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How To Know Or Tell If Someone Blocked You On Kik

How To Know Or Tell If Someone Blocked You On Kik

Kik is a highly popular and fairly new cross-platform messaging app that’s famous for its emphasis on privacy and anonymity. Given the importance that Kik places on its users’ privacy, it’s unsurprising to find out that their system for blocking users is strict and straightforward.

If you find yourself needing to block an unwelcome friend-wannabe, you can take comfort in knowing that your virtual personal space is being respected. On the other hand, if you’re on the other side of the blocking coin, you’ll find that you have little or no recourse.

In fact, Kik won’t even tell you that you’re being blocked. However, with a little detective work, you can find out that you’ve been blocked or at least determine if the odds are you’ve been blocked, even if you never find out why.

What is Blocking?

Everybody knows that blocking means setting a social media app to prevent another user from contacting you, but what is technically happening when the blocking process goes into effect?

The answer is fairly simple: the blocker will not receive any of the messages received by the person being blocked. Other platforms have different systems, but on Kik, the person being blocked can still send messages. The reason that the person being blocked can still send messages is part of Kik’s policy not to inform someone that they’ve been blocked. The idea is that if you can still send messages, it’s hard to tell if you have been blocked or not.

The person being blocked can keep sending messages; it’s just that those messages will never be received by the person who blocked them.

It’s essential for anyone thinking of blocking someone to note that this will not affect any communications before the blocking. Blockees can see all of your shared communication histories. Don’t perform this action in an attempt to remove unwanted information; that will not work.

How Do I Block or Unblock Someone?

First, here is how you block or unblock someone on Kik. These steps to block or unblock someone on Kik are a bit different depending on the device you’re using.


On Android:

  1. Open a chat with the person you wish to block
  2. Click or tap on their name at the top of the chat.
  3. Click or tap the three dots at the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  4. Click or tap on Block (Insert User’s Name Here).
  5. Click or tap on Block again to confirm the action.

On iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Privacy
  3. Tap Block List. (Note: you can come here to view a list of all users that you’ve blocked)
  4. Tap the +
  5. Tap the user’s name
  6. Tap Block

Note that you can also report a user (in the same menu where you found Block). When should you report someone? Probably if they’re wildly inappropriate, and definitely if they are threatening you or acting abusively toward you.

Unblocking someone is as easy as blocking them. Simply follow the same steps, as you see above. You’ll notice that it says “unblock” wherever it used to say “block.” However, if you block someone, they will disappear from your contact list, so you’ll have to search for them to unblock them.

How Can I Tell if I’ve Been Blocked?

Kik will not notify you if you’ve been blocked. There will be no special message, no banners, and no alerts. There are two ways to know if you’ve been blocked.

The first way is by paying close attention to your sent messages. Whenever you send a message through Kik, you’ll notice that it has a small “S” to the left of the message. The “S” stands for “Sent.” The letter will later change to a “D,” which stands for “Delivered.” However, once the user that you are trying to reach sees the message on screen (whether they READ it or not is a different question), the “D” becomes an “R” for “Received.”





Note that when a user is blocked, his or her messages can be sent but not received. If your messages to a specific user never turn from “S” to “D” to “R,” then you have almost certainly been blocked by that user. The only other explanation might be a technical issue. However, there are no commonly known Kik technical issues associated with messages being sent but not received.

As I mentioned above, the other way to tell if you’ve been blocked is to start a group chat and invite the user to the chat. If you cannot add them to a group chat, it’s because they’ve blocked you. Trying to add the person to a group chat is a way to test to see if you’ve been blocked. If you can’t add them to a chat, then you’ve answered the question of whether you’ve been blocked by that user on Kik.

Can I Get Around a Block in Kik?

No, you can’t get around a block in Kik. If you’ve been searching online for a way to tell if someone’s blocked you on Kik, then you might have come across a popular strategy for circumventing the block. Websites were instructing blocked users to invite the blockers to a group chat and message them through the group chat. This strategy may have worked for a while, but it has since been fixed in a Kik update. Now, blocked users can no longer invite blockers to group chats. So the workarounds that worked before no longer work to get around a block on Kik.

One way to see if someone has blocked you on Kik, though we don’t condone this behavior, is to create a new Kik account and add that person to your new account. Not only will the person not know it’s you unless you tell them, but you’ll be able to see if they may have blocked you with a search from the proxy account. But, be warned: If you contact this person notifying them that you made a new account to speak to them, this likely won’t help your case of being unblocked.

The only way to get around a block is to get unblocked, and the only way to do that is to appeal to the user who blocked you by contacting them in some other way and have them unblock you on their end.  That’s their decision, though. If you have no way of communicating with that person other than through Kik, you’ll just have to be patient and see if they decide to do it on their own. If you can contact them on some other forum, do remember that they blocked you for a reason, and it’s not a good idea to go around harassing people online.

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If you’re interested in downloading Kik, if you haven’t already, follow this link.

Do you have any advice for determining if someone has blocked you on Kik? If so, please leave a comment below.

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21 thoughts on “How To Know Or Tell If Someone Blocked You On Kik”

Luis says:
Don’t know if my friend block me or not but when I send a message it says oops this person’s phone has been turned off disconnected but it goes to D not s and I text again and it goes to D without the message and later I try again and the same message pops out and I text again and it goes to D
Junior says:
There are 3 things that take place when you press the send button to send a message. First thing is the message is sent to the KiK servers. This shows up on your messages as a S. What this means is that the KiK server has your message and will send it to the user when ever it decides to. Now after this step the S will turn to a D. This means that the Kik Servers finally sent your message to the user you wanted to message. The last step will change the D to a R and this means that the user you sent your message to has either read the message or opened it up and closed it off or removed the notification off their device. It does not mean that the user actually did read the message.
Now when you are blocked the way to tell is after the S but before the R. because if you are blocked then you are unable to send to that user or reply to that users messages.
This means that when you send it to the Kik servers S. When kik servers tries to send it to the user it fails because it can not send to them as they blocked you. What this means is that you will never really see a D or even a R.
You might and I stress Might see a D but never the less you will never see a R on your message.
So if it stays on S or even D then you should really assume they blocked you.
However like many will say there is no real way to tell.
I just understand how the connection works so its easy to understand what to look for when a message is not sent to the user.
Hladini says:
Hi Sydney,

Thanks for this information!

However, I don’t understand this part:

‘One way to see if someone has blocked you on Kikr, is to create a new Kik account and add that person to your new account. Not only will the person not know it’s you unless you tell them, but you’ll be able to see if they may have blocked you with a search from the proxy account.’

So how does that ‘search’ work? If I search that person’s username with my new account, adding him/her, how will that tell me whether they blocked me on my old account?

Kikkeli says:
Maybe a bug?
Kikkeli says:
How about one person that the messages sent to are always S? But the person still replies to them
Charlie says:
I think someone blocked me. My message had an S next to it, then a D, then an S now just a D? (Dark). However I was able to add the person to a group I.e no error appeared when I added them. Its just they have not replied. Have I been blocked?
Charlie says:
If someone blocked you ,
nunya says:
Dont believe the absolute UNEDUCATED garbage in this article. Only the comments in it are correct.

S = Sent (To Kik Servers)
D = DELIVERED (From Kik Servers to user’s device)
R = READ (This does NOT mean they havent seen it, they can read it in the notification tray WITHOUT causing it to switch from D to R, it only flips to R after it’s been READ).

If you constantly see an “S” it means 1 of 3 things:
1. You are blocked.
2. Their phone is off
3. They uninstalled the app.

So if you are talking with someone and then all of a sudden it just sits there with S, use your head, they didnt turn off the phone or uninstall kik, they blocked you.

Curious says:
If you’ve been blocked by someone and you post in a group you are both in, will they be able to see your group messages… Or do they show as blank to them?
CJ Dishman says:
Has anyone using kik ever get a message saying that the person needs to update their kik app for group chat does that mean I’m blocked
Missy says:
I just saw that too and wonder what that means. Did they delete app? Their account? Block me?
B says:
I have two kik accts so I just tested this out: when the blockee sends a message to the blocker, a filled in capital D will appear on the blockees messenger.
Ola says:
The messages usually shows R but still can’t create group with the person till now
Kynthia says:
the light gray “D” is only when the recipient is a iPhone user it goes straight to dark “D” when the recipient is a Android user
Estela says:
What would happen if you block someone that you’re already in a pre-existing group chat?
tutti frutti says:
S stands for Sent, D for delivered and r for Read
Constant S does not mean the recipient has blocked you, it means they have the app (or phone) switched off.
Constant D may not mean the recipient has blocked you, though it might. It can also mean that your message has been Delivered, but not yet Read (or opened). You will never know if you have been blocked
D says:
The information on D indicating that a person is blocking you on KIK, is incorrect. D means delivered. If the S, which means sent, never turns to D, then more than likely the receiver has either deleted the app or turned off their phone, which will be indicated. I learned the hard way.
Hayley says:
How to tell if you have been baned from a group?
someone blocked me on kik, What if I made a new account on kik? will my messages be received by the person I am trying to reach?
Alexie Montoya says:
what does it mean when the “D” is grayed out? does it mean they blocked you?
kayla Wright says:
If it’s a light gray than that person’s phone turned off but once its turned back on it will be gray again.
Leonard91 says:
This article contains an error. The ‘R’ does not stand for ‘received’, it stands for ‘read’. The ‘D’ stands for delivered, which means exactly the same thing as received. If something is delivered to the recipient, that means it has been received.

So, to recap:

– The ‘S’ means sent
– ‘D’ means delivered
– and ‘R’ means read.

If you’ve been blocked on Kik, your message will probably not be delivered. This means that your message will only have an ‘S’ next to it, not a ‘D’. In my experience, every time a message gets a ‘D’ next to it, it will also be read. This is assuming the person still likes you, of course.

Perry says:
@Leonard So you’re telling me theres nothing to worry about if it is a D just curious having some problems,haha.
Lisa says:
Actually, when you’re blocked on kik it’s very hard to tell. If you get a S then you’re not blocked. If your D is light gray and not dark you’re also not blocked. The only way you’re able to tell is when you send the message it goes straight to the dark D. Then you know you’re blocked.
Dylan Ogle says:
R does not stand for Received it stands for Read
Jeannie says:
What if a message goes straight to a dark d and the second one goes to a light d? Have I been blocked? I guess if it’s never read it doesn’t matter.
Asdf says:
How do I know if I’ve been blocked?
You won’t be able to tell if you’ve been blocked by someone on Kik.

When you’ve been blocked, you’ll still be able to send messages to that person and you’ll see a D beside your messages to them. They won’t receive your messages though, so the D won’t change to an R.

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