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The Best Way to Approach Tinder

The Best Way to Approach Tinder

Tinder is changing the way people search for partners and fall in love. Some users are looking for a fun weekend with a stranger, while others want to meet that special someone. Getting matches is the easiest thing on Tinder, but starting a conversation that will lead to something more is a whole different ballgame.

Apart from setting your bio and photos up to attract possible partners, you have to know what to say to break the ice. Stay with us and learn what to say and what not to say. With a little luck, you’ll have far more success than you used to.

A Simple “Hey” Will Get You Nowhere

The “Heyyy” line is an all-time favorite opening line on Tinder and other dating apps, but it’s definitely not the best opener there is.  You need to come up with something a little more original if you want to be remembered. Risk a little, say something funny and be unique! Remember that many other users matched with the same person you want to date, so you’ll need to give it your best shot. Saying “Hey” or leaving a GIF will propel you to the “don’t reply” list of matches and no one’s ever come back from there. Originality is the key.

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Keep It Simple and Get to the Point

The first goal is to be original, but you should also make your approach as simple as possible. Everyone on Tinder is there to meet potential partners, so there’s no reason why you should dance around it. Start the conversation with a question like “What are you doing this weekend?” or “Would you like to go on a date with me?” There are many other ice-breakers you can try, just keep things simple. Start a conversation with some simple questions and build your game up from there. It’s not that hard, really.

Compliments Can Work Magic

Some people think that compliments are too cheesy, but the reality is entirely different. A well-executed compliment can open doors to something more. Say something nice about the person’s profile photo to let them know that you put a little effort into the whole thing. Tell the person how you like their outfit, hair, or smile. If the person replies, you will be halfway to getting a date.

Personalize Your Message

Tinder has many users and some of them send out generic messages to all their matches, hoping to score with one of them. However, that’s not the best approach. You should personalize your first message. Check the person’s bio, photos, and other available information. A personalized message will let the match know that you actually went through the trouble to read a bit more about them. Sending generic messages will probably result in, well, nothing.

Be Brave and Make the First Move

Waiting for the other person to start the conversation is fine, but it probably won’t get you anywhere. You should show some initiative and courage to your potential date, so making the first move is always a good thing. Tell your match why you chose them. If you’re a girl, making the first move will have an even bigger impact. Every guy likes a girl that has guts. Send out a quick message to start the conversation, and you might get lucky. There’s nothing to lose, so why wait?

Skip the Names Until You Get Better Acquainted

Whatever you do, don’t include the person’s name in the first message. Saying something like “What’s going on, Jenny?” will probably throw her off. You are talking to a complete stranger, so don’t come off as a creepy online stalker. Ease into the conversation and use names only after the first few messages have been exchanged. Getting too personal right away isn’t such a good idea.


Aim Straight for the Feelings

Whether it’s a compliment or a funny joke, the goal is to evoke emotions in your match. You have to do your best to make the first contact as memorable as possible. Since the person has matched with who knows how many people, you need to make your first line stand out. Try finding something you both have in common and start from there. It’s a bit touchy, but if you play your cards right, your match will remember you right away.

Play the Detective

You will have the best chances of meeting someone if you know what to say. Look at the person’s profile, photos, and other available details. She likes dogs? Great! Start a conversation by telling her how cute her dog is. She likes extreme sports? Fantastic! Tell her about your experiences from last summer. Do your research, find out more about what the person likes, and start the conversation from there. It’s a no-brainer.

Don’t Give Up

Imagine this scenario: you’ve put a lot of thought into your ice-breaker message. You did your research, composed a personalized message, and inserted a witty comment no one can ignore. But, you didn’t get an answer. Don’t stop there. Send another message a day or two later. Make a joke about your first message. Send something like: “Hey, sorry for the previous message, my dog has a bad sense of humor.” That might reignite the conversation as some people want to see a bit of persistence before they reply.

Random Questions and Comments

Sometimes, a random question that has nothing to do with anything can help you break the ice better than you think. Ask your match if he or she knows which place serves the best burgers in town. Ask them who’s their favorite Kardashian and why. The more random your questions are the better your chances are. It sounds ridiculous, but that’s because it is ridiculous.

Good Opening Lines Make All the Difference

There is no universal opening line that works on everyone. However, if you put a little effort into your first message, you will raise your chances of going on a date.

Which approach do you use the most? Are you the funny guy or do you prefer a more sensitive approach? Do you change your strategy depending on the match? Let us know in the comments below.

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