Marketplace Not Working in Facebook—What to Do

You wouldn’t be the first person to think that Facebook is beyond disappointing when it comes to customer service and tech support. There’s no number to call, no live chat support, nothing that can help you or guide you through technical difficulties.

To add insult to injury, there’s also no shortage of bugs with the world’s leading social media platform. When Facebook Marketplace stops functioning properly, things can get even more frustrating since some people depend on it to make a living.

Here are some of the reasons why Marketplace might not be working for you and some tips on how to try and remedy the situation.

Where to Find the Marketplace Icon on Any Platform

Desktop users can find the Marketplace icon on the left side of their Facebook page, just above the Shortcuts menu.

For users logging in using Android devices, the Marketplace icon should be located at the top of the app. iOS users will find the icon at the bottom of the app.

In any case, due to the distinctive nature of the Marketplace icon, switching between various devices and platforms shouldn’t make it more difficult to find.

third pary marketplace

A Common Reason for the Absent Marketplace Icon

First and foremost, you should understand that Facebook has an unwritten policy that favors active accounts when it comes to Marketplace access. Therefore, if you’ve created an account just two days ago and haven’t done anything with it except tried to access the Marketplace, you may be locked out of it on purpose.

Access Marketplace from the Menu

In general, the Marketplace icon should be visible in the Facebook app. But if it isn’t, there’s no reason to assume that the Marketplace is down or that you’ve been restricted access to it. You can simply try accessing it from the menu instead.

  1. Bring up the Facebook app
  2. Tap the three-line menu icon
  3. Tap “See More”
  4. Locate and tap the Marketplace icon

Take the Long Road

As previously mentioned, Facebook wants to see that accounts are active. One way to speed up the process of getting access to the Marketplace feature is to join various buy/sell groups on Facebook.

You can join groups from anywhere in the world that have a connection to the Marketplace, but it may be best to look into regional or local groups first. Start interacting with a few posts of your own.

Marketplace not working in Facebook

This should increase your chances of unlocking the mysterious disappearing Marketplace icon.

Dealing with Geo and Language Restrictions

Unfortunately, it is possible that even as a Facebook account holder of over 10 years, you might still not have access to the Marketplace.

There are two things you can try to do. First of all, make sure that your Facebook default language is set to English. Go for English (US) just to be on the safe side.

language settings

Secondly, make sure your country or location is not locked out of the Marketplace. You can find the list of accepted locations by using Google or by sending a request via the Facebook support page. Change your location or country to an accepted location.

country info

Those who frequently travel overseas are particularly likely to lose access to the Marketplace. When you change your Facebook location, the new location data will override the country data. This makes it possible for you to get locked out of the Marketplace.

Update the Facebook App

If you’re trying to use the Marketplace from your Android or iPhone without success, you may want to consider updating the app to its newest version. Visit the Play Store or App Store, find the Facebook app, and check to see if there is an update available. If there is, download it, as this may make the Marketplace available again.

Facebook Marketplace Is Great Except When It Isn’t

We hope the advice in this article will help you deal with the problems you’ve been experiencing. What are the most common issues you’ve faced when dealing with Facebook’s Marketplace? Please let us know in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Marketplace Not Working in Facebook—What to Do”

Avatar Mary says:
I can’t see all of people’s listings on my mobile app, but can on the computer especially if they are older.. why?
Avatar James H Stoughton says:
I can not delete items from my Marketplace saved list. When I delete them they pop right back. How many ads’s can you keep in your saved list?
Avatar Jean Zych says:
Whenever I click on a photo in marketplace, the photo flashes briefly, and then it doesn’t open, but returns to the photos page which is the frozen.
Avatar JR says:
I’m having the same intermittent problem. Also, when I try to send a seller a message they never respond, which makes me believe the message app associated with marketplace isn’t working either.
Avatar Rebecca says:
The updates to listings on the app are just plain bad. There is a new box with the title and photos and this is now below the description which is kind of awkward. Plus if the title is too long it cuts it off and there’s no way you can access the rest of it. So if important facts like size or color are in the title you maybe can’t see them and you have to search in the description. The worst part of all is that it will only show you the first three photos and any of the extra photos are not accessible even though people can add up to 10. I think this will hurt sales because people will have to work harder to find out information about the item. The seller has to now make sure they make the title short and that they put the most important photos in those first three. The problem is if there’s a damage or flaw photo they won’t necessarily be able to fit that in and will have to put it in the comments.
Avatar Rod says:
Have exactly the same problem on tablet (Samsung 10.5) Any ad in marketplace cuts out the first few lines and I cant see price. Works on other devices?? Have uninstalled and then re installed and have reset table to factory settings. Nothing works. Clearly a Facebook Marketplace problem, but in true form Facebook couldn’t give a flying shit about trying to help people despite numerous reports. everything goes unanswered
Avatar Tracy says:
I’m having the same problem as Rod. Any one figure this out yet?
Avatar Tracey says:
Anytime I click on an item to view it I get ann error message that says something is wrong try again. Of course I try again & it never works. This has rendered marketplace unusable. I’ve cleared cache & rebooted multiple times. I’ve posted for help on FB & no reply. I’m using SG9.
Avatar Heidi says:
Hi Tracey… did you get answers because mine is doing the same—Heidi
Avatar Ginger says:
Mine is doing the same as Tracey’s & Heidi’s. I’m using an ipad and haven’t traveled out of the country or anything else suggested.

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