Instagram – Who Blocked Me?

On Instagram, there’s a difference between unfollowing and blocking. It’s a good idea to unfollow someone who creates clutter on your feed. But when you block someone, that generally means that something about them and their posts is truly bothering you to the extent where you never want to have anything to do with that person again. This option is great because of all the spammers and harassers on this popular social media app.

But if you aren’t a spammer or someone who engages in cyberbullying, chances are that you’ll want to know who blocked you so that you can learn why it happened. This is especially important if you truly care about your keeping your content welcoming to everyone. Here’s how to find out who blocked you.

The Suspicion

First of all, as you have already guessed, you won’t receive a notification if someone blocks you, just like you aren’t notified when you’re unfollowed. So how do you realize someone has blocked you?

Say you’re swiping away through Instagram and want to see someone’s account. You search for their username and you can’t find them. You assume they changed their username, so you search for their real name, to no avail. At this point, you may start suspecting that the person in question has blocked you for some reason. Unfortunately, you might just be right.

Instagram Error

Use Other Social Media

This approach is a good telltale sign of whether someone might’ve blocked you, but it won’t necessarily give you a definitive answer. If you happen to have this particular friend added on other social media, try finding their profile there. For instance, try finding them on Facebook. If you are still friends there, the user might have unintentionally blocked you on Instagram, or it could be a temporary platform error.

Ask a Friend

One of the best ways to see if a person has blocked you is to check with a mutual friend. If your friend can’t find them either, chances are that the user has deleted or deactivated their Instagram account, so try contacting them through other social media, or the old-school way, via call or text message.

But if the friend you’ve prompted to search for the potential blocker on Instagram finds their profile normally, you’ve probably been blocked.

Social Media

Don’t Go into Panic Mode…

…at least not right off the bat. There are a few potential reasons why you aren’t able to enter the profile of the person in question. But to be fair, these they aren’t very likely.

Instagram Error

Despite its extensive popularity, Instagram is very much prone to errors and weird behavior. For instance, both Instagram and Facebook (and this includes Facebook’s Messenger) have had issues loading photos. Recently, there was a situation where some users weren’t able to access any photos and videos via any device, while others could see some photos on the feed, although not all.

This just goes to show that Instagram errors are reflected differently on a variety of devices and models. Give Instagram a couple of days until it handles it and then try again.

You can also try restarting your Instagram app. If this doesn’t change anything, try restarting your device.

Try Contacting The Person on Facebook or Other Social Media Websites

If you know for sure you’ve been blocked, try leaving it alone for a while and cool your head. Rethink your past conversations.

If you sincerely think it might have been a mistake, try approaching the person via Facebook or Facebook Messenger. In case you can’t find them here either, chances are that this person does not want to hear from you, and you should respect that.


Some may say that you shouldn’t care if someone has blocked you on Instagram. But in this day and age, online connections are as important as offline ones. If someone you know or care about harbors these negative feelings for you, it’s natural to wonder why. There is almost nothing worse on social media than that nagging feeling of uncertainty.

But whatever the reason, you’re pretty much on your own when it comes to dealing with the aftermath.

Talk to the mutual friends and see why the person in question might be reacting in this way. They may have enough information to help you form a clear idea of what happened. Ultimately, you might be best off forgetting about the person who blocked you.

Has anyone ever blocked you on Instagram? How did you deal with it? Did it turn out to be a mistake or a deliberate choice? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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