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The Best Comebacks for Tinder

The Best Comebacks for Tinder

Tinder is a very useful and popular app. Most of the time, you will find talkative and polite people online, but there are a few rotten apples, like in every other basket. It’s not a surprise, considering millions of people use Tinder every day.

Women are more likely to be on the receiving end of sleazy, rude, and aggressive comments which mostly come from interested men on Tinder.  Sexists and chauvinists are everywhere nowadays, and they turn up on dating apps from time to time as well.

The best way to deal with such people on Tinder is to come up with a witty comment and shut them up.

Why You Need Comebacks on Tinder

When you are using a dating app like Tinder, it is OK to be assertive and forward with your intentions. This shows confidence and initiative. However, there are some boundaries everyone should follow.

It is not nice to insult, abuse, harass, or make fun of someone. Since Tinder requires a profile photo, most of the rude comments are about someone’s looks. This is the lowest type of insult, and it can easily backfire.

You just need to prepare yourself mentally and don’t let the rude people get to you. They must be miserable to resort to insulting people online, anyways.  Most of the time, this behavior is caused by rejection.

This is simple psychology, but that’s not why you are here. You don’t need lessons on human ethics and morals you need some fire comebacks for Tinder. We got you covered.

Why You Need Comebacks on Tinder

Tinder Polite Comebacks for Rejection

The best way to avoid rude people on Tinder is to swipe left. Unfortunately, you can’t judge a person’s level of politeness from a quick peek at their profile pic. Once somebody starts to act rude or insult you, your best defense is to remain calm and polite.

“Talk to someone else if I’m not good enough for you.”

“Sorry to waste your time, unmatched.”

“Catch you some other time, or not.”

“Nice knowing you, the whole five minutes. Maybe even that was too long.”

“It’s a shame you are an adult and still can’t take no for an answer.”

“No means no.”

“Oh, I’m not your type? Well, hope you find someone who is.”

“Maybe try dating yourself, since you are so perfect.”

Also, you can always correct people’s spelling mistakes if they are impolite. Most of the times, these people don’t pay much attention to proper spelling and grammar. This might infuriate them even more, though.

Sassy Tinder Comebacks

If a Tinder hotshot can’t take no for an answer and they keep pestering you, it is OK to get a little sassy. You can use some of these quotes:

“Nothing is as sexy as intelligent conversations. It’s a shame that is impossible with you.”

“For such a mommy’s boy, it’s weird that you disrespect women.”

“Roses are red, I’ll go with the flow, and you seem rude, how about no.”

“Everyone gets rejected, you will find someone eventually. Thinking about it, you probably won’t, being you.”

“I’m too ugly for you? You mean too smart? “

“People can lose weight, but you can’t get any more brains though.”

“Calling people fat just shows your insecurity. Is there something you are suppressing?”

“People like you make me want to quit Tinder and stay single forever.”

“The only thing that’s thick here is your skull, you big child.”

Sassy Tinder Comebacks

Keep Calm and Move on

Rude boys and girls on Tinder are not that uncommon and, if you encounter one, you will get over it pretty fast. Sometimes you can make fun of them and give them a witty reply, but honestly, they are not worth the time or effort.

There are plenty of great guys and girls out there who are kind and sweet. Find such a person and disregard the jokers and the trolls.

What was your experience with Tinder comebacks? Did you stay calm or you lost your cool? We would like to hear your stories in the comments section below.

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