How To Use Existing Images or Videos from your Camera Roll on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Tips and Tricks: How to Use Existing Images or Videos from your Camera Roll

Everyone loves a bit of Instagram, right? And its Stories feature – the ability for users to produce a daily slide show of images that you can use to tell others about your day before they disappear after 24 hours – has been a big hit. Now with over 150 million users, Instagram Stories clearly has a few fans.

But the functionality of the app isn’t always easy to get to grips with. So here’s a series of tips and tricks with step-by-step guides to help you fully enjoy fully enjoy using Instagram Stories.

In this edition of the Tips and Tricks series, we take a look at: How to Use Existing Images or Videos from your Camera Roll.

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Instagram Stories: How to Use Existing Images or Videos from your Camera Roll

Looking back through your camera, I’m sure you’ve spied a photo or two where you’re looking hot. Smokin’. Good enough to eat.

We’re all a little narcissistic (this is Instagram after all, right?) so we really want to show the world the photos were we look the best. It’s only natural!

But here lies the problem. Instagram Stories only lets you upload photos and videos that you’ve taken in the last 24 hours! Well, with our helpful little trick, you can bypass that problem altogether.

First of all, we’ll quickly skate over uploading photos that were taken within the last 24 hours, just in case you’re confused.

·       Select the “Your Story” icon with the little blue sign next to it.

·       Now you’ll be presented with the usual screen, offering “Live”, “Normal” and “Boomerang” options, as well as others. But don’t click anything!

·       Simply swipe up and you can access any videos or photos you’ve taken in the last 24 hours. Select them and voilà, you’re done.

Alternatively, you can click the middle icon at the bottom menu bar of your feed, the “+” symbol, and you’ll be presented with the contents of your phone’s camera.


Screenshot it

This is the easiest way to trick Instagram into thinking that your photo is less than 24 hours old.

Basically, all you need to do is select an image and then screenshot it. But before uploading it, you’ll have to do a bit of editing otherwise everyone will know it’s a screenshot. How very embarrassing.


App it

Apps like Photo Efix Editor for Android or Metatrixter for iPhone allow users to edit the metadata of a photo. Though it all sounds techy and hard to understand, it’s actually fairly easy.

Metadata is simply a load of data that gives additional information about whichever other data (in this case, a photo is the data) it’s attached it. Photo metadata can tell when the photo was taken (bingo!), the camera it was taken on, the location etc.

Through these apps, you can choose any old photo and edit various parts of its data. With either of these apps you will:

·       Choose the photo you want to edit.

·       Edit the time that it was taken. IMPORTANT: Make sure you set it to within 24 hours so that Instagram Stories will accept it.

·       Upload it to Instagram Stories like you would any other photo.

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