How To See Who Viewed your Grindr Profile

When you use a dating app you may stumble upon many profiles that grab your attention, and some of these apps can notify other users that you’ve viewed their profile. If you use Grindr, though, this will not be the case.

Grindr has yet to implement this feature and currently it is impossible to check your profile viewers even with third-party apps. Of course, there is a possibility that the app will add this option in a future update.

But there are also those who are opposed to it. “Don’t do it!” they shout at the top of their lungs. Many people would prefer to browse profiles without telling people what they were doing. And if they are interested?

see who viewed your grindr

Grindr has a ‘tap’ option that helps other users show their interest without having to exchange any words. Many hardcore Grindr users think that this is the way to go rather than showing up on other people’s viewed list, and Grindr seems to agree.

If you are interested to know more about this and other interesting features of this app, read on.

What is Grindr ‘Tap’ Feature

When you play around on Grindr and come across an interesting profile, you can just tap an icon to break the ice. This app is convenient in that you don’t have to come up with a perfect line. You can show interest right away, and if the interest is mutual, you will get a response.

When you go to any profile that you are interested in, you will see 3 different tap icons – ‘Hi’, ‘Fire’, and ‘Devil’. Depending on what you tap, you will be showing a different kind of interest.

grinder taps

  1. By tapping the ‘Hi’ button, you notify the user that you want to engage in a conversation. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it will end with a conversation, but it shows that you may be more interested in a partner than an adventure.
  2. Tapping the ‘Fire’ button means that you are primarily interested in someone sexually. Users send this to show that they are interested in a fling or a date and that they could go with either one.
  3. The ‘Evil’ icon means that you are ready for a physical adventure right away. You are not into long-term relationships and romance but just a hook-up.

The ‘Tap’ feature shows that there is a certain interest in someone. In contrast, a simple profile view can happen by accident or curiosity and users may misunderstand them.

Similar Apps That Have ‘Profile Views’ Feature

Some of Grindr’s competitors like Scruff, Hornet, and Planet Romeo allow you to look up all the users who’ve viewed your profile recently. If this feature is a big deal for you, you may consider switching to one of them.

Seeing Visitors in Planet Romeo

Planet Romeo includes a ‘Visitors’ menu where you can check the history of your profile visits. You can also clear the history of your previous visits. In essence, Planet Romeo tries to cater to those who want to show up on profile views and those who don’t.

Seeing Visitors in Planet Romeo

To access these visits, you should go to the ‘Footprint’ menu located at the bottom of the app (the shoes icon). Here you can see a list of your visitors, as well as the profiles that you’ve visited. Tapping the ‘Clear list’ option below these two tabs will remove all the visible profiles.

Seeing Viewers in Scruff

Scruff has a ‘Woofs’ option that is similar to Grindr’s taps. So, ‘Woofing’ a profile means showing an interest. The app merges these ‘Woofs’ and ‘Views’ option so you can see them either together or separately. You can also see the profiles that you’ve woofed or viewed.

Seeing Viewers in Scruff

To see Viewers, tap a ‘Woofs+Viewers’ icon (animal footprint) on the top right of the screen and choose one of the four available options.

The app has some great filtering options. With the premium option, you can sort all profiles from this menu by Date, Distance, or Last Online.

Using Hornet’s ‘Who Checked You Out’ Option

Hornet is another LGBTQ dating app that can show you the latest users who took an interest in your profile.

Using Hornet’s ‘Who Checked You Out’ Option

When you enter the ‘Search Guys’ option, you will see two different profile lists at the bottom of the menu.

One will list all the new profiles in your area that you might be interested in. The other will list all the users who’ve visited your profile. By clicking on the ‘View All’ option, you will see the history of your profile viewers.


Some users prefer Grindr exactly for the privacy of not having this feature.

For the same reason, some apps that previously supported this feature have gone on to remove it or modify it to include some level of control. The good news is that you have choices in this arena.

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