How to Integrate WhatsApp with Google Sheets

What could be better than combining all the collaboration features of Google Sheets with the messaging capabilities of WhatsApp? You’d get easy and economical communication and almost seamless file exchange.

Keep reading to find out how to integrate Google Sheets with WhatsApp and other popular applications out there.

Integrating Google Sheets with WhatsApp via FlockSheet

Integrating Google Sheets with WhatsApp would help you keep track of all spreadsheet data. Moreover, you can automate your outreach to clients. Are you interested to see how it can be done? We’ve got you covered.

First of all, you’ll need a couple of things. You should have a Google Sheet with your client’s names and phone numbers. You’ll also need a WhatsApp account, preferably one you use only for business.

Finally, you’ll need to create an account on FlockSend. You just have to type in your phone number, email, and password to sign up. Simple as that!

Now, you have to get the FlockSheet add-on which you can easily find on your Google Sheet.

  1. First, open the Google Sheet.
  2. Next navigate to “Add-ons”, click on it and then tap on “Get add-ons”.
  3. A pop-up window will appear, so you can now type FlockSheet in the search bar.
  4. Click on it and install it.

You should now be able to see FlockSheet in the “Add-ons” menu. Now let’s show you how to use it.

  1. Navigate to it and tap “Start”.
  2. You’ll see a bar on the right side of the Google Sheet.
  3. Go back to your FlockSend account and find the API key.
  4. Type it in “Enter Flock Connect API Key”.
  5. In “Enter Phone Number Column” you should write the column name.
  6. Proceed to the column below and write where you’d like to see the delivery status.
  7. Finally, write down your text in the “Enter message” box and tap “Send”.

Once your clients get the message, the status will be shown in the column you chose.

WhatsApp Integration

Integrating Google Sheets with Other Apps via Supermetrics

Supermetrics allows you to pull various data from different media and make it visible in Google Sheets Before being able to use it, you need to download it first.

  1. Open your “Google Sheet” and under “Add-ons” click “Get add-ons”
  2. In the search bar of the pop-up, search for “Supermetrics”.
  3. Click on it and start the installation.

Now that you’ve installed it, launch by clicking on it in the “Add-ons”. The Supermetrics bar will appear on the right side of your sheet. Look for the app you need to connect with Google Sheets and tap on its logo.

Now you can choose the template for your sheet or create one. The template gives you a nice visual representation of the data. After a couple of minutes, everything will be visible in the sheet itself.

Integrating Google Sheets with Other Apps via Zapier

Most businesses today can’t imagine running their day-to-day operations without apps. They make both marketing and correspondence easier.

Zapier allows its users to track the data from various programs by connecting them to Google Sheets. First, you’ll need to make an account. There’s a 14-day free trial period that allows you to explore Zapier.

Once you sign up, go to the Zapier dashboard. Everything’s pretty straightforward. Follow these steps to allow Google Sheets integration:

  1. First, under “Connect this app” find “Google Sheets”.
  2. Next, under “with this one!” you’ll see apps you want integrated. Select the one you need.

Once you complete these steps, you’ll be able to choose when the integration happens. Let’s see how to do that:

  1. Under “When this happens” you can select a trigger for your Google Sheet. There are various options like “New Spreadsheet Row”, “New or Updated Spreadsheet Row”, etc.
  2. Afterwards under “then do this!” you can choose the action.
  3. Finally, tap on the blue button “Use Zap”.

Let’s say you’re connecting Google Sheets to Gmail. You can choose to receive an email any time a new row is added or updated in Google Sheets. This way, you’ll always be up-to-date with new changes.

Integrating Google Sheets with Google Forms

Let’s say you’ve done a survey for your company. You’re now wondering if the responses can be sent to Google Sheets so that you have the visual representation. This can be done in a simple way:

  1. Open your “Google Form” and click on “Responses”.
  2. You’ll see the “Google Sheets” icon so tap on it.
  3. This way, your responses are integrated into a “Google Sheet”.

Not only will your current responses be visible, but all your future responses will be automatically added to the same Google Sheet.

Increasing Your Business’s Efficiency

Integrating Google Sheets with WhatsApp or other channels is an excellent way to increase your business’ efficiency and productivity. There are various ways to do it, so hopefully, this article will be of a great use to you.

Why is integrating Google Sheets with other apps important for you? How do you do this? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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