No Matches on Tinder – What To Do

In all likelihood, if you’re getting no matches on Tinder it isn’t even about you. It’s more likely about your profile. Not everyone is comfortable selling themselves or can do it with any skill. It is much more likely to be about a substandard profile than about anything you do or do not have. This tutorial will help you change that.

Tinder is the leader in the dating app field and the current king of the hill. Get dating right here and you can do it anywhere.

If you’re swiping but not getting matches and live somewhere with more than three Tinder users, we can do something about that. With a few profile tweaks and some new pics, we will supercharge your profile and hopefully get you a lot more matches on the app.

It’s not about you

I said it at the beginning but it is worth stating again here. Not succeeding in Tinder is likely nothing to do with your physical or psychological makeup, your job, earning potential, attractiveness or any of that. It will be much more about how you have put your profile together. As long as you remember that and don’t get downhearted, you’ll be fine.

Before you begin changing your Tinder profile, I suggest getting a second opinion. If you have a friend of the gender you’re trying to attract that you trust, ask them what they think of your profile. This can offer invaluable insight into what you’re doing wrong and how to improve it.

Upgrade your images

All dating apps are about window shopping. You see a stack of profile cards in the app and the first thing you do is look at the image. You will mainly swipe left or right purely on that image so that’s where we will start on your profile overhaul.

Take a whole new series of images. Make them of as high a quality as you can. Your main image should be of you alone, wearing something presentable, be mainly head and shoulders and smiling or at least looking happy. Supplementary images can be of you at work, at a hobby, interest or holding a puppy. Apparently puppies always win as long as it’s your puppy and not one you borrowed for the shoot.

If you can, pay a professional to take your Tinder profile images or at least get someone else to take them on a good quality camera phone. Selfies are not a good look. They don’t look cool whatever Instagram thinks. Don’t use filters either. Of any kind.

Revisit your Tinder profile

The profile comes a distant second to Tinder images but it is still important. Most guys don’t bother to read them but many girls do. You should make yours as good as you can to cover all your bases. Begin writing down ideas and putting together a few practice bios over the space of a few days. Then refine them into a few full bios.

Follow these suggestions in your bio as much as possible:

  • Use humor if you can.
  • Be positive and never negative.
  • Mention any interests or hobbies you’re passionate about as long as they are ‘normal’ hobbies.
  • Be honest and don’t make stuff up.
  • Write, read, edit, repeat.

Remember, you’re selling yourself here so make your bio positive, humorous, interesting and show a little personality. Keep it authentic and don’t lie, exaggerate or say you’re a pediatric surgeon when you’re not. Showing your hobbies rounds out the picture a little and shows more personality. If you’re into LARPing, perhaps don’t mention it unless you’re only looking for another LARPer.

Get a second opinion

If you managed to find a friend to ask their opinion initially, ask them again now. Get feedback on your pics and profile and ask for their honest opinion. We all look for different things and what you find attractive is not necessarily what your target demographic may find attractive. This is your opportunity to find out.

Get feedback, refine your pics or profile using that feedback and then publish. You may need to repeat this process a few times until it’s just so but it will be worth it.

Complete your Tinder profile fully

Most people hate laziness and nothing puts potential matches off more than a lazy profile. Add all four pics, fully complete your profile and make it the best you possibly can. Then you need to wait and see what happens.

Other things you can do

You might want to consider resetting your Tinder account if you have been using it a while too. This article suggests resetting your account after a significant change or when you have swiped everyone in your area to reset the tinder algorithm. It can’t hurt so is worth thinking about before publishing your new profile.

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