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How To Tell If Someone Is Active on Hinge

How To Tell If Someone Is Active on Hinge

Our society is constantly changing and social interactions change along with it. People rely on the internet to find everything they need, including new friends and romantic relationships. There are so many dating apps that it is hard to choose one.

Many of these apps – most notably Tinder – promote casual dating, one night stands, and hookups. But Hinge’s developers decided to move in the other direction. They want you to find a date and actually meet up with somebody.

When you get matched with someone on Hinge, chances are that they are actually active users. What does that mean? You will find out if you keep on reading.

How Does Hinge Work?

Hinge is a dating service rather than just a dating app. The goal is to find your special somebody and Hinge’s algorithms serve exactly that purpose. After you found someone, they expect you to delete the app.

You can download Hinge for both Android and iOS from their respective online stores. Signing up is free, although there is an option to go premium if you’re interested in certain special perks. But there is no need to reach for your wallet right away – this app is not as restrictive for free users as other dating apps are.

While you are setting up your profile, you are required to upload six photos or videos. Then you have to fill out some prompts that will tell other users more about you. This is how your potential matches can get some insight into what kind of person you are.


Getting Started

When you create an account, you are asked about your ethnic and religious backgrounds, height, whether you would like to have kids, and some other optional personal questions. Once you have uploaded photos and filled out the prompts, you can like people. Use the discover feed or the “likes you” page to find them. When you are looking at profiles, you can also like individual photos or answers to prompts.

You can also add messages to the like if you want to stand out and attract someone’s attention. If that person likes you too, you will be matched and you can start chatting. Premium users can see everyone who liked them right away, while as a free user you have to go over their profiles one by one.

The app’s developers implemented a genius feature for conversations. Instead of overlapping each other’s messages, you get to see whose turn it is to talk. This makes it easier to see a reply instantly on the conversations page.

Activity Status on Hinge

Hinge is a little strange when it comes to activity reports. Unlike on most social media, there is no green dot icon to notify you if somebody is currently online. But you should know that three-quarters of all Hinge users are considered to be active, meaning that they were online in the three past days. That leaves only one-quarter of the app’s users were away for longer periods of time.

Those are good numbers, right? This is because Hinge was designed to be deleted after you match with somebody. The app actually serves its purpose and has an expiration date. If you are satisfied with your match, you should simply delete Hinge from your phone.

How to Tell if Someone is Active

As stated above, the app doesn’t notify you when someone is online but if you’re seeing their profile they’ve likely been online the past 72 hours. Here are some ways to figure out if someone you’re talking to is still interested.

Send Them a Message

If the other user is still interested they’ll likely reply to your message. Simply click on the text icon located at the bottom of your screen and send the person you’ve been talking to a message to see if they respond.

Changes in Their Profile

Another way to tell if someone is still actively seeking a date is by checking their profile. If they’ve updated their Bio or photos then they’re likely online. If you no longer see their profile they may have deleted it or they’ve paused their account.

You matched with someone but now they are gone

What if you had a match with somebody and engaged in conversation with them but they disappeared after a while? This can mean two things. They have either revoked their match with you, or they deleted their profile and moved on.

In either case, you should not beat yourself up, as you can easily find someone else. Hinge allows you to like 10 different profiles every day, and some of them have to be a good match!

finding that special someone

Finding That Special Someone

In case you are looking for a serious connection, a long-term relationship, Hinge is exactly what you need. You are more likely to get a date on Hinge than other apps because it encourages people to connect and terminate their profiles if they are happy with the choice they made.

Your matches are supposed to be meaningful and lead to a serious relationship with the person you meet up with. The algorithms of this app search for something you have in common with the person you get matched with. Remember to use your best photos and write something unique on your profile so you can stand out and get noticed by your potential date.

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2 thoughts on “How To Tell If Someone Is Active on Hinge”

Emma says:
How will I know if my account has been deleted?
Stacy Kessler says:
I recently matched with Anderson – I don’t have his last name yet but know he is an orthopedic surgeon from Sweden and lives in Hamburg NJ.
He told me after we spoke that he deleted the app but I still see him (we matched). Is he telling the truth or not? How would I figure that out if I still see his profile where we matched?

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