How to Delete Stickers on Snapchat

Stickers are a great way to transform your boring snaps into a creative masterpiece. But sometimes you just need them gone.

Maybe you just wanted to see a preview and ended up posting it. Or maybe it takes away from the overall look of the snap. Any way you cut it, you need those stickers gone.

Learn how to delete unwanted Snapchat stickers before you post them for everybody to see.

How to Delete Stickers on Snapchat

Follow these easy instructions to delete an unwanted Snapchat sticker:

  • Select the sticker you want to delete
  • Tap and hold on the sticker
  • Slowly drag the sticker around without releasing it
  • When you see the trashcan icon appear, drag it to the trash
  • Release your finger when you see the sticker turn transparent

You’ll know it was a success when you see the trashcan get slightly bigger as if it just “ate” something.

How to Remove Stickers on Snapchat

Removing stickers on Snapchat is as simple as dragging the offending sticker to the trash icon. Just remember that you can’t undo it once you remove it from a snap.

How to Delete Stickers on Snapchat That You Made

Did you make a sticker that you’d rather not have in your snap? Luckily, deleting it is easy. Follow the same steps that you would with any other sticker on Snapchat:

  • Tap and hold down on the sticker
  • Drag it to the trash icon
  • Release the sticker when it’s slightly transparent

How to Delete Stickers on Snapchat Fast

snapchat how to delete sticker

Deleting stickers on Snapchat is as simple as tapping, holding, and trashing. That’s all it takes to get rid of unwanted stickers in your snaps.

How to Delete Stickers on Snapchat with Scissors

You can make custom stickers with scissors on Snapchat. But if you don’t like the way it looks, follow these three steps to delete it:

  • Tap on the sticker
  • Hold the sticker
  • Drag the sticker to the trash icon

Deleting stickers on Snapchat happens the same way regardless of whether you created custom stickers or used ones included in the app. Keep in mind, though, that any stickers that you make with scissors get saved automatically. They’re in your sticker drawer.

How to Delete Recent Stickers on Snapchat

You can delete any recent stickers on Snapchat using the drag and drop method as understood by most smartphone users. If you need a refresher, follow these steps:

  • Tap on the sticker and hold to select it
  • Drag it to the trash icon at the side of your screen
  • Drop it when it becomes transparent

How to Delete Auto Stickers on Snapchat

Auto stickers are a quirky way to personalize your snaps. It creates custom stickers from your Camera Roll photos and Memories. But if you went overboard with the auto stickers, there’s an easy way to delete them:

  • Tap and hold the sticker you want to delete
  • Drag it to the side of the screen with the icons
  • Put it over the trash icon
snapchat delete stickers

Additional FAQs

How Do You Remove Stickers from Someone Else’s Snapchat?

You can use a photo editing tool like Adobe Photo Fix on Android to delete unwanted stickers from a screen on your end. However, this doesn’t change the stickers in place from the originator. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about removing stickers from snaps on someone else’s Snapchat account.

How Do You Add Stickers on Snapchat?

If you’re feeling a little creative, you can tap on the Preview screen to start adding stickers. The new screen opens the sticker drawer. From there, you can:

• Swipe – changes sticker categories

• Move – drag and drop stickers to desired locations

• Resize – pinch sticker to zoom in and out

• Pin – pressing and holding stickers rotates, moves, and changes size to what it’s pinned against

You can also make custom stickers using the scissors tool:

• Go to the Preview screen

• Select the scissors icon

• Outline the object you want to make into a sticker with your finger

• Lift your finger to turn it into a sticker

How Do I Delete All Snapchat Conversations?

You can delete all Snapchat Conversations, but you’re going to have to do it one by one. This is how to do it:

• Launch Snapchat app

• Select the Profile icon in the upper left corner of the home screen

• Tap on the Settings gear icon

• Scroll down to the bottom and select Clear Conversations

• Tap on the “X” next to each conversation you want to delete

• Confirm the action

• Repeat

This doesn’t work on any messages that you marked as “Saved.” Also, deleting conversations only works on your end. The recipient will still have access to all photos and videos as well as texts from their account.

Is There Any Way to Delete a Snapchat Picture?

Snapchat implemented a new feature to allow users to delete text messages from snaps. But unfortunately, that option doesn’t extend to photos.

The only recourse you have of deleting a Snapchat picture is to delete your Snapchat account. This needs to happen nearly instantaneously, too, to catch it before it goes through all the Snapchat servers. Even then, it’s not a guarantee that the recipient won’t receive the photo before you delete your account.

Let Your Creativity Flow

If you want to liven up your snaps, adding stickers is a great way to do it. Take advantage of Snapchat’s creativity tools and try out as many stickers as you want. If they don’t look exactly the way that you planned in your head, don’t worry! The app makes it easy to experiment without committing before you send it out.

How creative do you get with stickers on Snapchat? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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