How to Snapchat Your Crush

With Snapchat’s short video messages that disappear as soon as the recipient sees them, the online conversations started getting more casual than ever. It became pretty similar to how we communicate in real life. Even if you send a silly video or an awkward chat message, it won’t remain there for anyone to share it.

Thanks to that, if you’re lucky enough to have your crush in your Snapchat contacts, approaching them just got more convenient as well. Although making the first contact is never easy, the app provides plenty of opportunities to start the conversation.

React to Their Story

Having your crush on Snapchat means you’ll see their Stories. That’s an ideal opportunity to connect without having to make the first contact out of the blue. Whether you find their story interesting or not, try to understand why they’ve posted it.

That will help you to react in a way that doesn’t seem forced. If you can relate the story to something you two have in common, that can give you a pretty direct opening line. And you won’t appear like you’re trying too hard. For example, if the story is about your mutual friend, you might make a joke on their account, or even yours, if you think it will work.

Also, if you don’t have a clue what’s their Story all about, you can use that as an opportunity as well. Openly ask what’s with the Story. People love talking about things they care for, so that would hopefully open a door for the two of you to start the conversation.

And always keep in mind, people post their Stories on Snapchat for others to see and hopefully react to them. It might as well be an invitation for a chat.

Snapchat Your Crush

Find Something Interesting and Send It

When having a crush on someone, it’s pretty possible you know a thing or two about them. What they like, what are their hobbies, or who they hang out with.

With that knowledge in hand, take advantage of the “Discover” section in Snapchat. Here you can look for some content to send to your crush. It could be something they’d hopefully find funny, entertaining, or even useful.

When you find the content you think could work, send it to them with an appropriate message. Keep in mind that this message is crucial. It needs to be in the form of a “call to action.” Even if that may sound silly, your ultimate goal is for them to respond to you. For example, your message can be something like this: “Found this online, thought it might be useful to you. What do you think?”

If they find it useful, that might result in a response. If it does, use the opportunity to spark the conversation. That can be the opening you were looking for. If not, don’t get your hopes down. There are other ways for you to connect using Snapchat.

Get Sneaky with a “Group” Chat

Sending something directly to your crush might make you feel uncomfortable. A tactical workaround for this can come in the form of a group message. Even more, that doesn’t necessarily have to be an actual message sent to multiple people.


What this means is that you can create a Snap and add a message to it, phrasing it as if sent to a couple of your friends. And that’s including your crush.

For example, you can share something interesting that you did that day, with a message saying, “Hey guys, look what happened today!” That way, if your crush responds, you can act as if you’re not surprised they’ve answered. And that can be the cue for the two of you to finally interact with each other.

Approach Your Crush Directly

If you find the above tactic a bit too sneaky and not something you’re comfortable doing, you can always consider sending a Snap or a chat message directly to your crush. Just make sure it’s appropriate and something you think they’ll react to.

They may even find your confidence appealing or cute. And it’s always good to try since that’s a pretty normal thing to do when you like someone.

If they don’t react, there’ll be no harm done. Quite contrary. You’ll know that they’re not all that interested, and you can move on. It’s that simple. And keep in mind this isn’t the end of the world.

Also, if they didn’t answer today, they might do it in a couple of days. It might be possible that the other person has a crush on you too as well, and they feel a bit awkward answering.

Snap Your Crush

If you don’t get a response the first time, you might be lucky on the next attempt. Or one after that. You shouldn’t give up until you’re positive you stand no chance. Also, don’t be pushy, and don’t spam your crush. Getting someone to like you is not a thing you can do with a single Snapchat message.

Do you find any of this advice useful? Did you get your crush to respond? How did it go? Please share your experience and suggestions in the comments section below.

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