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How To Disconnect Instagram from Tinder

How To Disconnect Instagram from Tinder

Tinder’s simple design has always contributed to its popular appeal. Few app gestures are so well-known as the “right-swipe” on Tinder. Unfortunately, that simplicity is not without a few downsides. In order to keep the design uncluttered, Tinder has historically  limited users’ photo and information sharing.

While this is nice when you’re just looking for a sneak peak at someone, it doesn’t provide a well-rounded, or even relatively unfiltered look at anyone’s life. Recently, Tinder has changed its tack, allowing users to broaden their Tinder profile by connecting it with some of your their favorite apps, like Spotify and Instagram.

Connecting your Tinder profile to your Instagram account seems like a no-brainer. If people could only get a glimpse of your immaculately curated Instagram, along with your witty captions, you would be swimming in matches! But you might want to think again before tapping “Connect” – and if you already have connected, you might want to think about tapping “Disconnect.”

Connect Tinder to Instagram

Tired of only having six photo slots for your Tinder profile, but 26 sides to your personality? Connect your Instagram account to your Tinder profile and users will be able to see the 34 most recent images on your Instagram profile. You read that right… 34!

If that’s not enough for you – though honestly it really should be – users can also tap on those photos to go straight to your Instagram profile and see the rest. Of course, that’s only if your Instagram profile is public. If your profile is private, they’ll only be able to see the last 34 images you have posted from the Tinder app.

Connecting your Instagram to your Tinder is simple:

  • Open Tinder on your mobile device.
  • Tap on the profile icon in the upper left hand corner.
  • Tap Edit Info.
  • Scroll down to Instagram Photos, and tap Connect.
  • Use your Instagram username and password to login. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook account to connect.        
  • Tap Authorize on the final screen to allow Tinder access to your Instagram profile.

Just like that, your potential Tinder dates can see so much more of you. Ideally, this will result in more matches.

Is Connecting Instagram to Tinder a Good Idea?

That is the question. To answer it for yourself, think carefully about what Tinder is and how it works. It’s something between a hookup app and a dating app, which means there are people on it with very different objectives. Not everyone on Tinder has good motives.

Second, the bar for creating a Tinder profile is extremely low. Anyone with a Facebook account can make a profile without any background check whatsoever. They can then find you on the app, know roughly how old you are, how far away you are, and what you look like. All of that and, of course, anything else you decide to share.

Now imagine you add your Instagram account on top of all of that. They can see many more images of you and learn all about you. They can likely deduce your real name, and the names of your best friends.

If you do not have a private account, they can see who follows you and who you follow. They can see comments that you’ve made on other people’s posts. They may even be able to access other social media accounts through that one via links that you and others share.

It’s easy to forget the importance of privacy and discretion in the age of social media. It’s important to remember caution, especially when you plan to meet internet people in person. Now of course Tinder is not full of creeps – but it is full of strangers. Think carefully before you decide whether you should connect your Instagram profile.

If you already have connected your Instagram, and you’re second-guessing yourself, it might be time to disconnect it.

Disconnect Tinder from Instagram

Have you changed your mind about displaying all of those photos? Maybe there were a few shots in your most recent 34 images that you would rather not show future dates. Lucky for you, disconnecting is as easy as connecting.

  • Open Tinder on your mobile device.
  • Tap on the profile icon in the upper left corner.
  • Tap Edit Info.
  • Scroll down to Instagram Photos
  • Tap Disconnect.
  • Tap OK to confirm.

Just like that, your Tinder profile is back to it’s six-picture status. May it perform well, and may the Tinder algorithm gods smile upon your swipes.




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8 thoughts on “How To Disconnect Instagram from Tinder”

Crystal says:
Did anyone figure this out? I have the same problem!! Made a new tinder and can’t use my insta…
Ben says:
I had the same issue as everyone else but managed to fix it.

You have to login to instagram on the website instead of the app. Once you have logged in, go to settings and find authorized apps. Remove tinder by clicking the revoke access button. After this is complete head back to tinder and try adding the account again.

Hope this works, happy swiping;)

Matt says:
I’ve only had one tinder account. I stoped using it for a bit, then I guess I had to ‘re’ do it- same info. It says my Instagram is still linked to another profile… Under Instagram,it’s not showing any linked accounts. I can’t figure out how to fix this. : /
Matt says:
Why bother girls why don’t we just meet on here
Rogelio says:
I figured out why we were getting your Instagram is connected to another Tinder account.
Kendrick says:
I changed my number now I’m blocked out this sucks
Shyam Badrakiya says:
Jess says:
Everytime I go to disconnect my instagram it tells me that something is not working and that I have to try again later. Been trying every day for the last two weeks. Don’t know what to do
Kill me says:
I cant disconect my instagram
Natalia says:
I deleted my tinder account a long time ago, today I made a new one and I wanted to conect my instagram with it, but it says that my instagram account is already connected to another profile. What should I do?
Jhon tyler says:
Same as me
Jonna says:

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