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The Best Time to Use Tinder Boost

The Best Time to Use Tinder Boost

Have you been using Tinder for a while without having as much matches as you expected? If so, this article will present you with a solution that could increase your chances – Tinder Boost.

We’ll thoroughly explain the most popular Tinder feature and show you how and why it could bring you more matches. Let’s jump right into it.

What Is Tinder Boost?

Tinder Boost is a special feature on Tinder that allows your profile to skip the waiting line and become one of the top profiles in your area for a limited period of time. By “top profiles” we mean the ones that are mostly shown to other Tinder users.

In other words, this feature boosts your profile’s exposure, showing it more to other nearby users. Once you activate the feature, it will last up to 30 minutes. You can look at Tinder Boost as your personal 30-minute cheat code.

tinder boost

According to Tinder, you can get up to 10 times more exposure while you’re using Tinder Boost. That can, of course, lead to more right swipes on your profile.

While Tinder Boost is activated, you’ll get occasional reminders notifying you how much time there’s left in your boost. If you match with someone before the boost period ends, you will see the Boost icon – a small purple lightning bolt – next to their name in your Message section.

However, the person that you’ve matched with won’t see it next to your name. With that in mind, you don’t have to fear other users will know that you’ve boosted your profile. Unfortunately, Tinder Boost isn’t free and you’ll have to pay every time you use this feature.

How Much Does Tinder Boost Cost?

None of the features on Tinder have a fixed price all the time. Their prices periodically change, so by the time that you’re reading this, the price of Tinder Boost might be different.

Currently, Tinder charges $3.99 for a 30-minute exposure boost. But generally speaking, the price can vary anywhere from $1.99 to $6.00 per usage.

If you’re a Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold subscriber, you’ll receive one free Tinder Boost each month. However, if you’re a regular subscriber, you’ll have to pay for every Tinder Boost.

There have been reports that Tinder uses your account information to calculate prices for your profile. According to them, Tinder is checking your age, location, and internal desirability score to figure out their price ranges.

How to Get Tinder Boost?

Here’s how you can get your first Tinder Boost:

  1. Open the Tinder app.
  2. Tap on your profile icon.
  3. Tap on Settings.
  4. Tap on the purple lightning icon.
  5. Tap the quantity that you would want to buy.
  6. Enter credit card information and complete the payment.

Best Time to Boost Your Tinder Profile

Now that you are familiar with the Tinder Boost feature, a new question arises – when should you activate it and boost your profile?

The answer is very simple. You should only activate Tinder Boost during the times when Tinder has the highest traffic. It’s way better to boost your profile when there are more users online, right? That will improve your chances of getting a match as more people will be able to see your profile.

According to Nielson, a company that monitors the traffic on some of the most popular apps, the best time to activate Tinder Boost is on Sunday around 9 pm. Their studies show that Tinder has the most traffic during the last day of the week, around 9 pm, making it an ideal time to boost your profile.

Nielson’s studies also suggest that Tinder’s traffic begins to plummet after 10 pm.

Tinder Boost Is Not Your Only Option

Tinder has recently announced that they’ll incorporate yet another booster feature to their app. And so they did.

The feature is called Super Boost and it is a much more powerful version of the regular Tinder Boost.

First of all, Super Boost can give you up to 100 times more profile exposure to other nearby users. That’s 10 times more than the regular Tinder Boost.

Second of all, this feature lasts for 180 minutes. That means that your profile will be on top of the queue for three hours straight. That will exponentially increase your chances of getting matched.

super boostsb

However, the Super Boost feature costs more as well. The feature is currently $30 per use. We’ll leave it to you to decide if it’s worth the money.

Don’t Waste Your Boost

The features explained above aren’t cheap to get, especially the Super Boost. Therefore, you should be very careful when you’re going to activate them. But how can you go wrong with something as straightforward as purchasing Tinder Boosts? The answer is quite simple.

The biggest mistake that people make when activating their boosts is that they haven’t properly set their profiles first.

For example, you’ve purchased and activated a regular Tinder Boost but your profile picture is blurry. Your profile will be shown to many Tinder users around you, but that won’t guarantee you more matches as they won’t be able to see how you look.

To avoid wasting your Boost as well as the money invested, make sure to:

a) Choose a high-quality picture for your profile.

b) Choose a picture where you’re smiling.

c) Fill in the activities that you’re interested in.

d) Mention your career and goals.

Get More Matches with Tinder Boost

That’s everything you need to know about the Tinder Boost feature. If you’ve had little luck matching with other Tinder users, you could try boosting your profile exposure.

Keep in mind that you should first complete your profile and upload decent pictures of yourself before the boost.

Have you already used Tinder Boost? How many matches did you get? Tell us in the comments below.

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