How To Replay a Snapchat

Snapchat is a great way to express yourself and stay in touch with people.  There are many ways you can communicate through the Snapchat application.

You can send selfies.  Post and make silly photos using filters, create videos that magically disappear within 24 hours and talk to friends through the chat portion of the app.  Snapchat has become ever more popular and if you’ve ever used it, you’d know why.

So, you’ve come here to find out how to replay a Snapchat, which means you’re just beginning to use the application or looking for information to expand your Snapchat knowledge.  That’s great and we’ll tell you what you need to do to replay a Snapchat either through stories or chat.

Let’s roll.

Replay Snapchat Stories

You can follow and communicate with your friends through Snapchat and watch snippets of their life moments.  Aside from that, you can follow celebrities that use Snapchat, which is becoming increasingly more popular too.  See snaps from silly moments to clips from their life and if they are on the road, get ongoing footage from their travels.

  1. Open the Snapchat application and swipe left to get to the stories page.
  2. Select a story in your list of Snapchat accounts that you follow. Play the story by tapping on it.  Then, to replay it once it’s finished just tap on it again and it’ll replay.
  3. If, you’ve left the stories page in Snapchat or want to watch a replay of a story again later. Scroll down the stories page and under featured stories, you’ll see All stories.  Find the Snapchat story of the account you want to replay and tap it.  Then, you’ll see the story start playing on your screen.

Yes, it’s that easy.  Now you’ve got the steps you need when you want to replay a person’s Snapchat story.  Let’s now look at how to replay snaps from a chat from Snapchat.

Replay Snaps in Chat

You can also replay snaps in a Snapchat chat with another person; in any case, it can only get replayed once.  Tap on a person and view the chat snaps they’ve sent you.

  • You can replay it by tapping on the person’s name then, you’ll see press and hold to replay, do that and you’re able to replay the snaps from chat.
  • If you have more than one set of snaps that you haven’t already replayed in a chat, you’ll see Tap to view under the person name and you can replay all previous snaps too.

Remember though you can only replay snaps from a chat with others once.

Now you know how to watch and replay stories from fellow Snap chatters on the story page of Snapchat.  This can be done an unlimited number of times until those expire after a 24-hour period.

If you want to replay snaps from a chat session with another Snapchat user, this can be done up to two times.  However, after the second replay of snaps in a chat, you’ll no longer be able to view them again.

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