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The Best Hashtags for LinkedIn

The Best Hashtags for LinkedIn

No matter how prevalent you are on social media, you’ll notice frequent posters utilizing hashtags left and right. A hashtag is a linked group of everyone using that specific keyword. These groups started on Twitter, but have since moved to nearly every social media platform. So much so that even professionals on LinkedIn are using them.

Hashtags are a great way to get your content trending. Tagging all of your posts with any relevant ones is important. For example, when sharing your article on cryptocurrency, you’ll want “#blockchain,” “#cryptocurrency,” and “#cryptonews” for starters. That way, users who follow that hashtag will have access to your content and, in turn, your profile.

How To Take Advantage of LinkedIn Hashtags

First off, it’s essential to establish your niche. That way, you can decide which hashtags are most effective to grow your brand. Do some searching on relevant hashtags and see which have content similar to yours.

Once you’ve established some, use these hashtags in your status updates, your bio, and your comments on others’ posts. However, be careful with your usage. Don’t overload on hashtags. Not only does this look like spam, but users will be turned away from your content. A good balance is anywhere from 3-5 hashtags per post. Finally, be sure to separate your hashtags from your text content. Place a blank line or two between the hashtags and written text for a more visually pleasing post.

It’s about time!

Some LinkedIn power users may place their hashtags in the comments for a cleaner look. This is also an excellent way to start a conversation and engage more users.

Choosing Between Proper Hashtags

When searching through the different hashtags, it’s important to choose more “professional” ones. This isn’t Instagram. Don’t use overlong or goofy hashtags like “#omggoals” or “#linkedinfamous.” Instead, use shorter, useful tags like “#networking,” “#womeninbusiness,” or “#smallbusiness.”

If you have a bit of influence, it’s a good idea to create your own hashtag. Not only does this better establish your brand, but it will link users back to you every time. Otherwise, don’t be overly niche with your hashtags. One or two focused ones are nice, but you want a tag that has a ton of people searching for it.

Keep a list of your most commonly used hashtags. It’s essential to post in the same ones consistently, so users get used to seeing you there. You’ll build up an image in their brains that will eventually get others to engage with you and your content.

The Best Business Hashtags

Of course, you’ll establish some niche hashtags for your type of business. However, there are some proven ones that you’ll want to sprinkle in with your specific ones. Some of these hashtags are categorized by day, while others are broader. Here are some of the best examples:

MarketingMonday: Share a marketing tip, or talk about a recent success story where you nabbed a new client.
TechTuesday: Post one of your recent innovations, or maybe talk about an app you’ve been using lately.
WayBackWednesday: Upload a photo of when you first started your business, or maybe your first connection with a beloved client.
ThankfulThursday: Tag someone you’re thankful for. Talk about what this friend has done for you recently and how they contribute to the world.
FeatureFriday: Share some content that someone else wrote. Maybe one of your dedicated followers or good friends. Others will always appreciate your promotion of their work.
EntrepreneurLife: Dedicate this tag to a story about your business life. Talk about one of your big moments of success.
SocialMediaMarketing: Had a recent success story on social media? Maybe a viral post or tweet? Talk about what happened and how you did it. Others will be very thankful for this information.
SmallBusiness: Still growing your brand? Share some helpful information you’ve come across or a recent success story.
Happiness: A simple but effective one. Tag an article that shares some good insight. Post a feel-good story that happened to you or a friend lately. People want to feel good. Help them make that happen.
WorkingAtHome: Do you work from the place you reside? If so, share some tips that keep you focused and organized. Fellow workers will appreciate the help.

While these are some solid examples, be sure to do some research on the tags that are most relevant to your brand. Use the ones above for inspiration, and do what you can to own those hashtags! Both your brand and your followers will thank you for it.

Let us know your favorite LinkedIn hashtags in the comments below!

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