How To Tell If Someone Unmatched You On Bumble

Bumble flipped traditional dating on its head with a simple rule: women must initiate the conversation. On Bumble, men and women match with one another just like they do on Tinder, but once a match is made, the woman has to send the first message.

We get a lot of questions at TechJunkie regarding Bumble and other dating apps, such as:

How can you tell if someone unmatched you on Bumble? How can you unmatch with someone you no longer want to date? And, Can you block people on the app?

We are always happy to answer these questions, and in this article, I will do just that.

How to Tell If Someone Unmatched You On Bumble

It can be really frustrating and a source of hurt feelings: you’re having a conversation with someone, you think things are going great, and suddenly the other person ghosts on you.

Of course, it’s always more mature to tell a person that you’re just not interested, or that you don’t want to talk anymore, but sometimes people don’t feel safe doing that. In cases like these, how can you figure out what happened?

On Bumble, there are basically two ways for someone to disappear: they can delete their own profile or Bumble account, or they can simply unmatch you.

If they deleted their account, then the conversation will still exist in the Bumble app and you’ll be able to read what was already said. The username of the person you were talking to will say “Deleted Profile.”

On the other hand, if they unmatched you, the conversation will disappear from the chat screen entirely. Their profile will also disappear from your Matches list.

There is a Snooze option within the app as well. If the person you’re interested in has decided to take a break, they can set this status to let you know that they’re gone, but only for a little while.


How to Unmatch Someone on Bumble

Maybe the shoe is on the other foot, and you want to unmatch with someone. The easiest way is to just ignore the match and let Bumble automatically void it; after 24 hours (or 48 hours if someone uses an Extend) Bumble will automatically unmatch the two of you if a conversation hasn’t been initiated. If there has been a conversation, then those matches can also expire, but it takes longer.

If you don’t feel like waiting, you can delete the match by hand. Just hold down the contact and select “Delete Match.” Confirm when asked and the match will disappear. Once deleted, the match is gone though, so be sure about your decision.

If you’re concerned about whether the other person will be notified that you unmatched them, you might want to read this TechJunkie article on the subject to set your mind at ease.

Block vs. Unmatch

As an alternative to unmatching, you can block and report your match to Bumble. Which you should do depends on why you feel it necessary to break the connection.

In general, if someone is behaving inappropriately for you or just doesn’t seem like the right fit, a simple unmatch is enough. But if you feel that there is a threat to you or to other people because your match’s behavior or statements are way outside acceptable bounds, then you should definitely block and report.

The reporting options for both choices are the same, with options for indicating that your match made you uncomfortable, was abusive or threatening, had inappropriate content, was spam or a scam, or used a stolen photograph.

Blocking someone isn’t just to protect yourself, it’s also to protect other members of the community from a predatory or problematic person. If you meet a genuinely bad actor on the site, do everyone a favor and let the Bumble team know about the issue.

Unmatching will not stop someone from coming around to your deck again in the future, potentially, but blocking will.

What if I Unmatch by Accident?

So what do you do if you unmatch someone on accident?

Unfortunately, there is no direct solution. However, if you are serious enough about the lost match that you want to take a fairly drastic step, you can probably match them again.

You will need to uninstall and reinstall the app on your phone. You don’t need to reset your account; uninstalling the app clears your history.

You should narrow your criteria to be as close a match to your lost match as possible – put in the right age range, the exact distance, and as many filters as you can to match with the person’s profile. Hopefully, you will be able to find them in your prospective matches again within a few days. Swipe right again, and hope they do the same, and you’ll be back in touch.


Does Bumble Show Profiles That You Already Rejected?

Bumble has answered this question on their website: “We show our users profiles that they have already left swiped on, just in case they changed their mind or made a mistake. Hence why you may also be shown users who may have swiped left on you in the past in case they would like to swipe right you the 2nd time around!”

The more times you swipe left on the same person, the less likely you’ll see them in the future, though. Also, keep in mind that Bumble doesn’t delete inactive users. So if you feel that someone has rejected you (aka, hasn’t answered you) they may just be inactive.

Will someone know if I unmatch them?

No, your profile will simply disappear for a while.

Can I reset my Bumble account?

You can reset your Bumble account by deleting it then creating a new one. This may put you back in touch with someone who has unmatched you.

What if I accidentally unmatched someone?

The only known workaround to reconnect and find your match again is to delete the app and reinstall it. Set your search parameters to their exact age and any information you have about them, then start swiping.

How long do inactive accounts show up in Bumble?

If an account is inactive for more than 30 days it will be taken out of the deck.

11 thoughts on “How To Tell If Someone Unmatched You On Bumble”

GrumbleBumble says:
I’m glad I found this thread because all of these things have been happening to me. I haven’t had a single complete conversation on Bumble yet. 5 matches with initial introductions and then ghosts. In every conversation, my match asks me another personal question, I go into the app to see the chat, come back a couple hours later, and it’s gone. Why in the world would someone go through the effort to ask a more detailed personal question to then just suddenly delete the app or unmatch me??? Especially after happening 5 times in a row.

There is something seriously wrong with this platform. I really like the idea of women initiated but there is a fundamental flaw. I messaged their support about this and the continue to claim it’s either: 1) unmatched, 2) account deleted 3) blocked.

If I can’t have complete conversations, I just don’t see any purpose in recommending this platform.

Redpilled_on female nature says:
It isn’t to match up two people who have an interest in a common goal of being in a relationship. Basically, it’s an app meant to allow women to filter only the guys that will give them what they want. Sorry, guy, your purpose for using it(likely for a relationship than for a hook up) isn’t relevant.

Tried it once, matched with a woman and things were going well. Until she asked how much I made and if I could take care of her and her child. Now, most guys don’t want to be with a single mother period because of everything that goes with it but I had some basic requirements that, if met, I’d consider it. General provisioning and care is done by the biological parents. I have no problem with birthday/Christmas gifts and the occasional outing and even picking them up and spending time with them but the role of the non-biological parent is one of advice and support. Because believe me, he will not be given the authority of determining the care and morals the child will be raised with and the discipline that’s sometimes required. If a woman wants a man to secure another guy’s legacy without this and without cutting the loser that left her high and dry broke out of her life, RUN.

Niki says:
I met somebody in bumble and we dated for 6 mths. All is well and I trusted him when he suggested to go exclusive and wanted to get off the site and so i deleted my account. He started getting cold about 5 mths into the relationship and one day My niece and i signed her up on bumble and as i was showing her how to swipe we came across my BF profile. I confonted him and he said that he’s deleted his account and showed me snap shot of bumble software errors that it retains profile even if its been deleted. Is this true or did he lied to me? And for that matter, i created a new profile again just to see for my self if he is indeed still active and i found his profile again. I swiped him to the right and he immediately showed on my hive,so I immediately wanted to connect to test if its possible he really is active but as i was initiating the first move all of a sudden it said oooopps this person expired . What is all that mean?
Joshua Martin says:
Joshua Martin says:
Yes it is good to do
Lc says:
Once the account is deleted, if I open the account again and match the same person again will they have our previous conversation on the same match?
Lori says:
Can a guy swipe left before you get a chance to swipe right on them? I had my eye on a guy but waited to swipe right and when I came back, he was gone.
D says:
I’ve just had a couple of matches disappear today. They may have unmatched me, but before they went, I clicked on the conversation to have a look and got an error message along the lines of “Something went wrong, we are doing our best to fix it”. Sorry, I can’t remember the exact wording!
Nicole says:
I had the same thing happen, did they show back up?
Theresa Seng says:
Has anyone ever received a false notification of a message? Sent a match a message, notified he responded, but there was nothing there. Responded saying if he sent something it didn’t come through. Then another notification of a message, that didn’t appear. Was told it may be a false notification by customer service.
roger says:
To all girls here who are lamenting on their matches. I would say there are no glitches on Bumble. We unmatch girls purposely. Being a guy, let me tell you a secret. The “real’ or “normal” guys would easily sniff out that you are just wasting their time. If he is asking for your number, or he has shared his number and if you like him too, never ever let him wait. If you do and they are normal, they will unmatch. Only jerks or players or desperate would keep on negging you even if you ignored their plea to meet you on other channels.
M says:
Why would a guy give me his personal and work email and say they’d like to meet and then stop replying after I gave them suggestions for ways to meet up? This is after having a back and forth conversation on Bumble chat.
Sarah says:
I was talking to a guy for a couple days and I thought our conversation seemed to be going pretty well because both of us kept the convo going but I looked a couple hours later after I recharged my phone to reply to him but his profile was no longer on my list. Why is this doing this. This is the second time this has happened and I don’t have any other forms of communication with either of the guys.
Mari says:
I was matched with someone since last month. After 1 am today noticed we were unmatched. Neither one of us manually did this. Why did this happened?
Shannon says:
I have been unmatched a few times with people I suspected were unmatched as a glitch on bumble. Now I have proof. Today I was unmatched with two guys..
Scenario 1, I just received a reply in bumble from a guy I had been slowly chatting with for a few days. He sent me his phone number and asked me to call him to set up a time to meet. Next thing I know we are unmatched. I never saved the number.
Scenario2. Same day I am also unmatched with another guy. However this guy and I have been talking off the app. He asked me if I unmatched with him. I did not. He also said he did not unmatched me. Both of these two matches unmatched at the same time. Bumble has a glitch and they will not address or admit to you. You are not going crazy these people that you have spent time talking to could very well be unmatched through a glitch on bumble.
Dayna says:
THey may be lying to you. They dont want you to see their location so they unmatch. Once numbers are exchanged, what’s the point of communicating on the app also.
thank you for posting that! It has happened several times; just today a guy gave me his email and I sent back a number that he could use to test me (an alternative #) and boom—GONE! It is so infuriating – it happened so fast I didn’t have time to even write down his phone number…
Miriam says:
I was talking with someone online and he just had emailed and when go to look out said deleted user. This is the 2nd time it’s happened, b ou t I know I did not delete them or unmatch. How can I fix this?
Rachel says:
The deleted user is the one i really don’t understand. Who is deleting them? Are they real people or bots being removed?

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