your psyche.

So should you link Instagram to Bumble? In the end, it is entirely up to you what you do with your profiles. I would definitely advise against it but I’m just one guy with one opinion. If you see no harm in linking them and have nothing to fear or hide, or don’t think anything bad will happen, go for it.

Have you linked Instagram to Bumble? Has it worked for you? Been a positive or negative? Tell us about your experience below!

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John says:
The m* has a heading “How often does” and does not speak about it… what a bastard!
ari says:
So how often does your Instagram feed update on Bumble?

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