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The Best Discord Servers for Roleplay

The Best Discord Servers for Roleplay

If you’re looking for people who are into Roleplay chats, Discord is an excellent place to search. As you probably know, Discord servers are organized into categories, and there are dozens of them. The list also includes the Roleplay category.

But how do you know if a server supports Roleplay? Where can you find such servers? Or better yet, what are the best roleplay servers on  Discord you can join today?

This article will answer your questions and help you find your perfect discord roleplay server.

The Best Roleplay Discord Servers

What makes a roleplay server on Discord great is not only how many members it has, but also how many of them are active on a daily basis. Imagine joining a server that has thousands of members but only a handful of them are active when you log in. That would make roleplaying rather difficult as you won’t have that many users to chat with.

Another important factor to keep in mind is the Community Guidelines and Rules that each server needs to have. The best servers have mods who can quickly mute, kick, or even block users that have violated the rules.

Here are our top picks for the best roleplay servers on Discord:


With a total of 7,576 members, Kimochi stands out as one of the most popular roleplaying servers on the platform. From what we see, the numbers are constantly growing. By the time you’re reading this, the number of users might have grown by a few hundred.


Kimochi is an anime-focused community made for gamers and artists who want to chat, share fun activities, and roleplay.

Click here to join Kimochi’s large community and start your roleplaying adventures.

Grand Theft Auto

The Grand Theft Auto server has an astonishing 74,437 members. It is rated as the number 1 Original GTA sever and it’s been recognized by Rockstar.

So, if you love playing GTA and also like roleplaying, you can mix the best of both worlds on this server.


The server has around 9,000 active users on average so you’ll definitely be able to find someone to talk to and play.

You can join the Grand Theft Auto Roleplay server here.


If you’re looking for a potential date or someone to share your roleplaying adventures with, the PlayRoom is the right server for you. This server is made specifically for dating purposes but you can also find a lot of people interested in roleplay. The server currently stands as the number 1 Discord dating server.


It features a Match Maker Bot which can help you find users to chat with. PlayRoom currently has 35,988 members and around 500 emotes to choose from.

You can join the PlayRoom server here.

Furry Central

The Furry Central allows provides users with complete freedom as long as the Discord’s TOS are respected. This server currently has 9,084 members and 82 emotes in total.

furry central

It has special channels for roleplaying, where users can select their roles and even customize them to find a better match. Other people will be able to see how you set up your character and what your preferences are.

You can join the Furry Central here.

Where to Look for Roleplay Servers?

If you want to search for roleplay servers yourself, you need to know where to look. The platform is the first obvious solution that might come to mind.

The online version of Discord, as well as the Desktop app, both have a built-in feature that allows users to browse the available servers. To use Discord’s built-in Search feature, simply click on the Magnifying Glass icon found on the left side of your Discord Homepage.

That will take you to the Search page where you can search for a specific game server, artist, or an eSports team. Discord will organize the search results by popularity, making it easier for you to find a server with lots of active members.

Unfortunately, the built-in search feature doesn’t have any filtering options. That means you won’t be able to search for Discord servers based on category. Your search results will mostly show gaming servers and you’ll need to join them to see if they support roleplaying. Needless to say that this method is slow and tedious at times.

That brings us to the much better alternative that will save you both time and effort – searching for Discord servers online.

Search for Roleplay Discord Servers Online

There are more than a few free-to-use websites that allow you to search for Discord servers. You can use them to search for specific categories, keywords, games, etc.

The following websites are your best options:

a) DiscordBots

b) DiscordBee

c) DisBoard

d) DiscordServers

All of the above websites work on the same principle. Type the keyword that you want in the search bar or click on one of the already displayed categories. After you’ve submitted your query, you’ll get a list of Discord servers that match the entered keyword.

Find Your Perfect Roleplay Server

We have mentioned the most popular free-to-join Discord servers that support roleplay channels. Check them all to see which community suits you best.

You can also search for other roleplay-friendly Discord servers on the above-mentioned websites.

Which of the mentioned roleplay servers will you try first? Have you found another server you’d like to recommend? Tell us in the comments below.

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Nure says:
Nice list, thank you for that round up. There’s a good network on discord for more literate RP as well called Grand Central, it’s a bit more targeted and had a bunch of places. May be worth looking into if you want that sort of thing.

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