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What Is the Tik Tok Support Phone Number

What Is the Tik Tok Support Phone Number

TikTok is one of the most popular video creation and editing apps in the world. With millions of users and all kinds of business options, it’s only natural for people to want to contact support looking for the answers they need.

Unlike many other apps and services, TikTok does not have a phone number you can dial to get help or information. However, you can contact the right people via e-mail, and you will get the information you need in a matter of hours. The app has multiple e-mail addresses for different locations and types of information. You can also contact the company via Facebook and other social media platforms.

We will explain how everything works below.

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How to Contact TikTok Support

You can see all available TikTok support e-mails on their official contact page. There are four different types of e-mails to choose from – Business Inquiries, Advertisement Inquires, Advertisement Complaint, and Press Inquiries.

We will try to explain the purpose of each support e-mail address so you know where to turn to.

Business Inquiries

If you are looking for a way to become an influencer on TikTok or want more information on how their cash out system works, contact them via one of the available business inquiry e-mails.

TikTok has specific e-mail addresses tied to specific regions. Currently, they have separate contact addresses for users living in the US, Europe, Latin America, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia.

You can write an e-mail in your native language, allowing you to more easily explain what you need, and the TikTok support team will reply in the same language.

That’s the primary reason why there are so many different e-mail addresses that essentially serve the same purpose.

United States

If you live in the United States and have some business inquiries you’d like to go over with TikTok support, use the following e-mail address: [email protected].

The support team usually replies within a few hours, but it may take longer due to increased traffic and the number of e-mails they have to answer. You can ask anything about the app, how the payment system works, and how can you make money using the app. The support team will do their best to help you.


All European users should use the following e-mail address: [email protected]. You can only send e-mails written in English (both US and UK) because there are no other languages in their options. Try to make your questions as precise and accurate as possible.

TikTok Support Number

Latin America

If you live in Latin America, the correct e-mail address for contacting TikTok support is [email protected].

We are not sure if they offer support in Spanish or Portuguese, but you can try sending them an e-mail in one of those languages. If they reply in English, you will have to switch to English too.


TikTok offers full customer support in Japanese. Contact them via the following e-mail address: [email protected].


TikTok users in Korea also have access to full TikTok support in their native language. The customer support address is [email protected]. Again, they will reply in Korean for better understanding.

Southeast Asia

Users from Southeast Asia should use this e-mail address: [email protected]. As far as we can tell, TikTok offers support in Indonesian and Vietnamese. If your native language isn’t supported, use English instead.

You can also contact the support team from within the settings of the TikTok application. Under ‘Help & Support’, this option will take you directly to the support team within your native region.

If you own a business or a brand you want to advertise on TikTok, there is a special e-mail address available. Send your questions to [email protected], and the support team will do their best to provide you with all the details you need to advertise your brand. Feel free to ask them anything about their services and they will give you the info you need.

If your advertising campaign on TikTok is underperforming, or if you have any other ad-related issues, send an e-mail containing a detailed explanation of the problem to [email protected].

TikTok is a serious app, and they will do their best to correct any mistakes or issues.

TikTok Support Phone Number

Press Inquiries

If you work for an online magazine or paper and want to learn more details about the app, its features, and the latest news, you can contact the right people at TikTok using this e-mail: [email protected].

You will get the latest updates on the changes made to the app directly from the top, thus ensuring that the info you get is real and accurate.

TikTok Facebook Profile

You can try visiting the official TikTok Facebook profile to find the info you need before contacting support. You can find other people’s videos posted there, as well as information about posts, videos, photos, ads, and so on. The answers you need might already be there.

TikTok doesn’t allow fans to send them direct messages on Facebook, but commenting on one of their posts may provoke a response. If not, send an e-mail to one of the addresses we talked about above.

Contact TikTok on Twitter

One thing that users have often spoken of is contacting TikTok’s Support team on Twitter. You can do this by tweeting a message summarizing the issue you’re having and put “@tiktok_us” without the quotes. If you aren’t in the U.S. you’ll likely have a different handle to use.

Although this isn’t guaranteed to work, it will often help you to get a quick response because it publicizes the issue you’re having.

Login Issues

If you’d like to contact TikTok for login issues (i.e. forgotten passwords, email accounts, etc.) there are a few things you can try to save yourself a little time.

  • Check your email accounts – Tap on the search bar and type in ‘TikTok’ into the email app. This will verify that you are logging in with the correct email address. Go back to the TikTok app and verify that your username is spelled correctly
  • Update your password – From the login screen on the TikTok app tap ‘Forgot Password’. Enter your email address or phone number. Check your spam folder if you don’t see the verification email.

Login issues are one of the more common issues leading to support inquiries. Another common complaint is that your account is deactivated. TikTok has several community guidelines for banning accounts. Before contacting support determine if you’ve done any of the following:

  • Dangerous content – this is anything from blackmailing to terrorist threats. Avoid posting any slogans or symbols (even if they’re in the background of your video) that are associated with groups or people who promote hate or terrorism. TikTok does make exceptions for content that is educational.
  • Illegal Content – Drugs, promoting harm, dangerous pranks, and instructions on how to perform illegal activities.
  • Weapons sales – This one is pretty self-explanatory, don’t try to sell guns or ammunition on the app.
  • Violence – Suicide, homicide, animal abuse, and other graphic content. TikTok does make exceptions to this rule for those who are staging fights (cosplay, fake sword fights, etc.).
  • Dangerous acts – Don’t showcase yourself and friends doing the knock-out game or eating laundry chemicals.
  • Hate Speech, Harassment, Bullying – Consider your audience. If you’ve posted content that is hurtful to another person, TikTok will ban your account.
  • Nudity – There are minors on TikTok, beware of posting anything with nudity. This also plays into child abuse and exploitation
  • Platform Security – Just because you know how to bypass TikTok’s policies, security, and developers’ limitations doesn’t mean that you should.

If you’ve done any of the above or think you may have, beware of that before contacting support. Being prepared to explain yourself (perhaps it was a harmless joke someone took offense to or something in the background you weren’t aware of) will help you to get your account back.

Remember the “Report” option in TikTok is a powerful tool and if you’re not careful, someone may notify TikTok of your activities resulting in your account deactivation.


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30 thoughts on “What Is the Tik Tok Support Phone Number”

walton lillith says:
i need to change my phone number but i cant cause i didnt know that both numbers had to be active to do it. how was i supposed to know that man and ots personally a big issue and i need to fix it
Nazirpalio110 says:
Sir, please turn on my Tik Tok account. I have made a mistake, so I will not make such a mistake in the future.
Katrina butler says:
Yes I would like a reason as to why my oldest daughter can’t use tiktok on her phone anymore I understand that a person who use to be her friend was bullying her on here and snapchat and then she hacked my daughters account and had it banned so now she can’t use tiktok on her own phone which I find ridiculous because of someone else she has to suffer the consequences and she did nothing wrong because I can see all of her videos and there is nothing wrong with them
Breezy Walrath says:
All of my accounts are being personally attacked.
I seriously believe its someone out to get me. I sent this to multiple emails too—
SOMEONE GOES THRU AND MASS REPORTS ME and after 3 times of that happening and me getting my accounts back..i get banned even if i posted NOTHING new.
PLEASE look at my accounts
@N3kobabygirl, @N3kobabygirly, @Kattbebee, @bebeeme0w

I have tried and tried and tried.
This needs to be policed differently.
This is such a mistake. I am heartbroken.
if there was a place on here i have screen shots of ALL my videos saying “Community guidelines violation” and they got reported at once.
PLEASE respond. I don’t know where else to contact tiktok.

Nora says:
Hi my name is Nora. I had a tiktok account called @menendezhelper, but it got
banned! And I have no idea why, so if yall could please tell me why.
Right before my account was banned I saw that I was getting hacked from a
different country than that i am from. And I had a video in my draft that was
deleted from tiktok before, because it violated the community guidelines.
But right before you banned my account I saw that it was posted.
So then I tried to log into my account and then I noticed that my password had
been changed. So can you please take a look at it again? Thank you!
Nora (@menendezhelper)
Shawn Maynard says:
I bought a new phone today with the same number n tried to login to my tiktok, and it’s not letting me sign into my original tiktok pls help
Anthony M says:
I have the exact same issue, tik tok just created me a new account and I cant login to the original
patricia l heidel says:
Why can’t we contact a real person via phone like most buissness i mean omg . i need help and now wow
, says:
. . .
chill.u.little.fellas says:
Dear tiktok,my acc got banned because i’ve upload a lot of videos that against community guidelines.i hope tiktok can give me a second chance so i can use it properly according to the law.
Hafiz ZAHID says:
Dear tiktok I have a problem with my logins with I’d @hafizzahid23. I am sure I am not break not any single violation of tiktok rules. Please reset my tiktok I’d @hafizzahid23. I am very thankful.
Erik Brown says:
I need information about how to get some one taken out of tiktok for taking advantage of people stilling identity threats lieing. They use your tiktok platform to do this.
yusra Ahmed says:
Please can anybody help me
Dear tik tok helper
My tiktok is ( 1.din_kurdia )
my issue here is that i accidentally put wrong age on my tiktok. So now it says that I am under 16 which isn’t true because 1985-04-.
I have spammed tiktok with reports and also sending them my id where it shows my age, picture and name. Så please help me so my tiktok can go back to normal
Paul carr says:
I have be block for. Send and receive messages how do I get. Them back
Johanne says:
My son’s step mom set my son up with a tiktok account. My son is no longer using it, app is off their ipad and his step mom doesn’t remember the email address used. Sadly my son is being mad fun of at school due to the videos he posted and we have no way of deleting the account. I need to be able to speak to someone and try to figure out a way to cancel his account…. Help :(
Dorinaflorina4 says:
please open the account nicely as it did not violate any rules on tic tok
ian winter says:
can you help me get my daughters account back
John bivin says:
My phone goofed up and i lost all my followers and would love to get them back
salma naveed says:
Hi please help me anyone my make fake account and my picture or my kids picture uploaded and swearing as well and black mail me so please can you banned fake account please I’m reporting so many no working
Ali says:
Can anyone share the real phone no and email to ban an account bcoz iv reported to many times for a account but not working
Aisha says:
Hi there is a fake account made on my name i have reported it many times and its not getting taken down and have involved my 12 year old child the user name is ( yourlocalrandixo ) uglyslag
Samera hussain says:
Hi there is a fake account made on my name i have reported it many times and its not getting taken down and have involved my 12 year old child the user name is ( yourlocalrandixo ) uglyslag
jason mullaney says:
my account was banned for a video posted on my account but my friend posted it not me could i please have my account back please im begging you i had 8.6k followers it might not be a lot but to me its a lot my user name was karu_istoxic please unbanned me please im begging you
Muneer says:
Good morning
sandra Torres says:
I’m new in Tik Tok I used to watch lives but its been a week or so I can’t access to any I don’t see my friends live on activity I just want to know if I did anything wrong how can I get it back did I got banned can anyone help I look thru all the options to try to fix it this is my name @lovelysandy42
Kaylee Johnson says:
Hey my account and many of my friends accounts were banned because my brother reported us none of us did and harm and we want to know if u can unban us
Sally Salame says:
I send a lot messages and explain and explain i just need one person to really care about my situation my daughter account its banned but the i am the one managing it. I made a mistake by entering the wrong birth date on the account. Can a real human please answer me to see how we can solve this issue? I work so hard on this account i have 62k followers plz 

Thank you

Hazrat ayan says:
Please i want to grow my account please support me please @hazratayan1st
Jean carlos velez vazquez says:
Hii i need hel to change my tiktok number the old one it out of service and i want to change for the new one but its asking me to verify it but i can how can i change it pleas help
Linda says:
Hi Tik Tok, why does the sound on my video get deleted? Your company doesn’t carry alot of the songs I like. Can u please explain? Thank you!
Linda says:
Hi Tictok, why does the sound on my video get deleted? Your company doesn’t carry alot of the songs I like. Can u please explain? Thank you!
Saravanan says:
Hi i report a fake account but still never block the user.. Pls take action.. User8463528571528 its the user id
Tay says:
Dear tiktok Team
My account was banned due to age restrictions. Tiktok might have thought that I am under f age when I am not. I made an error when typing my bio instead of typing i put 7yrs and i assume that is why i was banned . Please look into this matter. I want my account to be restored. Please.
Please restore my access . I love tik tok Please. Thank you.

My Tik tok username is @Supremekidd_

I’m hoping that you will look into this very soon and hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you.

Lynda Zammit says:
Dear tic tok support
Please give me an other chance ok u guys banned my [email protected] évent if i apologied Many Times let me at least have a New account and i will pay attention to not have any allegal act just one chance please
@chantalbeth says:
Tiktok I have so many followers but your not putting my videos on for you page. My videos are not seen. They do not have views. I try to contact but you don’t respond. Put my videos on for you page please

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