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How to Open Instagram on Your PC or Laptop

How to Open Instagram on Your PC or Laptop
How to Open Instagram on Your PC!

In its first couple of years, Instagram was only available as a mobile app. People used it for fun and didn’t care much about the quality of the photos. However, as Instagram became more important, the company realized it had to take it to the desktop as well.

Today, we can use Instagram on our PC and laptops for many things, but we still can’t use all the options that the mobile app has. In any event, we’re just going to show you how to open and use Instagram on your desktop.

How to Open Instagram on Desktop

All you need is a stable Wi-Fi connection and your Instagram password. It doesn’t matter which browser, as they’re all compatible with Here’s how to open it and log in:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Instagram username or email.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click on Log in.

There you have it! Your browser will now ask you whether you want to save the username and password. If you’re going to use Instagram from that device often, it may be a good idea to remember.

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can log in with your Facebook credentials if your accounts are connected. You should see that option at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, you can reset the password by entering the email address that’s connected to your Instagram account.

how to open instagram on pc or laptop

What You Can Do

When you log in to Instagram on your desktop, you’ll see that some features are located in a different place in comparison to the app. However, everything still looks more or less the same. Stories are on the top, and when you scroll down you’ll see your friends’ photos. You can like them or comment on them all the same.

You can also visit your friends’ profiles, and there’s even a search bar at the top of the screen. You can find new people and follow or unfollow them. Moreover, you can also see your own profile and edit it. You can change your bio or add a new profile picture.

People who try Instagram on their desktop for the first time are usually surprised by the quality of the photos. Most photos don’t seem crystal clear as they were before. In fact, the quality is the same, just that the pixels are closer together on small screens.

open instagram on your pc or laptop

The Latest Feature

A couple of months ago, Instagram introduced the feature that people have been waiting for for a long time. You can now DM on your PC or laptop! Instagram users would recognize this as a small revolution that makes everything easier.

You can now not only chat on the desktop, but you can also reply to other users’ stories right there. This may seem like a small step to some people, but believe it when we say that it makes a big difference.

Do you remember when DM first appeared? You had to download another app just to use this feature before it became integrated into the Instagram app. A couple of years later came voice messages. And now, DM is available on the desktop. What could be next?

What You Can’t Do

Unfortunately, you’re still unable to do two very important things on your laptop: You can’t upload photos or add stories. This may sound strange as these are two essential features on Instagram. However, that’s the way it is. There is no way to add photos or videos on your desktop.

Many users have complained about this, but we can only hope that Instagram will listen soon. Mainly because a lot of people use Instagram for professional purposes and have high-quality photos. Until then, many users have to edit their photos on a desktop first, prior to sending them to their phones for uploading on the app.

Is There an Instagram App for Desktop?

Currently, there’s only an app for Windows 10. If you wonder why haven’t we mentioned it before, that’s because the app still has some kinks. Many users complained that the app wasn’t desktop-friendly. For example, there’s no option for uploading photos or stories. In fact, there isn’t anything you can’t do on the browser.

However, if you have Windows 10, you can download it for free and try it out. Here’s how to get the app:

  1. Open the Microsoft store.
  2. Click on the search bar.
  3. Type “Instagram”.
  4. Select the Instagram icon when it appears.
  5. Click Get.

Once the app is downloaded, you can log in with your credentials. The app should look more or less like the phone app, depending on your device.


As you can see, both the desktop and mobile versions have some advantages and disadvantages. However, Instagram is working on improving user experience all the time, including for desktop users.

How often do you use Instagram? Do you prefer Instagram on your laptop or your phone, and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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