The Best Anime Discord Servers

Right off the bat I’ll have to confess that I’m not really all that into anime. It never gripped me like a lot of other folks out there. Granted I did enjoy Dragon Ball Z from back in the day and I do like the art style of Netflix’s new Castlevania series. I was just never one to become a full-fledged member of the card-carrying anime crowd.

“But anime is what I live for. Wish more of my friends were into it.”

Having a few buddies you can talk shop with about your interests and hobbies is definitely something sought after by most. But what can you really do for anime buffs? You may think taking round trips to Japan to be at anime ground zero sounds like a great time but I believe the expenses will get out of hand, fast.

That just leaves the internet. There are plenty of sites and chatting communities out there that are big into anime. However, most of these are generally unmoderated and you could find yourself tumbling down a rabbit hole filled with lewd content and hentai. If that’s the sort of thing you’re into, then that’s fine, but this article is focused squarely on anime. To be even more specific, anime Discord servers.


Best Anime-Focused Discord Servers

I’ve already given my non-anime relatability disclaimer at the beginning. Keep this in mind as my research comes primarily from investigating each Discord channel myself in order to engage with the communities directly. Doing so, I was able to get a better handle on why those in this article are considered the top anime Discord servers available.

So if you’re a weeb, otaku, or just a diehard anime fan, this article will let you know which Discord communities are worth the time investment.


1. Anime Soul (WLA)

Formerly labeled We Love Anime, Anime Soul is the biggest and best anime Discord server you can join. The server itself has been Twitch partnered and for good reason. There are plenty of super friendly and helpful individuals to chat with and ask questions. This is particularly useful to me as I have no idea about the latest anime hot topics. The moderators are top-notch and channels are specifically tagged for your needs. There is a special filter in place to ensure no swear words are permitted in the chat. This should be a no-brainer seeing as how strict the community guidelines are for members.

The server is not restricted to anime only. It also has a few channels for gaming, sports, food, and other various genres that you can partake in. They even host a few contests and giveaways. But of course, Anime Soul’s primary passion is discussing the latest anime series including manga and visual novels. If you have an unquenchable love for all things anime, Anime Soul is your Mecca.


2. No Game No Life – Anime & Gaming

Not to be confused with their sister server, No Game No Life – Roleplaying, NGNL-A is a fairly active anime Discord server with friendly voices and warm welcomes. The community guidelines are divided into pledges, something like commandments, that detail the do’s and don’ts of the server. Gaming is also a major subject on this server, most notably Apex Legends.

This server was especially welcoming to me when I divulged the information of not even being into anime, which was a pleasant surprise. Of course, being a gamer probably helped further all of the conversations I had. The discussions don’t end at only anime and gaming as they have channels for photography, programming, and even roleplay.

Events are hosted regularly, primarily based around gaming and anime, and they also have holiday-specific events you can participate in. This Discord server was probably my favorite, likely based on the general friendliness of the members, and I recommend that you give it a go regardless if you identify as a weeb or non-weeb.

3. The Anime Discord (TAD)

Yet another highly regarded anime Discord server in the same vein as the previous two. The Anime Discord houses a decently sized member roster with their own governing rules and regulations and an interesting take on membership ranks labeled as Roles.

The roles used are based on varying terms related to one’s love or interest in anime and the fandom culture. You begin as a normie clawing your way through other roles such as Weeabo and Otaku until reaching the coveted, Kami.

The Anime Discord has a few partnerships to help bolster their prestige in the anime community but still rely heavily on its members to keep the server active. There’s a channel for gamers to talk gaming, one for creative minds to display their artistic abilities, as well as a channel to post images of yummy cuisine aptly named #Food-Porn.

Most of the voice servers seemed to be locked down with only the Lounge being opened to anyone willing to get vocal. I did notice a karaoke voice channel but I was unable to take part in belting out a few tunes.

All in all, The Anime Discord is a solid and welcoming anime lover’s Discord server and I highly suggest you check into it yourself.


4. The Seven Seas

If you’re more into kawaii emojis than simple anime, The Seven Seas has you covered. Though it’s existence is predicated on its members’ love of all things anime, the offered emojis are what provides the Discord server its sticking power.

The bulk of the channels available are very similar to those found on the other servers. There’s a dedicated roleplay channel as well as off-topic channels for chatting about other popular interests. Each of the channels has a life of its own brought about by the members of the community.

The Seven Seas is a great server choice for anyone who has not yet found their place among other like-minded anime enthusiasts.

5. KawaiiBot Hangout

The KawaiiBot Hangout server was created primarily as the official server for the Kawaii Bot. If you’ve ever used the Kawaii bot then you’re already aware of the server’s existence. For those who have not used the bot will likely find this information helpful.

KawaiiBot Hangout is not just a Discord server dedicated to its featured bot but also home to many other otakus like yourself. Interested in anime? There are plenty of members who have a passion for it. Just looking for a fun atmosphere with great people? KawaiiBot Hangout has that in spades.

For those with their own servers who would like to check into Kawaii bot, you can get all the help and information necessary in KawaiiBot Hangout. Just invite the bot to your server and watch as it is transformed into something worthy of any anime or roleplay lover.

It comes with plenty of handy commands like +hug, +kiss, etc. to express your feelings to friends and visitors. Easily turn your Discord server into a haven for anime roleplay-centric members with just this one simple bot.


In Conclusion

As you can see, the bulk of my list consists of the more popular servers available, and for good reason. They’re popular because they’re loved by all the members who call them home. Yes, some are better than others or I wouldn’t have to name drop multiple servers. However, even smaller servers may contain all of the comradery and charm that one of those on this list has and more.

There is no singular anime Discord server that can trump the rest for everyone. You have to get in a feel for yourself if a server is where you want to be. This can be a difficult task hence the need for an article such as this one.

I’ve done my best to bring you what I feel are the better anime Discord servers from which to choose. In the end it will be up to you to decide if I was correct or if there is another you’d prefer more. I implore that you do your own research in order to reach a conclusion as I have done. All it will require is a bit of time and the rewards could be finding the experiences that you’ve been searching for from the beginning.

Don’t assume that larger servers means that it will be less of a tight-knit community, if that is what you’re searching for. The more people you’re exposed to within these larger communities means the higher chance you’ll find individuals who speak your anime language, or something to that effect. Happy hunting.

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