How to Know When You Get a Match on Bumble

If you’re a new Bumble user, you probably have a lot of questions about how the app works, how to set up your profile, how to find matches, and more.

One of the most common questions we get is: How do you know when you get a match on Bumble?

In this article, I will answer that question, as well as provide some general information on how to get started on Bumble and how to make the most of your Bumble experience.

Getting Started on Bumble

You can download the Bumble app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and then install it. It used to be the case that you had to have a Facebook profile to register a Bumble account, but this has changed and you can now make an account with your phone number.

If you link your Bumble account to your Facebook profile, it will automatically import your age and location from Facebook, and you can also pull photographs from your Facebook account. If you’re creating an account with just a phone number, you’ll need to add this information yourself manually.

Your next step is to create a biography for yourself and to add images. Your bio is limited to 300 characters (about 50 or 60 words), so space is limited!

You also only get to have six images, so you’ll want to make them count. Bumble will give you the opportunity to add a bunch of information about yourself, including your height, your level of exercise, how much education you have, whether you drink or smoke, whether you have pets, whether you have (or want) children, what you’re looking for on the site, and more. You can also enter in your hometown, your current residence, and you can link your Spotify and Instagram accounts to give potential matches even more information about yourself.

Once your profile is set up, actually using Bumble is easy. Just open the app and start swiping left or right on the people you are presented with. If you like someone you see on Bumble, swipe right to match. If you don’t like what you see, swipe left. If you make a mistake, stop immediately.

Bumble allows you to undo the previous swipe if you shake your phone. Unlike Tinder, which only offers this as a paid option, Bumble lets you do it for free, but you only get three backtracks every three hours, so be careful. (You can also buy more backtracks if you buy the premium tier of service.)

How to Know When You Get a Match on Bumble

It’s actually pretty straightforward to know that you’ve gotten a match on Bumble — the app will send you a notification on your phone.

If you miss the notification, when you go into the Bumble app itself, tap on the chat notification (it looks like a little text box) in the upper-right hand corner, and your Match Queue will display. Any new matches will show there. If you’re a woman, you can go right into the chat; if you’re a man, you’ll have to wait for the woman to message you first.

Matches would be in the match queue…if I had any matches. I’m focusing on my career right now!

If you end up having matches in your queue but the conversation doesn’t start within 24 hours, the match will go away. Men and women can both Extend a match by 24 hours, although you only get one free Extend per day. (Premium tier users get unlimited matches.)

Final Thoughts

Bumble is a great app, but it can be a little confusing for new users to get started. If you’re worried about missing any matches, just make sure to keep an eye out for any Bumble notifications as the app will always let you know when you get a new match.

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4 thoughts on “How to Know When You Get a Match on Bumble”

Jordan says:
I’ve had a few people in my beeline for almost a month now and I want to at least see if I’d match with them without paying for a subscription. Is there anyway around that pay wall besides waiting even more time?
Wendy Haffner says:
Do i have to have boost in order to reply to a match
Hi says:
Still don’t get how to message someone without upgrading myself to Bumble boost users. All steps point to the upgrading in the end. Please help. Thanks
damian sartori says:
i would like to delete my profile that has not been deleted yet it is damian,39 please delete asap this has become an issue i cannot delete because i have no facebook account anymore please help and delete

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