How to Tell If Someone Is Active on Bumble

Bumble launched in 2014 and quickly rose in popularity. However, it is not your typical dating app and novice users might have problems getting around. Lack of experience with other dating apps can only work to your detriment.

Bumble is essentially a ladies’ choice app. This means that women have a slight advantage, compared to being on equal footing with men in other dating apps. The popularity of the female-friendly app stems from a similar Tinder interface with no unwanted or lewd messages. Also, the ratio of male and female users is nearly perfect, making a nearly equal number of possible matches for everyone.

If you have questions about how Bumble works, you’re at the right place. For example, can you tell if someone is active on Bumble?

Does Bumble Show Your Activity Status

Bumble is unique in many ways and this includes the transparency of user activity. Unlike popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, you will not see if a user is online on Bumble. There is no green dot indicator next to their name or anything like that.

Many would argue that this is a good thing because activity status is often abused. Just remember how many times you did not want to be a part of a conversation on other social platforms and dating apps but you felt obligated because the other user saw you were online. This makes it harder for stalkers and creeps to track you down and guilt you into an unpleasant conversation.

Overall, Bumble is not so transparent. By hiding their user activity, the app comes off as having more active users than it does in reality.

Do You Only Get Matched with Active Users?


The next logical question would be: Are your matches even active users? It is a tricky question but, in a nutshell, yes. Bumble considers everyone who logged in in the last 30 days an active user and eligible for matches. However, a lot can change over a month’s period. Perhaps they already found somebody, deleted the app, or lost interest.

There is also a new feature on Bumble which lets you snooze your account. You can use it when you are on vacation or want to take a break from Bumble for any other reason. But we’ll get more into that feature in a moment.

You also get matched with some inactive users in your area, but it is not that common. Anyway, you will get more matches with active users.

How to Check If Someone You Like Is Online

So you created a profile, uploaded some cool pics and a witty bio, and started swiping. You got matched with a nice single guy or gal and you simply can’t wait to talk to them. How do you know if they are online? Since the app does not let you see their activity, there is little you can do about it.

Well, a good start would be to message them. Be patient, you shouldn’t expect an immediate answer; all people have their personal lives and stuff to do. In case they did not reply by the end of the day, you can message them again tomorrow. Do not spam their inbox, though. Nobody likes to see 15 messages from a match on a dating app, it can be overwhelming.

You will get a reply when they are ready. Remember that the right person will come along it just may take a lot of patience. If you are actively chatting with somebody, they should let you know if they are going to be away for a while.

Move on Instead of Waiting Forever

Active on Bumble

Getting rejected is a bummer for everyone, but you shouldn’t let it get you down. Nobody likes being ignored, but do you really want to maintain contact with someone who ignores you? Simply put, it is not worth your time or your effort. There are plenty of other opportunities especially on apps like Bumble that have millions of users.

It sucks if you really liked this person, but maybe you will find someone you like even more. Go back to swiping and match with someone who will pay more attention to you.

Bumble’s Snooze Mode

Created for users to take a break and focus on their work, travels, or mental health, Bumble created ‘Snooze Mode’. An in-app feature that silences your Bumble dating or friendship activities, you will see when another user is in Snooze Mode.

According to the company, showing others that you’re in Snooze Mode gives account owners a feeling of social responsibility. Because, why take a break from the pressures of social interaction?

Fortunately, if a user you enjoy interacting with doesn’t respond to you then you’ll know they’re just taking a mental break from the app (hopefully). To enable this feature:

  1. Click on the profile icon in the lower left-hand corner of the home page.
  2. Click on the settings cog in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Tap on ‘Snooze Mode’
  4. Choose 24 hours, 72 hours, one week, or indefinitely from the menu
  5. Click from the options displayed: I’m traveling, I’m focused on work, I’m on a digital detox, I’m prioritizing myself.

Once you’ve enabled the snooze feature your profile will disappear to possible matches. When it’s enabled, matches will be notified that you’re back online. To take the feature off, simply follow the same instructions but tap ‘Deactivate snooze mode’. The sole purpose of the snooze option is to give users a break from the constant need to interact with others, which promotes the mental health of Bumble’s users.

Where Did You Go?

Bumble is a bit different than some other dating apps, which is not an inherently bad thing. Although it might sometimes be inconvenient, many would argue that it is better to hide one’s activity if possible. That way, it is easier to avoid annoying, needy, and, rude users.

By hiding the activity of its users, Bumble helps protect their privacy. This means the users can stay reserved for people they dislike and chat as much as they want with people they like.

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steve says:
if i am seeing someone from Bumble but want to keep looking online can they see me doing it?
ie. can they stumble across or find my profile again while they are also online?

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